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Garry Gillespie


Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class Engine Room Artificer


C.A.F. (Navy)


Born: 21 Oct 1950, New Westminster, British Columbia


Died: 23 Mar 2023


GILLESPIE, Garry - was born in New Westminster BC, on the 21 Oct. 1950. He was the son of Betty MacIntyre and Robert Clayton Gillespie. He was the second oldest. His brothers and sisterwere: Gordon, Melvin, Allan, Todd, Tracy (sister) and Timothy.


He had two children with his 1st wife Carol Jean Morrisson.Son Robert and daughter Brenna.


He relocated to Halifax late 1980 and got married to Janice Perrier St-George Dec 1984, Janice already had 3 children: Rayne, Jennifer and Peter.


He lived for his grandchildren: Tim and Aurora, James and Tomas, Jenella and P.J. Plus one great grandchildren Denum.


In his younger days, Garry had many jobs which, some of those made very interesting stories to be enjoyed while we were deep. Logging, railway worker and "street racing".


Garry was very mischievous in his late teens and very well known to the local and surrounding law enforcement officers and mainly to the local Judge. One fine day, in one of his court appearances, for another street racing incident. The judgegave Garry two options: you go to jail or you join the CAF which, the latter was strongly recommended. Being a young fine gentleman, Garry walked to the recruiting office to ace all the tests that he was given. The recruiting officer told Garry that, he was way too smart to join the CAF. It was suggested that he go to university. Garry's reply was "you either sign me in now or the judge will put me in jail". This is how in 1968,we were given this young sailor.


Garry had a few hobbies when he was a teenager. Street racing in the local towns and surrounding areas. After his retirement, he did small wood working projects. He also really liked home renovations. I was told by his spouse Janice that 90% of his projects were never completed. (My kind of renovator).


When Garry and Janice moved to a quiet area of Bedford, one of his new hobby was to grow his own weed in large quantities for medical purposes. He would spend up to 10 hours a day on his rear deck to have multiple hummingbirds, chickadees, and squirrels to be fed in his bare hands and watch the grazing deer in his back yard. During the rainy days, he would be in his garage playing his (high tech)Super Nintendo golf game.


Garry was not the most athletic person but his favorite sport that he loved the best was to "water ski BEHIND A SUBMARINE" which, he was very famous for it, enough to be on the National TV news and newspaper.


At sea Garry enjoyed some card games like bridge, crib, and rummoli. I also heard of a certain ping pong balls game from the engine room to the control room.
Garry's last posting was from mother earth to a better place - 23 Mar 23. Now it is time to, all raise our glass of "double dark and dirty" in Memories of this Submariner CPO2 CERA Garry Gillespie.


A Celebration of Life will be held on Friday 31 March 2023 at 1900 Atlantic Funeral Home, 6552 Bayers Road, Halifax, N.S. B3L 2B3.


RIP my old friend.


Ships served in:

* CFRC VANCOUVER - Enrolled in the CAF 28 Aug 1968

CFB CORNWALLIS - Posted to CORNWALLIS (CFRC) 23 Sep 1968 for Basic Recruit Training

CFB HALIFAX - Posted to CFB HALIFAX 22 Nov 1968

HMCS ST CROIX - Posted to ST CROIX 14 Feb 1969

HMCS RAINBOW - Posted to RAINBOW 05 Apr 1971

CFFS ESQUIMALT - Posted to CFFS (E) 06 May 1974


CFFS ESQUIMALT - Posted to CFFS (E) 03 Dec 1979

HMCS ONONDAGA - Posted to ONONDAGA 28 Jul 1980

HMCS OKANAGAN - Posted to OKANAGAN 04 Jan 1982

HMCS OJIBWA - Posted to OJIBWA 30 Apr 1984

HMCS OKANAGAN - Posted to OKANAGAN 26 Oct19 84

CPF DET - Posted to CPF DET 01 Jun 1989


HMCS OKANAGAN - Posted to OKANAGAN 17 Aug 1992

* Retired from the Navy - 28 Jul 95

FMF Cape Scott - 02 Mar 98 as a civilian

MARLANT N42 FTA Submarine Escape Inspector - 27 Mar 02 - 24 Jan 14 as a civilian





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