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Then Israeli Navy Vessel MISGAV (1950)



HMCS Strathadam K682

Courtesy of the CFB Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum

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Battle honours and awards:  Atlantic  1945 



Laid down: 06 Dec 1943

Launched: 20 Mar 1944

Commissioned: 29 Sep 1944

Paid off: 07 Nov 1945

Sold: 1947

Acquired by Israeli Navy: 1950

Commissioned: as Misgav

Paid off: 1970

Fate: Sunk as a target ship in 1970


Built at Esquimalt, BC, she was commissioned on 29 Sep 1944, at Victoria, she arrived at Halifax on 21 No 1944 and left a month later for Bermuda to work up. Returning to Halifax, she was assigned to EG 25, Londonderry, and sailed from St. John's on 02 Feb 1945. Except for one trip late that month to Gibraltar, Strathadam was employed in U.K. waters until VE-Day. On 07 Mar 1945, with La Hulloise and Thetford Mines, she took part in the sinking of U 1302 in St. George's Channel, and on 11 Apr 1945 she was carrying out another attack when a Hedgehog projectile exploded prematurely, killing six of her crew. She returned to Canada at the end of May 1945, and in Jul 1945 commenced tropicalization refit. This was cancelled 20 Aug 1945 and the ship was paid off at Halifax on 07 Nov 1945, to be laid up at Shelburne. She was sold to Uruguayan interests in 1947 but acquired by the Israeli Navy in 1950 and re-named MisgavK30. In the last 60s she wa paid off and in 1970 was expended as a target for Gabrial missile trials by Israel.


Commanding Officers

LCdr Howard Lee Quinn, DSC, RCNVR - 29 Sep 1944 - 06 Jul 1945

LCdr S.W. Howell, RCNR - 07 Jul 1945 - 29 Jul 1945

LCdr Howard Lee Quinn, DSC, RCNVR - 30 Jul 1945 - 07 Nov 1945


     In memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice    

     Lest We Forget     


- Book of Remembrance entry     - Grave or burial information

COMISH, John Charles Griffon

Tel, V56416, RCNVR

killed - 11 Apr 1945 

FRIEND, James Thorpe

Tel, V52131, RCNVR

killed - 11 Apr 1945 

JONES, Harold Beatty

AB, V16924, RCNVR

killed - 11 Apr 1945 

MCEWEN, Dennis William Andrew

L/Tel, V36117, RCNVR

killed - 11 Apr 1945 


PURDY, Clifford Irwin

Coder, V57602, RCNVR

DOW - 13 Apr 1945 

SHIMMIN, Alfred George

L/Stores Assistant, V45064, RCNVR

killed - 11 Apr 1945 



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Beale, Harry William


Bonner, Frederick Arthur


Bourdon, Arthur Joseph Rudolph





Forbes, James Gardner







Heard, Trevor Frederick


Drafted to Strathadam on 05 Jul 1945 as Lt (S), RCNVR

Hicking, Tom


Hill, Arthur Thomas





Lentinello, Augustine







MacNair, George Malcolm







Pasieka, Arnold Roy


Pyle, Ken






Slade, George







Waddell, Aubrey D.







U-Boats Sunk

U-1302 (Kptlt Wolfgang Herwatz) a type VIIC/41 U-boat, sunk on 07 Mar 1945 by HMCS La Hulloise K668, HMCS Thetford Mines K459 and HMCS Stathadam K682 in St. George's Channel, position 52-19 N, 05-23 W. Of her crew of 48 there were no survivors.


Former Crew Members

Bell, George Alfred (Dinger), Sto 


Buchanan, Kenneth Allen, AB - Apr 1945


Coulter, Kenneth Carl, Ord. Tel - Apr 1945


Cullen, John Frank, Tel - Apr 1945


Gibner, William Henry, AB - Apr 1945

Hansen, Felix Albin Leopold Bloch, Lt (E), RCNR - 02 Jun 1944 (Stand by)


Howell, Stanley Warren, LCdr, RCNR - 07 Jul 1945


Kennedy, Charles Robert, Sig - Apr 1945


Leeming, John McWhannell, Lt, RCNVR - 13 Jul 1944 (Stand by)

Maki, Wilho Edward, Coder - Apr 1945


Malewich, Russell, Sig - Apr 1945


McLay, Thomas, Tel - Apr 1945


Quinn, Howard Lee, LCdr, DSC, RCNVR - 01 Jul 1944 (Stand by) CO


Stoliker, Harry Franklin, Ord. Sig - Apr 1945



Photos and Documents


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