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Then Russian Icebreaker CANADA (1914)

Then Russian Icebreaker FYODOR LITKE SKR-18 (Фёдор Литке, СКР-18)

Postcard of Canadian S.S. Earl Grey


Built: 1909 

Commissioned: 1912

Paid off:

Re-commissioned: 02 Oct 1914

Paid off: 29 Oct 1914

Sold: 1914 to Russia as an icebreaker 

Fate: Broken up in 1960 in Murmansk


The Earl Grey was named after Albert Henry George Grey, 4th Earl of Grey, who was governor General of Canada between 1904 and 1911. Yes, the same person who donated the Grey Cup for Canadian football supremacy. It was a steel-hulled, twin screw, triple expansion steam driven icebreaking passenger steamer, 250 feet in length. Vickers, Sons & Maxim, Barrow-in-Furness built the ship for the Canadian Government in 1909. With her exceptionally spacious accommodation she was suitable for important  inspection tours and was much used by Lord Grey himself. I believe she was also involved in the winter delivery of the Royal Mail between PEI and the Mainland. She was sold to Russia in 1914 and gave many years of service to the Russians before being scrapped. Her wheelhouse and radio shack are on view in the Maritime Museum in Moscow.


Commanding Officers




     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten

Angwin, Stephen
Askett, Richard
Bancroft, O.
Bell, w.
Bolt, William
Bowditch, Sidney
Brazier, Allen
Bryans, W.
Campbell, George
Campbell, H.
Campbell, T.J.
Charron, C.E.
Chatham, Thomas A.
Clatworthy, J.T.
Collicott, Charles
Collins, John
Connell, W.
Corrigan, William
Cox, E.J.
Dunn, W.P.
Durrant (Durant?), W.
Evans, T.H.
Feavyour, A.H.?
Fenwick, R.B.
Flannigan (Flannagan?), Thomas
Fry, William John
Gadsby, John H.
Gill, R.D.
Goodby, Walter
Goodwin, Alfred
Green, J.
Greig, Alexander

Griggs, H.

Hamlin, Fred
Harrison, Thomas
Harry, P.
Hendry, Stephen Heron
Herrod, Reuben
Hicks, Fraser
Hodges, Walter
Holleran, Thomas
Holm, R.G.
Hughes, C.W.
Ibbotson, Thomas
Ireland, E.W.
Jones, J.
Jordan, J.
Kelly, J.M.
Kemp, Alfred
Kirley, W.A.
Knight, John
Lawton, Alphonsus (Alf) Thomas
Legg, P.T.
Lewin, (??)
Lewis, Bertrand R.
Lowry, John

Mail, Henry
Malyen, G.F.
Martucci, A.
May, Frederick
McDonald (MacDonald), William Robert

McPherson, J.

McQueen, A.A.
Millward (Milward?), Lionel Newell
Mogford, F.
Nerrington (Norrington?), Charles
Norris, L.H.
O’Brien, Isaac
Owen, C.E.
Pearson, R.
Pellett, Herbert
Pratt, Frederick George
Prescott, Alfred
Reeves, Ernest
Ross, W.
Sargeant, Charles
Saul, A.M.K.
Scown, R.H.
Sismay (Sismey?), Edward
Smiter, George R.
Smith, Edward
Smith, James
Stanning, A.E.
Start, Howard
Stowe, Lewis
Tattersall (Tettersell?), Alfred Nicholas
Tilbrook, W.
Tinnock (Timmock?). John
Walsh, S.
Watson, George
Williamson, J.H.
Worsley, Charles H.


Pellett, Herbert







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