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Service information for: 


David Bakody


Chief Engine Room Artificer, 54464-H


RCN / C.A.F.


Ships served in:

HMCS OUTREMONT - Served in Outremont in 1960, RCN(R)

HMCS CAP DE LA MADELEINE - Served in Cap De La Madeleine in 1961, RCN(R)

HMCS BONAVENTURE - Served in Bonaventure in 1962-1964 as an AB.EM1, RCN(R)

HMCS NEW WATERFORD - Served in New Waterford in 1966 as an LS.BN, RCN(R)

Honourably released from the RCN(R)

HMCS CHIGNECTO - Served in Chignecto in 1967 as an AB.EM, RCN(R) - Special years service

Enlisted in RCN

HMCS BONAVENTURE - Serve in Bonaventure in 1968 as a LS.ER2, RCN

HMCS CHALEUR - Served in Chaleur in 1971 as a LS.ER2

HMCS QU'APPELLE - Served in Qu'Appelle in 1972 as a LS.ER3

HMCS FRASER - Served in Fraser in 1974 as a P2ER

HMCS SAGUENAY - Served in Saguenay in 1977 as a P1ER4

HMCS NIPIGON - Served in Nipigon in 1984 as a P1ERA

HMCS MARGAREE - Served in Margaree in 1988 as a C2ERA

HMCS SKEENA - Served in Skeena in 1988 as a C2ERA


photo 1

photo 2

photo 3


photo 5

(1) David Bakody wearing his old RCN uniform with HMCS Bonaventure cap tally for a Bonaventure reunion.  (2) (L-R) LCdr Bill Gard, PO2 George LeBlanc, CPO2 ER David Bakody at MTE (Mechanical Training Establishment), part of Fleet School Halifax


(3) QL6 Class CFFSH (Engineering Division) aka MTE  -  LT (N) Quathamire and CPO2 ER David Bakody.  Back row (L-R) (1) Dave Newcombe  (2) ??  (3) ??  (4) Tom Currie  (5) Vic Murphy  (6) Gordie Demille  (7) ??  (8) ??  (9) ??


(4) Grad photo for Chief David Bakody's CERA course.  Note: Chief Bakody is absent from this photo. He was in the dockyard at the time it was taken.  (5) David's RCN draft order of HMCS Bonaventure


Courtesy of David Bakody



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