Bangor Class Minesweeper





Laid down: 27 Dec 1940

Launched: 13 Jun 1941

Commissioned: 15 May 1942

Paid off: 28 Aug 1945

Transferred to RCMP Marine Div: 1945

Commissioned: 1945 as Irvine MP 13

Sold: 1962

Fate: Sank in May 1971


Built at Levis, Quebec, she was commissioned at Quebec City on 15 May 1942. NORANDA arrived at Halifax on 30 May 1942, and after working up at Pictou was assigned to Halifax Force. In Feb 1943, she was transferred to WLEF and, when it was divided into escort groups in Jun 1943, became a member of EG W-9. NORANDA went to Sydney Force in May 1944. After a major refit at Lunenburg from Sep to Dec 1944, she proceeded to Bermuda to work up. After returning to Halifax on 02 Feb 1945, she served briefly with Halifax Force before re-joining Sydney Force. She was paid off at Halifax on 28 Aug 1945, and transferred to the marine section of the RCMP as Irvine. Sold in 1962 for use as a yacht and re-named MIRIANA, she sank at Montego Bay, Jamaica, in May 1971.



Photos and Documents          Ship's company photos



Commanding Officers


Mate William Robert Nunn, RCNR - 15 May 1942 - 10 Jan 1943

Lt John Eugene Francois, RCNR - 11 Jan 1943 - 01 Sep 1944

Lt J.C.K. McNaught, RCNVR - 02 Sep 1944 - 17 Oct 1944

Lt Robert Anthony Wright, RCNVR - 18 Oct 1944 - 07 Nov 1944

Lt Gordon Edward Gilbridge, RCNVR - 08 Nov 1944 - 10 Jul 1945



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten




Former Crew Members


C43 = 1943 crew photo


Abbott, R.P., SLt  (C43)

Ablitt, G.A., AB  (C43)


Allen, M.J., OS  (C43)

Bernard, F.J., AB  (C43)

Bewsick, L.G., AB  (C43)

Blacklock, A.R., AB  (C43)

Blaxall, K.A., Sto  (C43)

Bull, S.G., Sto  (C43)

Burke, T.R., Sto  (C43)

Chamberlain, H.P., AB  (C43)

Clarke, B.A., Tel  (C43)


Clattenburg, Clyde Courtenay, Ch/Skpr, RCNR - 13 May 1942 / 15 May 1942  (C43)


Codden, R.B., AB  (C43)

Conroy, M.P., OS  (C43)

Cooper, J.F., Tel  (C43)

Cosman, E.J., AB  (C43)

Coulsey, D.F., OS  (C43)

Coyle, J., Cook  (C43)

Denny, S.E., AB  (C43)

Doerksen, B., Sto  (C43)

Dowse, N.C., Sto  (C43)

Dufresne, W.C., OS  (C43)

Durance, A.B., LS  (C43)


Ellwood, Michael Guy Charles, SLt, RCNVR - 17 Jul 1944


English, R., OS  (C43)

Finlay, P.W., SLt  (C43)

Fraser, C.D., AB  (C43)

Freestone, V.L., PO  (C43)

Frost, D.E., SA  (C43)


Gordon, John Henry, Skpr/Lt, RCNR - 29 Jul 1943


Goodman, L.F., L/Sig  (C43)


Hagen, N.A., Coder  (C43)


Hale, Cyril John, Lt, RCNVR - 17 Feb 1944


Harris, L.D., Sto  (C43)

Hopper, J.S., Sig  (C43)

Houlihan, A.B., AB  (C43)

Jackson, K.A., OS  (C43)

Johnson, J.A., Tel  (C43)

Keough, C.H., Coder  (C43)

Kirk, E., L/Stwd  (C43)

Long, S.N., MM  (C43)

Lummiss, F., Elect  (C43)

MacDonald, J.A., CMM  (C43)

MacDonald, S.A., AB  (C43)

McCallum, W.R., Sto  (C43)

McCarthy, E.L., Cook  (C43)

McCormick, J.T.R., LS  (C43)


McLaughlin, Charles Lindsay, Lt, RCNVR - 10 Mar 1944


Main, Lonre Donald Gordon, SLt, RCNVR - 25 Apr 1942 / 15 May 1942


Medland, Ross Irwin Reed, SLt, RCNVR - 25 Apr 1942 / 15 May 1942


Moore, J.F., AB  (C43)

Murray, H.W., OS  (C43)

Murray, J.P., L/Sto  (C43)

Nickerson, Martin, Wt (E), RCNVR - 30 Apr 1942 / 15 May 1942  (C43)


Norman, J.G., OS  (C43)


Nunn, William Robert, Mate, RCNR - 30 Mar 1942 CO / 15 May 1942


Pelehos, J.J., Cook  (C43)


Pendray, Wilfred Charles, SLt, RCNVR - 26 Jul 1943


Rankin, J.A., Lt  (C43)

Reddin, M.D., Sig  (C43)

Rees, W.R., CMM  (C43)

Renshaw, N.W., MM  (C43)

Rolfe, E.J., MM  (C43)

Savas, J., Sto  (C43)

Scott, C.J., L/Tel  (C43)

Scott, I.M., Coder  (C43)

Sinnock, G.W., AB  (C43)

Smith, W.H., Sto  (C43)

Sweatman, A., SLt  (C43)

Swift, W., CMM  (C43)


Tunnicliffe, Donald C., SLt, RCNVR - 19 Feb 1945


Urwin, J.H., AB  (C43)

Wilkens, N.M., CPO  (C43)

Willerton, E.E., Sto  (C43)

Winkworth, H., OS  (C43)


Youde, R., AB  (C43)



Photos and Documents


HMCS NORANDA J265 receiving mail from HMCS QUESNEL K133, Mar 1944




From the collection of Jim Silvester

Courtesy of Jim Silvester



From the collection of H.S. (Tim) Lee

Courtesy of Ryan Lee




From the collection of John & Martin Nickels

Courtesy of Steve Hlasny


Part of the photo description reads:  The military were very careful to erase the bow numbers from the snap as this could indirectly give the enemy information - but, they forgot to erase our numbers from the bridge. Thorough aye?

Sketch of HMCS NORANDA J265


From the collection of John & Martin Nickels

Courtesy of Steve Hlasny

RCMP Vessel Irving MP 13 former HMCS NORANDA


Source: RCMP Ships Historical Photo Gallery

MV MIRIANA (former HMCS NORANDA), Montego Bay, just days before her mysterious sinking while at anchor, May 1971


/ Courtesy of Dennis Cardy 1971