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HMCS Quesnel's

gun shield art

HMCS Quesnel K133, 10 Sep 1942

From the collection of Jim Silvester

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HMCS Quesnel's



Laid down: 09 May 1940

Launched: 12 Nov 1940

Commissioned: 23 May 1941

Paid off: 03 Jul 1945

Fate: Broken up at Hamilton, Ont., in 1946


Named for the town of Quesnel, BC, she was built by Victoria Machinery Deport Co., Ltd, Victoria, BC and commissioned on 23 May 1941 at Esquimalt. She displaced 950 tons with a draught of  8'3" forward and 13' 5" aft when fully loaded. Her overall length was 205 feet with a beam of 33 feet. Her single steam reciprocating engine gave her a maximum speed of 16 knots. After her "shake down" cruise to Prince Rupert in June 1941, the remainder of the year was spent performing various duties such as ASW training, towing gunnery targets and providing sea training to junior officers from Royal Roads. Shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Quesnel was part of the rounding up of Japanese fishing vessels on the west coast of Vancouver Island. She also acted as a tender to the Battleship HMS Warspite when she was working up in the strait of Juan De Fuca and Nanoose Bay. In the spring of 1942, HMCS Quesnel carried out A/S patrols in the Strait of George and in Queen Charlotte and Millbank Sounds. She also provided protection to individual ships from US ports to Alaska. During this time HMCS Quesnel provided a screen to RMS Queen Elizabeth while she waited off Esquimalt for ideal tidal conditions to be dry docked in Feb 1942. In June 1942 HMCS Quesnel provided escort to the US tanker Lombardi, arriving in Kodiak, Alaska on 16 Jun 1942. En route back to Esquimalt, on 20 Jun 1942, she intercepted a message intended for HMCS Edmundston, requiring immediate assistance for the Fort Camosun, torpedoed by a Japanese submarine, position 47 22 N 125 30 W, approx 70 miles south west of cape Flattery. Several Canadian and US ships responded but Quesnel was first on the scene. On approaching the Fort Camosun HMCS Quesnel picked up a contact and delivered a depth charge attack. Visible results were negative and contact was not regained. The entire crew of Fort Camosun, 51 men, were rescued by HMCS Quesnel. With the assistance of HMCS Edmundston, HMCS Vancouver and tugs, the Fort Camosun was brought to anchor in Neah Bay for pumping out before eventually making to to Esquimalt for repairs. The balance of the summer of 1942 was spent on A/S patrol and intercepting unidentified ships in BC waters. On 13 Sep 1942, HMCS Quesnel, in company with HMCS Timmins, HMCS Dundas, HMCS Edmundston and HMCS new Westminster departed Esquimalt for Halifax via the Panama Canal. She arrived in Halifax on 13 Oct 1942 and was assigned to Western Local Escort Force until Jun 1944. On 11 and 12 May 1943, while escorting convoy ON-180, Quesnel gained a contact. A depth charge attack was made but no further contact was made. With the division of the force into escort groups in Jun 1943, she became a member of EG W-1. During this period she underwent a refit, including fo'c's'le extension, from early Sep to 23 Dec 1943, at Pictou. This refit was followed by workups in St. Margaret's Bay and Bermuda. In Jun 1944 Quesnel joined Quebec Force and spent five months escorting Labrador-Quebec convoys. In Nov 1944 she was transferred to Halifax Force, going to Sydney for refit and, on completion late in Jan 1945, to Bermuda for workups. She resumed escort duty late in Mar 1945, temporarily attached to EG W-5 and W-8 of WLEF until the end of the war. While escorting her final convoy, HX-335, HMCS Quesnel rescued 17 of the crew from the damaged Esso Pitsburg on 12 May 1945, arriving at Halifax on 25 May 1945. On 07 Jun 1945, she landed her ammunition at Shelburne, NS and two days later arrived at Sydney, NS to de-store. HMCS Quesnel then proceeded to Sorel, Quebec where she was paid off on 03 Jul 1945. She was sold on 05 Oct 1945 to the United Steel and Metal Company, Hamilton, Ont., and was broken up there in 1946. During her time escorting convoys in the Atlantic, HMCS Quesnel participated in 48 convoys and made ports of call at Goose Bay, Labrador; St. John's, Nfld; Sydney, NS; Halifax, NS; Saint John, NB; Boston, Mass; New York, NY; and several ports in Quebec.


Commanding Officers

Lt John Alexander Gow, RCNR - 23 May 1941 - 04 Mar 1942

Lt Albert Elliott Gough, RCNR - 05 Mar 1942 - 03 Apr 1942

Lt John Alexander Gow, RCNR - 04 Apr 1942 - 16 Nov 1942

Lt Murdo Smith, RCNR - 17 Nov 1942 - 11 Apr 1943

Lt John Mackay Laing, RCNR - 12 Apr 1943 - 03 Jul 1945


     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Ball, Clayton


Listed on Quesnel's Sep 1944 crew list as an AB, Radar3

Bosma, Donald John


Served in Quensel as a SD

Boyd, Gerald


Listed on Quesnel's Sep 1944 crew list as a L/Sto

Brown, Charles McGillivray, RCNR


Drafted to Quesnel K133 on 10 Feb 1942 as a Slt, RCNR

Burton, George Robert




Christopher, Roye Joseph Howard


Listed on Quesnel's Sep 1944 crew list as an Able Seaman

Connolly, Edwin Cuthbert


Drafted to Quesnel 13 Mar 1944 as Lt, RCNVR

Dorland, Carl Frederick


Douty, Robert Percy Joel


Drafted to Quesnel 22 May 1942 as Lt, RCNVR



Freeman, David Henry







Giles, Milton


Godfrey, William


Served in Quesnel 1943-1944. Listed on Quesnel's Sep 1944 crew list as a LSST

Holland, Robert Samuel


Listed on Quesnel's Sep 1944 crew list as an Able Seaman




Jeffries, Albert James


Listed on Quesnel's Sep 1944 crew list as an Able Seaman






Kett, Robert


Listed on Quesnel's Sep 1944 crew list as ABQR3

Knott, Ernie


Listed on Quesnel's Sep 1944 crew list as LS, Radar3

Laing, John Mackay


5th Commanding Officer

Larusson, M.


Listed on Quesnel's Sep 1944 crew list as LS A/S

Lundahl, Len Edward


Served on Quesnel 09 Jun 1944 - 02 Jun 1945 as an ERA


Mahoney, J


Listed on Quesnel's Sep 1944 crew list as AB, Radar3

McBride, Dale


Listed on Quesnel's Sep 1944 crew list as an Able Seaman

McCarron, Silverius James


Listed on Quesnel's Sep 1944 crew list as a Leading Seaman

McLennan, Donald Roy


Served in Quesnel 14 Dec 1944 - May 1945

Milledge, John Ruben


Drafted to Quesnel 17 Apr 1943 as Lt, RCNVR, XO. Listed in Sep 1944 crew list.

Moore, D.


Listed on Quesnel's Sep 1944 crew list as an Able Seaman

Mousseau, L.


Listed on Quesnel's Sep 1944 crew list as an Able Seaman

Neufeld, Eddie


Listed on Quesnel's Sep 1944 crew list as AB, A/S




Quick, John


Listed on Quesnel's Sep 1944 crew list as an Able Seaman






Smith, Murdo


4th Commanding Officer

See HMCS West York

Swonnell, Horace Walter Edwin


Trawick, Howard Wilson


Served in Quesnel as a Submarine Detector

Twiss, Roger Quintin


Served in Quesnel as an Able Seaman



Walsh, ____


Listed on Quesnel's Sep 1944 crew list as an Able Seaman





Ship's Mascots





Mr. Chips







Former Crew Members


SP42 = Ship's Company Photo circa 1942      SC44 = Nominal list dated Sep 1944

Agland (Acland), William (Bill), Sig - Feb 1942


Alberts, ERA (SC44)

Asseltine, AB (SP42 / SC44)


Balbar, Frank


Ball, C.  (SP42)


Barrett, A/S


Bawden, Bud


Beaver, Sam


Bedford, Charlie - (SP42 / SC44)

Berube, L/CK (SP42 / SC44)


Bloomfield, Harry, Sig


Bourne, N.L., AB - 1941

Boyle, AB (SC44)


Bradley, Ken

Bremner, Stwd (SP42 / SC44)

Brown, Lt (SC44)


Brown, George Henry, Lt, RCNVR - 10 Jul 1944


Cannon, William Reagh, Slt, RCNVR - 23 May 1941 / 26 Jul 1943


Carnegie, AB, Radar 3 (SP42 / SC44)


Charlton, John Henry, A/Lt, RCNVR - 04 May 1945


Chase, Harry., AB, AA3 (SP42 / SC44)

Collins, E., AB, A/S (SP42 / SC44)


Corrie, EA, (SC44)


Davis, James Sinclair (Foghorn), Lt, RCNVR - 23 May 1941


Dawson, "Duke" - Dec 1941


Donaldson, Sto (SC44)


Donnet, A.

Duggan, Robert (Bob), AB, LR3 (SP42 / SC44)

Edmonds, Tel (SP42 / SC44)

Forbes, AB, Coder (SP42 / SC44)


Godfrey, Bill - 1943-1944


Gow, John Alexander, Lt, RCNR - 22 Apr 1941 (Stand by) CO / 23 May 1941


Graham, AB, A/S (SC44)

Grant, PO, LTO (SP42 / SC44)


Grozdanich, B., AB (SP42 / SC44)


Hambelton, L/Sto (SC44)


Hanna, VA (SP42 / SC44)

Hayes, William, AB, LR3 (SP42 / SC44)


Healy, Ed, QR3 - Dec 1941

Healy G., L/Coder 1942 - 1944 (SP42 / SC44)


Herbert, F.M., AB - 1941


Healy, Coder - 1942 

Hewlko, Frank, AB, AA3 (SP42 / SC44)


Hick, A.S., OS - 1941


Hill, Tom


Huculak, Walter, Slt (El), RCNVR - 29 Feb 1944


Jamieson, ERA (SC44)


Karr, W.E., Engineer Officer (SP42 / SC44)

Kaul, Sto (SC44)

Keating, SPO (SP42 / SC44)


Kennedy, A.Z., OS - 1941


Kennedy, J., AB - 1941


Kincaid, John, Mate, RCNR - 23 May 1941


Kitchener, Ronald, Slt, RCNVR - 01 Mar 1944 / Lt, RCNVR (SP42 / SC44)


Lucas, L/TO


Marano, LS, HSD (SC44)


Maubert, H.A. - Dec 1941 - 1944

Mayo, SPO (SP42 / SC44)


McCallum, Colin, Slt, RCNVR - 11 May 1942


McCormick (McCormack?), AB, A/S (SP42 / SC44)

McDonald, AB, Coder (SC44)

McDonald, AB, Radar 3 (SC44)

McEwan, SPO (SP42 / SC44)


McKeown, Jack, Cox'n - 1941 - 1942


McNeil, Stwd (SC44)


Middleton, Eddie


Mohr, L.A., AB - 1941


Montgomery, L.J., AB - 1941

Moore, L.G., OS - 1941


Morfoot (Moorfoot), Tommy, AB (SP42 / SC44)


Morton, PO Yeoman of Signals (SP42 / SC44)


Motley, Dave C., AB - 1941

Moynaugh, T., SPO (SP42 / SC44)

Mudi, Sig (SC44)

Mullins, Sto (SC44)

Murphy, E.P., Tel - Dec 1941 / (SC44)

Murray, Harding, LS, A/S (SP42 / SC44)

Nedford, LS (SC44)

Noble S., AB, AA3 (SP42 / SC44)


Paget, T., AB, Radar 3 (SP42 / SC44)

Parker, Sig (SC44)


Pettit, P., OS - 1941


Phillips, A.G.

Porier, G., AB (SP42 / SC44)

Porter, L/Sto (SC44)

Poulton, AB (SP42 / SC44)


Proudfoot, Arthur James, Skpr, RCNR - 11 Apr 1942


Retallick, J., Sto - Dec 1941


Ritchie, Slt, (SP42 / SC44)

Robbins, O., AB (SP42 / SC44)


Robinson, Stoker - 1942

Roche, B., AB (SP42 / SC44)


Ruttan, John Graham, Slt, RCNVR - 07 Mar 1942


Silvester, Jim C., AB/LS/PO2, QR2, RCNVR - 06 Oct 1941 - 07 Sep 1944 (SC44)


Simpson, K, ABST (SC44)


Simpson, Tommy - 1944


Slessor, J., AA - 1941 - 1942

Smith, ABST (SC44)


Stevens, C.

Symington, CERA (SP42 / SC44)


Voll, L/Writer (SP42 / SC44)

Wall, Sto 1c (SC44)


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