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Murdo Smith


Lt, O-68310, RCNR


Born:  26 Jun 1900, Stornoway, Ross'Shire, Scotland


Died: 23 Dec 1944, Bermuda


Book of Remembrance


SMITH, Murdo, Lt, RCNR, died - 23 Dec 1944, HMCS WEST YORK - son of Donald and Bella Smith; husband of Mary Smith, of Fort William, ON. 


Lt Smith died of cardiac arrest at Bermuda on 23 Dec 1944. He was Commanding Officer of HMCS West York at the time of his death.


Ships served in:

HMCS COBALT - Served in Cobalt 26 Oct 1941 - 14 Jun 1942 as Ch Skipper / Lt, RCNR 

HMCS QUESNEL - 4th Commanding Officer

HMCS CLAYOQUOT - 7th Commanding Officer

HMCS WEST YORK - 1st Commanding Officer of HMCS West York. Appointed to West York 25 Jul 1944 as Lt, RCNR, CO, Stand by


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(1) Portrait of Master Mariner Murdo Smith  (2-3) Service Summary  (4) Letter to Lt Smith's wife informing her of the details of his death  (5) Letter to Lt Smith's wife informing her of husband's burial in Bermuda  (6) 



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