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Former RCNVR Half-Company Edmonton

Naval Reserve Unit

Edmonton, Alberta

HMCS Nonsuch, Edmonton, AB


Battle Honours and Awards:


Kentish Knock - 1652,   Portland - 1653,   Gabbard - 1653,   Texel - 1673,   St Lucia - 1778,   The Saints - 1782,   Jutland - 1916



On 23 Mar 1927 a RCN Reserve Half-Company was formed with two officers, a Chief Petty Officer and 50 other ranks. Over the years this unit grew to 225 men and officers. The RCNVR Half-Company Edmonton was commissioned as a tender to HMCS Naden on 01 Nov 1941. On 01 Sep 1942, she was commissioned as the independent unit, HMCS Nonsuch. The name chosen for the Division, HMCS Nonsuch was derived from the French "non pareil" meaning "of no equal" and was used by the ship which brought the Company of Adventurers to the James Bay in 1688. During the war over 3500 naval recruits and 114 officers were processed and trained in Edmonton. There was also a branch of WRENS which served until 1946. At the end of the war HMCS Nonsuch transitioned to a peace time force, becoming the home of Edmonton Volunteer Reserve, a University training division, a cadet corps and a band. HMCS Nonsuch was paid-off on 30 Nov 1964 and re-established on 26 Sep 1975.


Photos and Documents


Commanding Officers




     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Photos and Documents





Electrical Artificers Course No. 6

University of Alberta, Edmonton

HMCS Nonsuch, Dec 1943


Names are listed on the bottom of the photo


From the collection of James Haigh

Courtesy of Maureen Ellison

HMCS Nonsuch at Wabumun Lake, Spring 1943


(15) Cummings, William (Bill)


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From the collection of William Cummings

Courtesy of Robert Cummings