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RCMP Vessel Blue Heron MP 32 - former HMCS Blue Heron

Source: JPROC website


Launched: 07 May 1956

Commissioned: 30 Jul 1956

Paid off: 19 Nov 1956

Transferred to the RCMP 19 Nov 1956

Transferred to the RCN: 1968

Paid off: 

Fate: Unknown


Built by Hunter Boat Warks, Orillia, Ont, she was launched on 07 May 1956. Originally built for the RCN, was transferred to the RCMP in 1956 until 1968, when she was transferred back to the RCN. She was the only naval vessel to serve in the RCMP and keep her naval name and call sign. Here specifications on completion were: Displacement: 66 tons, Length: 92 ft, Beam: 17 ft, Draft: 5.3 ft, Speed: 14 kts, Complement: 2 officers, 19 men, Armament: 1-20mm, hedgehog.


Commanding Officers

Lt John William Lane - 30 Jul 1956 - unk



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