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HMCS Fraser 233 - DND/RCN Photo


Battle honours and Awards:  Atlantic  1939-40



Laid down: 11 Dec 1951

Launched: 19 Feb 1953

Commissioned: 28 Jun 1957

Paid off for DDH Conversion: 02 Jul 1965

Re-commissioned 22 Oct 1966

Paid off: 12 Apr 1973

Re-commissioned: 11 Mar 1974

Paid off for DELEX Refit: 19 Oct 1981

Re-commissioned: 28 May 1982

Paid off: 05 Oct 1994

Fate: Broken up 2010-2011


Laid down by Burrard Dry Dock Co., Ltd, Vancouver and completed by Yarrows Ltd., Esquimalt, Fraser was commissioned on 28 Jun 1957, and served on the west coast. On 16 Jan 1958 Fraser, along with Cayuga 218, Crescent 226, Margaree 230 and, Skeena 207 departed Esquimalt, BC, for a Far Eastern Training cruise. On 07 Apr 1964, the ashes of Vice Admiral Howard Emmerson Reid, who Crossed the Bar 03 May 1962, were consigned to the sea from HMCS Fraser. On 12 Jan 1965 HMCS Fraser departed Esquimalt for blast tests of Kahoolawe, Hawaii. Blast test was conducted on 06 Feb 1965 and during the trip back to Esquimalt, on 23 Mar 1965 the ashes of Rear Admiral Ernest Patrick (Pat) Tisdall were consigned to the sea. Fraser arrived back in Esquimalt on 16 Apr 1965. Fraser then transferred coasts and proceeded to Canadian Vickers Ltd., Montreal, where on 02 Jul 1965 she began her conversion to DDH configuration. She was re-commissioned on 22 Oct 1966, and was thereafter based at Halifax. On 15 Jun 1967, Fraser conducted the first landings of a Sea King helicopter. She demonstrated the Canadian-designed Beartrap helicopter haul-down system at Washington, D.C., in Oct 1967. On 14 May 1969 Fraser attended the Spithead Review off Portsmouth as Canada's representative. During her 1970 Great Lakes deployment Fraser visited Thunder Bay as part of the celebrations of the amalgamation of Port Arthur and Port Williams into the city of Thunder Bay. On 12 Apr 1973, Fraser was paid off into Category "C" Reserve and was re-commissioned on 11 Mar 1974. On 17 Jul 1976, HMCS Protecteur, along with HMCS Skeena and HMCS Fraser arrived at Montreal in support of the 1976 Olympics. She underwent her DELEX refit at Canadian Vickers Ltd., between 19 Oct 1981 and 28 May 1982, and was thereafter something of a test vehicle. She was also the first RCN ship to be fitted (1986) with an experimental towed array sonar system (ETASS), and was made the test bed for the NIXIE torpedo decoy system and later a tactical aircraft beacon (TACAN). In 1988 she was equipped to operate the HELTAS helicopter, equipped for a passive acoustic role. Fraser was among the ships enforcing UN sanctions against Haiti between Oct 1993 and Mar 1994. She returned from her first tour in time for Christmas 1993, and sailed for her 2nd tour on 01 Jan 1994. On 10 Jan 1994, Fraser experienced a minor boiler room fire in which 4 crew members suffered minor injuries. Fraser arrived in the Haiti Op Area on 13 Jan 1994 and departed on 25 Mar 1994 having completed two tours during which she conducted 73 boardings and 450 hailings; spending 134 days on station. She arrived back in Halifax on 31 Mar 1994. By this time, she was the sole survivor of her class, and in October 1994, she replaced Assiniboine in her classroom role until 18 Dec 1997, when she arrived at Bridgewater to become a floating museum. The conversion to a museum never transpired and she was later sold and broken up at Port Maitland, Ontario 2010-2011.  Her 3"50 was removed and shipped to the Reserve Unit HMCS Prevost where it was mounted.


RCN Memories:  Big Bird


Photos and Documents          Ship's company photos          Commissioning Booklet          Welcome Aboard Booklet - 1968


Commanding Officers

Cdr Raymond Phillips, RCN - 28 Jun 1957 - 03 Jan 1959

Cdr David Llewellyn MacKnight, RCN - 03 Jan 1959 - 04 Jan 1961

Cdr Donald John Sheppard, DSC, CD, RCN - 04 Jan 1961 - 06 Sep 1962

Capt Godfrey Harry Hayes, RCN - 06 Sep 1962 - 03 Oct 1962

Cdr Reginald Calvin Thurber, RCN - 03 Oct 1962 - 05 Aug 1964

Cdr Richard Carle, RCN - 05 Aug 1964 - 02 Jul 1965

Cdr John Frederick Watson, RCN - 22 Oct 1966 - 04 Jul 1968

Cdr Frederick William Crickard, RCN - 04 Jul 1968 - 17 Nov 1969

Cdr R.G. Guy - 17 Nov 1969 - 30 Jun 1971

Cdr Charles (Chuck) Morris Winton Thomas - 30 Jun 1971 - 12 Apr 1973

Cdr Leo Ivan MacDonald - 11 Mar 1974 - 15 Aug 1976

Cdr P.W. Cairns - 15 Aug 1976 - 12 Aug 1977

Cdr H.R. Waddell - 12 Aug 1977 - 18 Dec 1978

Cdr J.B. Elson - 18 Dec 1978 - 26 Jan 1981

Cdr J. Nethercott - 26 Jan 1981 - 01 May 1982

Cdr W.B. Hodgkin - 01 May 1982 - 12 Dec 1983

Cdr V.U. Auns - 12 Dec 1983  -  16 Aug 1985

Cdr B.M. Power- 16 Aug 1985 - 04 Jul 1988

Cdr I.G. Parker - 04 Jul 1988 - 19 Jul 1990

Cdr J.A.Y. Plante - 19 Jul 1990  -  19 Dec 1990

Cdr H.W. McEwan - 19 Dec 1990  -  10 May 1991

Cdr Ernest Philip Webster - 10 May 1991 - 23 Jul 1993

Cdr H.R. Smith - 23 Jul 1993 - 24 Oct 1994


     In memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice    

     Lest We Forget     

HOOGERWERF, Johannes Patrick


died - 28 Apr 1975 

LEGENDRE, Simon Joseph Jean

LSST, 48139-H

Lost at sea off the coast of Florida - 18 Feb 1975 

PINEAU, Gerald Joseph

LS, F806162

died - 12 Jun  1972 


     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Arntson, Maurice John


Aylward, William


Baker, Mark Raymond


Banfield, Nelson Ralph


Served in Fraser in 1959 as Electrical Officer

Barnes, Jerry T.


Bassingthwaite, James H.


Bédard, Cécilien


Bernays, Max Lepold


Served in Fraser as Cox'n circa 1957

Bertrand, Leo Joseph


Bolt, George Miller


Served in Fraser in 1963 as Lt (E), RCN, Engineering Officer

Boughton, Benjamin


Boughton, Donald Ross


Bourgeois, Charles William


Served in Fraser in 25 Jul 1958 - 15 Fe 1959

Bowditch, William Watson


Brooks, Robert Elmer


Brown, William DeWitt







Cadwallader, Charles William A.


Cameron, Allan


Carle, Richard


6th Commanding Officer

Clark, George


Clarke, Robert


 Coakley, Daniel J.


Served in Fraser in 1968 as a Commissioned Officer, RCN, Air Det.

Colclough, Frederick John


Conrad, Donald Edward


Crickard, Frederick W.

Cummins, Herbert John


Currie, David Wayne


Dicks, Norman Thomas


Dixon, Stephen Phillip


Doyle, Adrian Francis


Dubowski, Thadeus


Dunsmuir, Robert Comlin


Served in Fraser in 1960-1963 as a LS.EM1

Dwyer, Tony






Eccles, Brian George Wilfred


Empey, Frederick William


Esbaugh, Thomas Jerome


Farris, Terrance Leroy


Fleming, George C.


Francis, Edward David


Fraser, Norman Lloyd


Free, Ronald


Freeman, David Henry




Goodwin, David Alexander


Goossen, George


Goulet, Joseph Richard


Graham, John Umstead


Served in Fraser as Lt, RCN, Weapons Officer

Grant, Richard Ronald


Served in Fraser in 1964

Gray, John Douglas


Griffin, Edward Joseph


Guy, Rex Geoffrey


Haley, Richard Douglas


Harwood, John


Hawkey, Robert Clarence


Hayes, Godfrey Harry


4th Commanding Officer

Hazelwood, Eric Eugene


Henderson, Gordon


Served in Fraser in 1957 as an ABRP

Hennis, John


Hicks, Oliver


Hicks, Stanley Vernon


Hill, Peter E.


Hodges, Leslie J.




Johnson, Kenneth E.


Johnstone, William Richard






Kennedy, William Carter


Laforme, George Richard


Lawler, Karl Elbert





Mac Kinnon, Charles Lauchlin


MacDonald, Leo I.


11th Commanding Officer

MacIntyre, Norman Elwell


MacKnight, David Llewellyn


2nd Commanding Officer

MacLean, Ronald Wallace


Mailloux, Richard Joseph


Mainguy, Daniel Nicholas


Mander, Douglas Norman


McDowell, Russell Robert


McLeod, Cathel James


McGowan, Harold Austad


McIntyre, Earl L.


Mitchell, Stanley F.


Mohr, Richard Walter


Nagel, Thomas


Newman, Rodney Davis


Served in Fraser in 1963






Oivanen, Gary Lawrence


Opdebeck, Neil Francis


Peacocke, Jerome Douglas


Pepper, Richard


Peterson, Raymond


Served in Fraser in 1957 as an LSRP

Phillips, Raymond


1st Commanding Officer

Pringle, James C.


Procher, Edward John





Rayment, Lloyd


Reynolds, David Edward






Saunders, James Patrick


Savard, Claude


Schonwald, Donald Roy


Seibel, Arthur J.


Shaw, George A. Sr,


Sheppard, Donald John


3rd Commanding Officer

Simpson, Jim


Statham, David John


Stevens, Harold


Served in Fraser 1965 - 1966

Spalding, James Dixon


Served in Fraser in 1963 as Lt, RCN

Spencer, Alan


Stutter, Clifford E.


Sullivan, Blair Gerard


Tudor, David T.


Served in Fraser in 1965 as CPO Radioman



Urquhart, Glen Cameron







Webb, Frederick Arthur H.


Webster, Harry Alexander


Whalen, David Bertram


Wonfor, David William


Served in Fraser in the mid-1960s

Wong, Ping Zunn


Wright, David L.







Former Crew Members

Androwski, Donald, LS.CK - 1964


Bakody, David, P2ER3


Banfield, Dave, Naval Air, RCN / C.A.F. 


Bidal, LS.ER - 1994


Brown, Delbert


Brower-Berkhoven, Isaac


Broster, Gordon Arnold (Art) - Jul 1965


Cale, K. Donald (Don), AB.ER-LS.ER - 1967-1971 


Carter, R., P1RP - Dec 1957


Cox, LS.ER - 1994


Debusschere, Paul 


Dawe, Keith, LCdr, XO - Jan 1993 - Sep 1994. Paying off crew


Day, MS.ER - 1994


deKergommeaux, Denis - Commissioning Crew as P2EF3


Derkac, AB.LM - Dec 1957


Duffy, Ronald, LS - 1964


Dunlop, P2RP - Dec 1957


Ferguson, Harold, AB.TAS - Dec 1957

Fox, Brian, LS.RM - 1969


Fraser, W., C2SH - Dec 1957


Green, MS, MarEng - 1994


Hawley, John, AB.FC-LS.FC - 1972


Henderson, Archie, LS - 1963


Jones, LSRP - Dec 1957


Kennedy, LS, MarEng - 1994


Kennedy, N., P2EM - Dec 1957


Lemire, OS, MarEng - 1994


Lesoway, P., P1VS - Dec 1957


Mann, D., C2TAS - Dec 1957


McDowell, R., C2.ST - Dec 1957


McLellan, Jack, PO.CK - 1964


McLeod, K., C2CV - Dec 1957


Miniou, Scott, RP/NESOP


Moore, Art - 1969


Moore, Dennis, AB - 1964

Morash, AB, MarEng -1994


Munroe, Ken, C1RT - Dec 1957


Orr, LS, MarEng - 1994


Reaume, Wayne, 27146-H


Reid, J., P1SH - Dec 1957


Robstad, J. Lester, AB.RP, RCN - 1962-1965. JetEx 64, Crossed the Line 1964, Sailor Hat 1965


Sleigh, Mike, AB.SN/LS.SN - 1967 - 1971


Sprauge, P2TAS - Dec 1957


Sterling, Clay, P2ER - Dec 1957


Tyleman, OS.ER - 1994


Warnell, LS.ER -1994


Webberly, Bob, CPO1, Cox'n - 1975


Wheeler, Roy, CS.CV - Dec 1957


Wiebe, William, AB.ER - 1964


Zilinsky, Larry - Dec 1964 - Apr 1965


Photos and Documents


HMCS Fraser being launched in Vancouver from Burrard Dry Docks in 1953

Jacket patch for HMCS Fraser 233 when she was part of the 2nd Destroyer Escort Squadron

From the collection of Harold Stevens

Courtesy of Rob Stevens

One of HMCS Fraser's bells




Located in the Windsor Lounge, C&PO's Mess, Juno Tower,  CFB Halifax


Courtesy of Gerald Doutre, CPO1, RCN


Names engraved on Fraser's bell.  Due to how the bell was displayed, clear photos of the 2nd column were difficult and some names and dates were not legible

Kyle Cooper Heath - 28 Aug 1988

Christopher M. Brown - 27 Sep 1988

Tyler John Heppel - 18 Dec 1988

Jennifer Marie Harris - 26 Dec 1988

Stephane Louis Philippe Drolet - 30 Jul 1989

Terrence Wayne Thorne - 21 Oct 1989

Shyann April Roy - 19 Nov 1989

Marc Andre Leger - 19 Aug 1990

Kevin Michael D'Orsay - 19 Aug 1990

Michelle Marie Pitts - 4 Nov 1990

Angela Jacqueline Gauthier - 20 Dec 1989

Alexandre Ryan Thomas Louis McRae - 24 Aug 1991

Shavonne Annette Dobson - 17 May 1992

Anthony Patrick Bray McRae - 7 Jun 1992

Racheal Kennedi MacLean - 9 Aug 1992

Jason David Gauthier - 6 Sep 1992

Dylan Edward Pendergast - 12 Sep 1992

Katelynn Adelle Blakeney - 20 Sep 1992

Mariel Elizabeth Justice - 11 Oct 1992

Michael Thomas William Brost - 11 Oct 1992

Madeline Florence Green - 18 Nov 1992

Connor Roland Leyte - 3 Jan 1993

Lindsay Paige Mitchell - 24 Jan 1993

Joseph Francis Nicholas Jolivette - 14 Mar 1993

Victoria Marie Shortridge - 21 Aug 1993

Mariah Breanne Friedrich - 12 Sep 1993

Zachary John Munro-Cape - 3 Jan 1993

Brian Douglas Hazelwood - 5 Jan 1994

Dalyce Suzanne Hazelwood - 5 Jan 1994

Chelsea Dawn Scott - 22 May 1994

Keith William Anderson - 29 May 1994

Mitchell Ryan Hanham - 3 Jul 1994

Alexander Harrison Flynn - 3 Jul 1994

Ilaria Colaceci - 14 Aug 1994

Jillian Ann Munroe - May 1981

Dustin Lee Reid - 1981

Yolande (?sp) Ann Hupe - 1981

Anastasia Nicole (surname not legible) - Aug 1982

Kelly Ann (surname not legible) - Aug 1982

Nicholas Roy Crocker - Aug 1982

Daniel Guy Omer (surname not legible) - Aug 1982

Michelle Patricia (surname not legible) - 1982

Rebecca Lyn Hardie - Oct 1982

Philippe Michael McFadden - 14 Nov 1982

Richelle Arlene Stevenson - 15 Jan 1983

Erin Colleen Crawford - 16 Jan 1983

Adrienne Elizabeth Gadd - 16 Jan 1983

Jonathan Nicholas ??hurst - 27 Mar 1983

Kathleen Allison Munroe - Apr 1983

Sean Aristide Bienvenu - 2? Jul 1983

Kelissa Ann Marie Picard - 2? Jul 1983

Trevor George Shewfelt (?sp) 3? Jul 1983

Drew Parris Jelley - 6 Aug 1983

Douglas William Fleet - 4 Mar 1984

Patrick Gabriel Gagnon - 26 Aug 1984

Kory Adam Harrington - 2 Sep 1984

Marie Andree Stephanie Boulanger - 7 Oct 1984

Michael David Bathurst - Jan 1985

Jenna Drooke Doucet - 21 Mar 1985

Jennifer Joanne Hasenack - 20 Oct 1985

Terri Lee Anne McWatters - 17 Nov 1985

Samantha Toni Sideroff - 19 Apr 1987

Jordan Mykael Broughm O'Keefe - Jun 1987

Ryan Alexander Finch - 18 Jul 1987

Dustin Jeff Conrad - 1? Jan 1988

Sean Michael Hargraves - 27 Mar 1988

Allana Michelle Chaulk - 10 Apr 1988

Brittany Theresa Weinberger - Jul 1988

William Anthony Howe - Aug 1988



Second Canadian Escort Squadron - Spring Cruise 1958

HMCS Crescent, HMCS Cayuga, HMCS Skeena, HMCS Fraser, HMCS Margaree

Courtesy of Dave Tyre



"What is the legal hanging age in Canada?" This question was argued by Ldg. Sea. Robert Dunsmuir and Ldg. Sea. Archie Henderson, both serving in the Fraser. During the exchange Ldg. Sea. Dunsmuir said before witnesses that, if he was wrong, he would personally push Ldg. Sea. Henderson from his home to the ship in a wheel barrow. He lost and all too late found that Ldg. Sea. Henderson lived in Belmont Park, some six miles from the ship. Saturday morning saw Ldg. Sea. Henderson weigh in at 238 pounds, comfortably settle himself on several pillows and be wheeled down the highway by 140-pound Ldg. Sea. Dunsmuir. However, as a sporting gesture, in view of the weight difference, it was agreed that Ldg. Sea. Henderson would push Ldg. Sea. Dunsmuir up all hills. After logging five and a quarter miles, they arrived at the corner of Admiral's and Esquimalt roads, an ideal spot for deciding that honour was satisfied and recuperation called for.

The Crowsnest Oct/Nov 1963

HMCS Fraser lit up for Christmas prior to 1965

Courtesy of Matthew Batten



photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

photo 6

(1) HMCS Fraser 233, Pearl Harbor, 1963  (2) Crossing the Equator on HMCS Fraser 233, Far East Cruise 1964  (3) Unknown event on HMCS Fraser 233, Far East Cruise 1964  (4) Sailor from HMCS Fraser ashore in Singapore 233, Far East Cruise 1964  (5) HMCS Fraser 233 northward bound through the channel to Juneau, Alaska - 1962  (6) HMCS Fraser's Hawaiians with Cdr Carle - time frame Aug 1964 - Jul 1965. Gordon Broster, 4th from left


From the collection of Gordon Arnold (Art) Broster

Courtesy of Cathy Robinson

Operation Sailor Hat


On 06 Feb 1965 HMCS Fraser participated in a shock trial called Operation Sailor Hat. Below are a few photos and documents about the trial.




(1) Operation Hat Certificate issued to P1RP G.A. Broster  (2) Operation Sailor Hat badge designed and painted by P1 Broster (right) before the shock trials  (3) Operation Sailor Hat badge mounted on HMCS Fraser's funnel




(4 & 5) Dome of 4,500 lbs of explosives  (6) HMCS Fraser (right), secured, awaiting detonation  (7) Dome of explosives as seen from HMCS Fraser  (8) After the explosion .... 




Photos of the explosion taken from various view points




Three newspaper articles on the Operation Sailor Hat shock trials / explosion


From the collection of Gordon Arnold (Art) Broster

Courtesy of Cathy Robinson

The change from the White Ensign to the Canadian Flag on HMCS Fraser - 16 Feb 1965




The story behind the photos:  The CO decided that he wanted to try to stall as long as possible on the change. I am not sure where the ship location was at the time of the photos, but the CO ensured that this ship was the last one to change due to the time zones etc... so the last flying white ensign in the fleet!


From the collection of Gordon Arnold (Art) Broster

Courtesy of Cathy Robinson



photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

photo 6

photo 7

photo 8


(1-3) Communicators on HMCS Fraser - Fall 1969  (4) Communicator on HMCS Fraser - Fall 1969  (5) Communicator on HMCS Fraser - Fall 1969  (6 & 7) Communicators on HMCS Fraser - Fall 1969  (8)  LS.RM Brian Fox, HMCS Fraser, October 1969


Courtesy of Ronald J. MacDonald

Helo crash on HMCS Fraser in 1972

Crossing the Line ceremony on HMCS Fraser - Exercise Eastlant '88

Courtesy of Shane Walters

HMCS Bonaventure and HMCS Fraser 233

Note that Fraser does not yet have her distinctive TACAN mast

HMCS Fraser 233

HMCS Fraser dressed for the Fleet Review during the 75th Anniversary of the Canadian Navy, Bedford Basin, Halifax

Courtesy of Ken Watson

© Ken Watson RCN

Newspaper article on HMCS Fraser's 20th Anniversary

Courtesy of Denis deKergommeaux

HMCS Athabaskan 282 and HMCS Fraser 233 during Exercise Team Work '88

Credit: Trident Magazine  Photographer: Cpl Herbert

Courtesy of Jarrod David

HMCS Fraser's 1980-1981 NATO Sail past

Courtesy of Frederick Dainard

HMCS Fraser's NATO sail past in 1980 just prior to a port visit in Rotterdam.  Upon sailing Rotterdam on 03 Dec 80, Fraser's CO informed the crew that they would, along with the NATO squadron, proceed to the Baltic as a show of force due to the crisis in Poland.  Fraser spent Christmas in Portsmouth, England; the first Canadian ship not to be home for Christmas since the Korean war.

Courtesy of Derrick Payne


HMCS Fraser's 1980-1981 NATO Sail past


Courtesy of Frederick Dainard


The Battle of Deadman's Bay, 1968

Thurlo Munroe, far right, Bob Verge, Butch Boucher

Courtesy of Thrulo Ian Munro


"We took on St Laurent and Gatineau in the whalers with 4 grapefruit guns each, lots of ammo and lots of beer. What a hoot. Our XO, Josimite Sam (LCDR Hayward, was our pirate captain). We won the battle because the other 2 ran out of ammo. We were firing grapefruits at each other, not blanks. We even made up a second battleboard and had Deadman's Bay on it. Hayward was one of the finest XOs I ever sailed under. Our whole crew, officers included were one of the tightest knitted groups I ever went to sea with from the skipper down.. The whole battle happened because St Laurent had a gun crew and while we were doing a jackstay transfer, they closed up their gun crew and took a shot at us with their grapefruit gun. Our skipper said, they're not getting away with that!!!! The challenge went out and Gatineau said they wanted in on it too. This is how battles happen. Only rules were, no rowing, no outboards. We cut off our white uniform pants and spray painted t-shits. Jeeze, fighting Communist Aggression was hard in those days. Those were the days"

Newspaper article on HMCS Fraser visiting Thunder Bay, Ont. - year unknown

Courtesy of Art Moore

Painting from the door of the main cafeteria aka "The Cave" on HMCS Fraser 233


Artist: Paul F. Prudhomme

Courtesy of Mike O'Keefe

HMCS Fraser 233

HMCS Fraser 233

Courtesy of Ken Watson

© Ken Watson RCN

HMCS Fraser 233

HMCS Fraser 233

HMCS Fraser 233

Newspaper article on the visit of HMCS Fraser 233 to Yarmouth, NS during the 75th Anniversary of the Canadian Navy

Halifax Chronicle-Herald 06 Aug 1985

Research by / Courtesy of George Newbury

Painting on the door of the Main Cafeteria (MS & Below Mess) on HMCS Fraser 233, 1992.

Artist - Bernie Viscount

Courtesy of Christopher Thomas

Artwork on the door to the ETASS room on HMCS Fraser

Courtesy of James Fisher


Christmas dinner on HMCS Fraser 233, Sunday 19 Dec 1993, en route back to Halifax from Operation Forward Action, Haiti (part 1)

The dinner was held in the Hangar the day after departing station.


photos courtesy of Ken Johnson


Doug Brown (left)

Far end of table J.P. Lariviere on left and possibly Mark Meadows on right

Middle left Doug Brown, opposite of Doug (in civil shirt) is Barry Sheppard

Far end of table on left is Chris Thomas; 2nd from right leaning in and facing camera with PMC is Fisher (?? not entirely sure)

2nd from right - PO2 John Stewart; 3rd from right - P2BN Danny Laflamme with Santa hat

Servers: 1st on left - Lt(N) R.W. Anderson, Baby SYO;  1st on right - Maj Hargreaves, Air Det Cdr; extreme right - LCdr Keith Dawe, XO, Scullery

Left: WO Ted Hohmann, Ch Clerk

Gilles Gregoire and Johnson

L-R:  Cdr (OS) JBY Menard* - CO for the day;  Capt John Fletcher, Chap (P);  CPO1 Rick Goulet Cox'n; unknown; Cdr H.R. Smith; unknown

* Believed to be OS Menard


If you can identify anyone in these photos, please send me an EMAIL so that I can update the captions



Letter from Denis deKergommeau, Lt (N), ret'd - Fraser commissioning crew member - to the Fraser's CO requesting info on her paying off, and the CO's reply

Courtesy of Denis deKergommeaux


The End


HMCS Fraser does her final sail past and is sold to become a Museum.  After years of languishing alongside the pier in Bridgewater, NS, the transition to a museum never happened.  She was towed back to Halifax, and then later to Port Maitland to be broken up



HMCS Fraser 233 - Paying off pamphlet / schedule




Courtesy of Denis deKergommeaux

HMCS Fraser paying off sailpast - 05 October 1994

Courtesy of Roger Scott

Newspaper article on HMCS Fraser's Sailpast

Courtesy of Denis deKergommeaux

Last steaming watches on HMCS Fraser 233

Courtesy of Phil Warnell

Courtesy of Fabrice Mosseray

Source: Esprit de Corps magazine 1995

Newspaper article from the Trident Magazine, 18 May 1995, on the efforts by private groups to save HMCS Fraser from the breakers yard


Courtesy of Fabrice Mosseray

HMCS Fraser under tow to scrap yard in Ontario 12 Sep 2010

Photographer © Jean Hémond - This photograph is not to be re-used or re-published without permission of the copyright owner

Further photographs by Jean Hémond may be found at the following link: naturepainter's photostream




5 photographs of HMCS Fraser 233 being towed through the Welland Canal en route to the scrap yard 18 Sep 2010

Photographs published with permission of photographer © Paul Beesley,

HMCS Fraser 26 September 2010

Photographer Harry Snowden

Former HMCS Fraser being broken up at Port Maitland, Ont,  21 May 2011

 Photographer Cameron Meikle