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The station of Sydney was owned and operated by the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of Canada for most of its history starting in 1907. The station operated from North Sydney under contract with the Department of the Naval Service. It was perched on Harvey's Hill, exposed to every storm the Gulf is so noted for. North Sydney was considered as the coldest station in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. A new operating building was constructed in 1936-37. Sydney radio was granted the call sign VCO probably in 1912. Besides communicating with ships at sea, North Sydney worked with Sable Island and Grindstone. The Cape Breton station linked Cape Ray and Pictou all year round and Heath Point (Anticosti Island) during the navigation season on the St. Lawrence. In 1957, along with other Marconi stations, it was transferred to the Department of Transport. Less than a decade later - 1965 - the station was moved to the Sydney airport. (Source: Marine Radio Communications and Traffic Services History in Canada)