Mackenzie Class Destroyer





HMCS SASKATCHEWAN in the North Sea - Oct 1963 - DND/RCN photo

Photo taken by an aircraft from the aircraft carrier HNLMS Karl Dorman


Battle honours and awards:  Atlantic 1943-44,   Normandy  1944,   Biscay  1944



Laid down: 28 Oct 1959

Launched: 01 Feb 1961

Commissioned: 16 Feb 1963

Paid off: 27 May 1985 for DELEX refit

DELEX refit complete: 17 Jun 1986

Re-commissioned: 17 June 1986

Paid off: 01 Apr 1994

Fate: Sunk as an artificial reef on 14 Jun 1997


Built by Victoria Machinery Depot and completed by Yarrows at Esquimalt, SASKATCHEWAN was commissioned on 16 Feb 1963, following which, from Jun to Oct 1963, she was based at Halifax. In Oct 1963, BONAVENTURE, ALGONQUIN, CAYUGA, MICMAC and SASKATCHEWAN took part in a NATO exercise in which all participating ships were battered by a severe North Atlantic storm (click here to see the newspaper article). She then returned to the west coast. In 1968 she grounded while transiting Active Pass in fog.  In Feb 1970, she returned to Halifax with the erstwhile crew of KOOTENAY, relieving NIPIGON as flagship of SNFL that summer, but returned to the Pacific in 1973. She was given her DELEX refit at Burrard Yarrow Inc., Esquimalt, between 27 May 1985 and 17 Jun 1986. HMCS SASKATCHEWAN took part in SOPLOY '86 from 25 Aug 1986 till 25 Nov 1986.  During that deployment SASKATCHEWAN was part of a Canadian squadron that visited Australia for the RAN's 75th Anniversary celebrations. Port visits during SOPLOY '86  were: Pearl Harbor 3-6 Sep / 14-17 Nov; Pago Pago, American Samoa 14 Sep & 05 Nov; Suva, Fiji 18-20 Sep; Brisbane, Australia 25-27 Nov; Sydney, Australia 29 Sep-07 Oct; Melbourne, Australia 8-13 Oct; Wellington, New Zealand 22-23 Oct; Gisborne, New Zealand 24-27 Oct and Auckland, New Zealand 28-31 Oct 1986. During the South American Cruise in 1989, SASKATCHEWAN Crossed the Equator on 16 May 1989 and visited the following ports: Acapulco 05 - 09 May, Guayaquil 17 - 22 May, Caldera 27 May - 01 Jun, Puerto Vallarta 07 - 11 Jun, San Diego 16-19 Jun and San Francisco 23-26 Jun 1989. In her final years, SASKATCHEWAN was a member of Training Group Pacific, instructing officer cadets in ship handling, navigation and marine engineering. On 17 Mar 1994, barely six weeks before she was paid off, SASKATCHEWAN lost two crew members, SLt N.P. Schiele and AB S.J. Schreurs, in a diving accident in Shoal Channel, Howe Sound. SASKATCHEWAN was paid off on 01 Apr 1994, purchased by the Artificial Reef Society of B.C. and sunk on 14 Jun 1997, near Nanaimo.



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Commissioning Book          Reactivation Booket - 1986


Crossing the Line (Equator) - c1968-70 (Cdr Rusk as CO)


Crossing the Line (Equator) - Ex SAMPLOY 1983


Crossing the Line (Equator) - Ex SOPLOY 1986



RCN Memories:     Port 10     The Great Rum Robbery



Commanding Officers


Cdr Mark William Mayo, RCN - 16 Feb 1963 - 18 Dec 1964

Cdr Maurice Aikins Turner, RCN - 18 Dec 1964 - 07 Mar 1966

Cdr P.J. Traves, RCN - 07 Mar 1966 - 15 Jul 1967

Cdr Norman Shuttleworth Jackson, RCN - 15 Jul 1967 - 23 Sep 1968

Cdr Harry Rusk, RCN - 23 Sep 1968 - 15 Jan 1970

Cdr Neil St. Clair Norton - 15 Jan 1970 - 09 Mar 1971

LCdr Alexander Bajkov - 09 Mar 1971 - 02 Apr 1971

Cdr Robert Frederick Gladman - 02 Apr 1971 - 06 Jul 1972

Cdr Trevor Stephen Hayward - 06 Jul 1972 - 09 Apr 1973

LCdr Harold Lindsay Davies - 09 Apr 1973 - 31 Jul 1973

Cdr John Harwood - 31 Jul 1973 - 24 May 1974

Cdr Joseph Guy Comeau - 24 May 1974 - 01 Sep 1976

Cdr F. Hope - 01 Sep 1976 - 03 Aug 1978

Cdr Henry Timoty Porter - 03 Aug 1978 - 03 Jul 1980

Cdr James Douglas Sine - 03 Jul 1980 - 05 Aug 1982

Cdr Gareth John Eldridge - 18 Aug 1982 - 25 Jun 1984

Cdr D.R.A. McLean - 25 Jun 1984 - 15 Jun 1985

Cdr Stanley Frederick Verran - 15 Jun 1985 - 25 Jul 1988

Cdr Dave V. Adamthwaite - 25 Jul 1988 - 15 Aug 1990 

Cdr S.E. King - 15 Aug 1090 - 21 Jul 1992

Cdr N.R. Sorsdahl - 21 Jul 1992 - 01 Apr 1994



Captain for the day


Captain for the day is a tradition in the RCN where during the ship's Christmas celebrations, the Commanding Officer changes places with the youngest member of the ship's company.


Daniel Watson, OSRP - 1976



     In memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice    

     Lest We Forget     


SCHIELE, Nicole P.

A/SLt, C.A.F. (Navy)

died - 17 Feb 1994


AB, C.A.F. (Navy)

died - 17 Feb 1994



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten






























































Former Crew Members


Abraham, John M., LS.ER / Ship's Diver   


Adamthwaite, Dave V., Lt (N), OpsO, WpnsO, TrgO - 1974-1976 /  LCdr, XO - 1982-1984 


Ashton, Cliff J.


Atkins, Tom 


Baldwin, David E., ER - 1981


Bauer, Wilfred A. (Wilf), Radar Plotter


Beaumier, Francois, Petty Officer 2nd Class Naval Electronics Technician (Tactical)


Becevel, Michael, Radioman


Biccum, Terry


Cavan, Mike, MS.BN


Crawford, Al


Dorie, Blaine W., Supply Technician

Duhamel, Alfe, Leading Seaman Signalman


Elsford, Jack, LS.BN


Falk, Alan David, AB, RCN - 1967


Girouard, Mike - early 80s


Hardie, Glen, LCdr, XO - 1990


Hoermann, Jeffrey G., Cpl, Cook - 1987-1991


Hughes, Cyril - Commissioning crew


Johnston, R.J., OS.WS - May 77 - 18 Dec 77


Kloosterman, Jim


Kirouac, Peter - 1974


La Fave, John 33169-H, Commissioning crew


LeClair, Richard, PO2/PO1 - 1984 - 1985


Lefebvre, Pierre, OS.CK - 1982 - 1984

Lynch, Willis (Willie), LS.BN - 1971-1974


MacLeod, Mitchell, Officer trainee - summer 1979


McFarland, Doug - 1978-1980


McFee, Tom, LS.BN


Owens, John


Pinnell, Terry, Lt - Jun 1981 - Jun 1982


Preston, Douglas, AB.ER - 1963 - 1965, Commissioning crew


Rideout, Brian, RCSC - Far East cruise - Feb - May 1965


Robertson, Gary, AB.EM, RCN - 1964-1966


Turner, Les


Wade, Eric, LS.ST - 1974


Watson, Daniel, RP - 1976-1979



Photos and Documents




The launching of HMCS SASKATCHEWAN 262 on 01 Feb 1961

Courtesy of Greg Volkman



Six days after their new ship was commissioned, officers and men of HMCS SASKATCHEWAN were inspected by Rear-Admiral W. M. Landymore, Flag Officer Pacific Coast.

Source:: CROWSNEST Magazine, Vol 15, No. 3 March 1963





A poetic memento of the 16 Apr - 29 Nov 1963 deployment




Courtesy of Cyril Hughes





From the collection of Sid Dobing


Courtesy of Brian Dobing



RCN Photo




RCN photos


Certificate for Maple Spring 1967 for AB A. Falk, HMCS SASKATCHEWAN


Courtesy of Alan Falk

"Black Thursday"


Routine Orders - HMCS SASKATCHEWAN 262 - 01 Feb 1968


Courtesy of Fred Schatz

Myself (Nobby Clark) - an 18 year old O.D. Stoker (50 years ago) - in HMCS SASKATCHEWAN, about half way through our far east cruise1968 standing beside my bunk in 3 Mess, long before conversion. The Stokers mess, which was 12 mess in those days, was chock a block so a few of us were stuck in 3 mess.  This photo was shot minutes before boarding a bus to go up Victoria Mountain in Hong Kong to Sai Wan Military Cemetery where our military dead are interred.  These soldiers were butchered by the Japanese at Christmas, 1941 - many of our soldiers were murdered in their hospital beds. Our purpose at the cemetery was to mount an honour guard (of which I was a part of) - for a memorial service for our fallen warriors. This was a very moving experience for a kid of my age. None of us must ever forget the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for Canada throughout ALL of our wars! I know that I won't forget!


Courtesy of Nobby Clark



Crossed the Bar: 10 Sep 2009


Courtesy of Richard Whaley



RCN photo



Courtesy of Art Fallas

Raymond S. Good and shipmate

Courtesy of Lorraine Casey

HMCS SASKATCHEWAN in the North Sea.  Photo taken by an aircraft from the carrier HNLMS Karl Dorman in 1963


Courtesy of Dave Stephens


HMCS SASKATCHEWAN 262 - 31 Mar 1972


Ceremonial issue of last tot:


(top photo) PO2 Robert (Bob) Christie, CPO1 John Charles (Fred) Pegley, SLt May and PO1 Doug Walters


Courtesy of Patti Christie


(bottom photo) PO2 Robert (Bob) Christie, Tom (Ace) Atkins, ABBN, Unknown, and PO1 Doug Walters


Courtesy of Brian Lapierre

HMCS SASKATCHEWAN firing a mortor, May 82 West Coast VI W601

In the first photo you can see the mortar bomb just above the port yardarm.

Courtesy of Dennis McMillan

Radar Plotters on HMCS SASKATCHEWAN 1983

Courtesy of Bernie Quigley

HMCS SASKATCHEWAN 262 in San Diego, California during a training cruise - circa 1989


Courtesy of Hugh Muir

HMCS SASKATCHEWAN 262 - Oct 1991 with Special Sea Duty Men closed up ready to come alongside Sydney, Australia


Courtesy of Eric Kahler, Director, Naval Museum of Alberta

Welcome Aboard


Paying off Cruise - HMCS SASKATCHEWAN 262




Courtesy of Cyril Hughes








(AD01) The Good Ol Days - Tot Time With Wingers on HMCS SASKATCHEWAN 262 - Alfe, Win, Reg King, John Owens, Al Crawford, Bill Nairne and two American sailors (one on front right and the other on the rear left) trying out the rum (AD02) The Good Ol Days - Tot Time With Wingers on HMCS SASKATCHEWAN 262 (AD03) Jayne Mansfield on board HMCS SASKATCHEWAN Oct 1966 - Alfe Duhamel in white siglet holding a coffee (background, 2nd from right) (AD04) PM Lester B. Pearson on the bridge of HMCS SASKATCHEWAN  (AD05) OS.CV Alfe Duhamel sending flashing light on HMCS SUSSEXVALE at anchor off Mexico circa 1959-1960


Courtesy of Alfe Duhamel, C2SG, RCN / C.A.F.



The former HMCS SASKATCHEWAN being sunk as an artificial reef off Nanaimo BC 14 Jun 1997






Source: Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia







(GB-SKN-002 - GB-SKN-005) The former HMCS SASKATCHEWAN being sunk as an artificial reef

From the collection of Gordon Arnold (Art) Broster

Courtesy of Cathy Robinson



20 Jul 2019 - The ashes of ABNS Tom Nyberg, ABEM Tom Anderson and ABRP Greg (Kipper) Hewitt - all members of HMCS SASKATCHEWAN'S commissioning crew - are laid to rest on the former HMCS SASKATCHEWAN which was sunk in 1997 as an artificial reef off Snake Island, near Nanaimo, BC.  RCN divers Doug, Rob and Allen placed the ashes on the wreck, with Jay Straith, former ARSBC president, who transported the divers to the wreck site and took photos. 



Article on the reunion of HMCS SASKATCHEWAN crew members at Nanaimo, BC on 17 Jun 2013

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