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HMCS St. Croix 256


Battle honours and awards:  Atlantic  1940-43



Laid down: 15 Oct 1954

Launched: 17 Nov 1957

Commissioned: 04 Oct 1958

Paid off: 15 Nov 1974

Fate: Sold to breakers in 1991


Built by Marine Industries Ltd., Sorel, St. Croix was commissioned on 04 Oct 1958. In 1959, as a member of the 5th Canadian Destroyer Squadron, she served as escort to HMY Britannia on a Royal visit to Canada and in Aug 1960, with Terra Nova, helped mark the 500th Anniversary of the death of Prince Henry the Navigator off Lisbon. In Apr 1963, 12 RCN ships, Algonquin, Micmac, Cayuga, St. Croix, Terra Nova, Kootenay, Swansea, La Hulloise, Buckingham, Cape Scott, CNAV Bluethroat and CNAV St. Charles, took part in NATO Exercise New Broom Eleven, an exercise designed to test convoy protection tactics (click here to see the newspaper article). St. Croix was transferred to the west coast in Aug 1964. On 03 and 04 May 1966, HMCS St Croix took part in blast tests off the coast of Long Beach, California. These tests were conducted in order to study the effects of near-misses and help make design changes to prevent damage from such explosions. After the blast on 03 May, HMCS St Croix recovered fighting capability in 30 minutes. The blast on 04 May rendered her non-operational and she could not become fully operational without Dockyard assistance. During these tests the ship was fully manned. The impact from the 2nd explosion lifted men 12 inches off the deck; equipment fell from bulkheads and bulkheads were distorted. The only casualty resulted from a clock coming off the bulkhead and hitting a sailor on the hand, injuring his thumb. On 02-05 June 1967, St. Croix had a port visit in Powell River, BC. From 05-07 June 1967 she visited Port Mellon, BC. She returned to Halifax in 1974, where she was paid off on 15 Nov 1974, into Category "C" Reserve. Her guns and propellers were removed and her machinery spaces made into classrooms for Fleet School trainees. She served in this capacity from 1984 to Sept 1990. In 1991 St. Croix was sold to Jacobson Metal of Chesapeake, Va., and early in Apr 1992 left Halifax under tow to be broken up.


Commanding Officers

Cdr Kai Hugh Boggild, RCN - 04 Oct 1958 - 28 May 1959

Cdr William Selkirk Taylor McCully, RCN - 28 Mar 1959 - 14 Mar 1961

Cdr Thomas Edward Connors, RCN - 14 Mar 1961 - 22 Jul 1962

Cdr Donald Cameron Rutherford, RCN - 22 Jul 1962 - 31 May 1963

Cdr Donald MacKay MacLennan, RCN - 31 May 1953 - 04 May 1964

Cdr John Sumner Hertzberg, RCN - 04 May 1964 - 21 Sep 1966

Cdr J.I. Donald, RCN - 21 Sep 1966 - 15 Jul 1968

Cdr James Malcolm Cumming, RCN - 15 Jul 1968 - 31 Aug 1971

LCdr R.C. Donaldson - 31 Aug 1971 - 02 Jul 1973

Cdr Thomas Stanley Murphy - 02 Jul 1973 - Sep 1974

Cdr P.E. Simard - Sep 1974 - 15 Nov 1974


Captain for the day


Captain for the day is a tradition in the RCN where during the ship's Christmas celebrations, the Commanding Officer changes places with the youngest member of the ship's company.

Warren Nicholson - 1971




     In memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice    

     Lest We Forget     


- Book of Remembrance entry     - Grave or burial information

WITHROW, Maurice Smith

PO1, 23407-H, RCN

died - 17 May 1961 


     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Allen, Norman Edward


Anderson, Thomas Read


Balfour, James Pascoe


Barnes, Jerry T.


Bassingthwaite, James H.


Served in St Croix as a LS c1971-1973

Boggild, Kai Hugh


1st Commanding Officer

Bond, John Vernon


Boughton, Benjamin


Bowness, Kendrick Warren




Callaghan, Brian


Cartile, Charlie



Cartwright, William


Cassidy, William John


Cherrington, Keith


Served in St Croix Dec 1959 - Jun 1961

Clackson, Donald Richard


Colclough, Frederick John


Cunningham, Norman Arthur


Curell, Randy


Served in St Croix as a P2CK c1971-1973

Currie, Alexander Joseph


Served in St Croix 1962-1964

Davey, William Arthur


Served in St Croix in 1962 as Lt, RCN

Denomey, David Raymond E.


Downs, Steve


Dykstra, Albert G.


Served in St. Croix c1971-1973 as a MS



Eccles, Brian George Wilfred


Edwards, Gordon Lewis


Ferguson, James Stirling


Fortier, Louis-Philippe


Fox, Robert E.



Garneau, Gerald Clifford


Hipp, Evan Mervin


Hodges, Leslie J.





Jackson, Roy Mathew


Johnson, Kenneth E.


Johnson, Steven Harold





Kirby, Richmond Hill


Served in St Croix in 1960 as Weapons Officer

Kirkaldy, Lawrence


Served in St. Croix approx 1971-1973 as a P1





Mackie, Edward


Mason, John William R.


Drafted to St Croix Sep 1962 as LCdr, RCN

McIntyre, Earl L.


Neal, Derek James




O'Neill, John Dennis


Power, Mike






Rowse, Arthur William


Rutherford, Donald Cameron


4th Commanding Officer





Sears, George Elms


Seibel, Arthur J.


Seright, Harry


Silver, Fredie Gorman


Simpson, John Burton


Smith, Ronald Lorne


Drafted to St. Croix in 1963

Sophonow, ________


Spencer, Alan


Staicue, Roy




Uwins, Lawrence


Volker, William George






Weaver, Robert G.


Webster, Harry Alexander


Wickware, Michael John





Former Crew Members


C1 = crew list sometime during the period of 31 Aug 71 - 02 Jul 73 when LCDR R.C. Donaldson was CO

Alford, OS (C1)

Baker, K., P1 (C1)

Ballentyne, AB (C1)

Baron, AB (C1)

Barrette, AB (C1)

Bayne, Slt (C1)

Beauchamp, Slt (C1)

Bertram, OS (C1)

Berube, O/cdt (C1)

Bilodeau, Slt (C1)

Binney, MS (C1)

Boseh, OS (C1)

Brisson, AB (C1)

Broster, A., C2 (C1)

Brown, LS (C1)

Brown, LS (C1)

Brumley, LS (C1)

Buchanan, LS (C1)

Burmeister, MS (C1)

Butlin, OS (C1)

Campbell, LS (C1)

Campbell, LS (C1)

Campbell, R., P2 (C1)

Cantin, AB (C1)


Carr, Rod - 1974

Casey, R., WO (C1)

Chapman, OS (C1)

Chenhauer, LS (C1)

Coleman, J., P2 (C1)

Cooper, D., Lt (C1)

Corbin, LS (C1)

Corneit, J.R., LCdr (C1)

Costintini, Slt (C1)

Cox, LS (C1)

Craig, D., P2 (C1)

Crawford, A., P1 (C1)

Cummings, S., P1 (C1)

Davis, J., P2 (C1)

Dean, OS (C1)

Dickson, Slt (C1)

Dickson, T., Lt (C1)

Doyle, S., C2 (C1)

Dumas, AB (C1)

Dunning, LS (C1)

Dunnovin, Ls (C1)

Dustin, LS (C1)

Eddy, OS (C1)

Edwards, Slt (C1)

Emslie, R., P2 (C1)


Evans, David John - 1968-1970

Ewing, AB (C1)

Fenner, D., P2 (C1)

Fetterly, MS (C1)

Fisher, AB (C1)

Foster, M., P2 (C1)

Gadoury, OS (C1)

Gautheir, OS (C1)


Germa, Jack, 31968H, RCN - Commissioning crew


Gigvere, AB (C1)

Gilbey, OS (C1)

Giroux, Rock, AB (C1) - 1974

Goodwin, MS (C1)

Gould, R., Slt (C1)

Greenfield, LS (C1)


Greig, W., P2 (C1)

Gunn, OS (C1)

Hall, A., C1, Cox'n (C1)


Hall, D., P1 (C1)

Hamilton, D., C2 (C1)

Handley, AB (C1)

Hansen, W., P1 (C1)

Hanson, OS (C1)

Harmon-Wood, LS (C1)

Hart, Slt (C1)

Harward, LS (C1)

Hayes, J., P2 (C1)

Hayes, M., P2 (C1)

Hearrison, D., P2 (C1)

Heide, MS (C1)

Henderson, AB (C1)

Hendshee, D., P1 (C1)

Hill, MS (C1)

Hillyer, LS (C1)

Hosking, MS (C1)

Howard, B., P1 (C1)

Howardson, LS (C1)


Hughes, Cyril

Hushagen, AB (C1)

Innes, Ls (C1)

Irvine, K., P1 (C1)

Irwin, R., P2 (C1)

Ives, R., P1 (C1)

Jameson, MS (C1)

Jeans, LS (C1)

John, OS (C1)

Johnson, D., P1 (C1)

Johnson, Pte (C1)

Jordan, LS (C1)

Kautz, P. G., LCdr (C1)

Kehler, Eric, LS (C1) - 1974

Kellerman, W., C2 (C1)

Kerrie, L (C1)

King, MS (C1)

Kinsey, Pte (C1)

Klemp, Pte (C1)

Knadle, D., P2 (C1)


La Fave, John 33169-H

LaFlamme, AB (C1)

Lane, T., C2 (C1)

Lavalle, P., P1 (C1)

Law, OS (C1)

Lemire, OS (C1)

Lesard, OS (C1)

L'Heureux, Peter, LS (C1) - 1974

Lilgedahl, AB (C1)

Linott, Slt (C1)

Little, J., Lt (C1)

Logan, Slt (C1)

MacLean, AB (C1)

Mailloux, OS (C1)

Mann, AB (C1)

Mayo, E., P2 (C1)

McAllister, J., P1 (C1)

McCallum, AB (C1)

McCambridge, OS (C1)

McDougall, LS (C1)

McGreen, AB (C1)

McIssac, LS (C1)

McLellan, R., P1 (C1)

McNair, W., P1 (C1)

McPherson, OS (C1)

Mitehall, AB (C1)


Oigon, AB (C1)

Orbell, LS (C1)

Ouellette, AB (C1)

Padley, LS (C1)

Palmer, T., P2 (C1)

Parent, R., C2 (C1)

Pearson, AB (C1)

Pelletier, OS (C1)

Peterson, P., P2 (C1)

Phillips, MS (C1)

Piché, OS (C1)

Pickles, D., C2 (C1)

Pike, D., Lt (C1)

Plewa, LS (C1)

Plumb, LS (C1)


Poland, AB (C1)

Portolesi, Slt (C1)

Powell, AB (C1)

Price, MS (C1)

Provenzano, OS (C1)

Quinnett, Cpl (C1)

Ramsey, AB (C1)

Ramsey, OS (C1)

Ramsey, P1 (C1)

Redient, AB (C1)

Redmond, J., Lt (C1)

Regan, P., C1 (C1)

Risdale, LS (C1)

Roberge, AB (C1)

Robertson, J., C2 (C1)

Rocheleau, AB (C1)


Rottier, Adelard Everett, Surg/Lt, RCNVR - 06 Apr 1943

Rousseau, AB (C1)

Royle, AB (C1)

Rudhardt, K,. WO (C1)

Rye, LS (C1)

Schelke, AB (C1)


Schleen, Donald C. 

Shaver, OS (C1)

Shaw, B., Lt (C1)

Shepherd, LS (C1)

Shewan, MS (C1)

Shields, J., P2 (C1)

Shumanski, W., P1 (C1)

Sidley, AB (C1)

Smiley, LS (C1)

Smith, AB (C1)

Stenson, A., C2 (C1)

Stephenson, I., P2 (C1)

Strandburg, K., P2 (C1)

Stubbs, AB (C1)

Takasaki, AB (C1)

Teskey, AB (C1)

Therriault, AB (C1)

Thivierge, AB (C1)

Thomas, LS (C1)

Tiffin, MS (C1)

Townsend, D., P1 (C1)

Trimboli, LS (C1)

Turner, AB (C1)

Turner, LS (C1)

Urquhart, LS (C1)

VanCamp, AB (C1)

Waddell, LS (C1)

Waetzold, LS (C1)

Wainman, AB (C1)

Waite, OS (C1)

Webster, LS (C1)

Weston, Pte (C1)

White, Slt (C1)

Williams, Brian L., LS (C1)


Wills, Al, FC - Jan 1970 - Sep 1970

Woychuk, W., P2 (C1)

Yaworski, LS (C1)


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