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Post wartime badge

HMCS Inch Arran K667


Laid down: 25 Oct 1943

Launched: 06 June 1944

Commissioned: 18 Nov 1944

Paid off: 28 Nov 1945

Re-commissioned: 23 Aug 1954

Paid off: 23 Jun 1965

Fate: Scrapped sometime after 1970


Built at Lauzon, Que, she was commissioned on 18 Nov 1944, at Quebec City. Inch Arran left for Halifax on 03 Dec 1944, visiting Dalhousie en route. In Jan 1945 she proceeded to Bermuda to work up, and on her return to Halifax on 04 Feb 1945, she was assigned to EG 28. She served for the rest of the war on A/S and supported duties out of Halifax, and on 13 May 1945 escorted the surrendered U 889 into Shelburne. Tropicalization refit, commenced on 06 Jun 1945 at Sydney, was suspended on 20 Aug 1945, and the ship was paid off on 28 Nov 1945. Placed in reserve at Shelburne, she was sold in 1946 to Marine Industries Ltd., but re-acquired in 1951 by the RCN for conversion to a Prestonian class ocean escort at Saint John. She was re-commissioned on 23 Aug 1954, serving on the east coast as a training ship until finally paid off on 23 June 1965. She was then acquired by the Kingston Mariners' Association for conversion to a nautical museum and youth club, but was eventually scrapped in 1970.   (Webmaster's note: Inch Arran was supposed to have been broken up in 1970, but there is a photo of her at anchor, with RMC 72 spray painted on her hull.)


Photos and Documents


Commanding Officers

A/LCdr Joseph William Eric Hastings, RCNR - 18 Nov 1944 - 15 Mar 1945

LCdr Frederick Allan Beck, RCNVR - 16 Mar 1945 - 23 Mar 1945

A/LCdr Joseph William Eric Hastings, RCNR - 24 Mar 1945 - 20 Jun 1945

Lt Thomas Smith Dobson, RCNVR - 21 Jun 1945 - 07 Aug 1945

LCdr L.P. Denny, RCNR - 08 Aug 1945 - 28 Nov 1945

LCdr P.C.H. Cooke, RCN - 25 Nov 1959 - 11 Sep 1961

LCdr B.A. Mitchell, RCN - 09 Sep 1961 - 24 Jul 1963

LCdr Charles Robin Manifold, RCN - 24 Jul 1963 - unk

LCdr Eric Arthur Makin, RCN - unk - 23 Jun 1965


     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Ashton, William


Bernard, Pierre Yves






Cooke, Philip Chesshire Hamel


Cotnam, Thomas


Served in Inch Arran during WW 2

Davies, Harold Lindsay


Deluca, Robert James


Dobson, Thomas Smith


 4th Commanding Officer


Guignion, Robert Norman


Hayes, Denis William


Hoffman, Herman E.


Served in Inch Arran Nov 1962 - Jun 1964 as an ET

Howard, Edward Ian




Jacobs, Jack







MacDonald, Leo I.


Moffat, William John Bingham






Peterson, Lloyd Edward


Potvin, Maurice Jean-Paul






Read, Frederick Clarence


Richardson, Stanley


Robinson, George Wayne





Stanbrook, Wilfred Thomas


Served in Inch Arran 14 Feb 1964 - 03 Jan 1965

Stewart, Harold Douglas






Walter, John Ross Terry







Former Crew Members

Apple, Barnabas William Nixon, Slt, RCNVR - 26 Apr 1945


DeWolf, Edward Gerald, Slt (E), RCNVR - 06 Feb 1945 / 06 Jun 1945

Franks, Frederick Franz, Surg/Lt, RCNVR  - 21 Feb 1945


Lancaster, John Evan Paterson, Lt, RCNVR  - 21 Feb 1945


Lund, John Dolphin, Slt, RCNVR - 23 Feb 1945

Musgrave, Milton Grant, Lt (S), RCNVR - 05 Jul 1945


Pastachak, William, Radar/Sonar


Silvester, Jim Clark, PO2, QR2, RCNVR - 18 Nov 1944 - 09 Jan 1945, Commissioning crew


Photos and Documents


Ship's bell from HMCS Inch Arran

Held at the Canadian War Museum

Courtesy of Jim Silvester

HMCS Inch Arran K667




From the collection of H.S. (Tim) Lee

Courtesy of Ryan Lee

HMCS Inch Arran K667

From the collection of Jim Silvester

Courtesy of Jim Silvester

Former HMCS Inch Arran 308

Photo taken some time after she was paid off.  Her pendant number has been painted over with an X

Courtesy of John Rochon

Former HMCS Inch Arran 308

Photo taken some time in or after 1972.  Her pendant number has been painted over with an X.  Additionally, someone painted RMC 72 and PUEBLO on her hull.  On her bridge above the 308, someone spray painted R71.

Courtesy of John Rochon


HMCS Inch Arran - date unknown

Courtesy of John Rochon

HMCS Inch Arran - date unknown

Courtesy of John Rochon

Jack Jacobs


HMCS Inch Arran


Photo of Jack Jacobs at HMCS Cornwallis. Jack served in HMCS Inch Arran during his time in the RCN

Courtesy of Don Crackel

HMCS Inch Arran Christmas card from Jack Jacobs

Courtesy of Don Crackel

HMCS Inch Arran jacket patch - showing a serpent capturing a U-boat.

From the collection of Thomas Cotnam

Courtesy of Andrea Woods


Thomas Cotnam designed this patch when he was serving in HMCS Inch Arran during WW 2.  The patch depicts a serpent capturing a U-Boat.  Since Inch Arran was not credited with any U-boat kills - this patch most likely refers to the surrender of U-889 in which HMCS Inch Arran was part of the EG that participated in the surrender.