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HMCS Cobourg K333

From the collection of Laurence Fricke

Courtesy of Linda Carleton

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Laid down: 25 Nov 1942

Launched: 14 Jul 1943

Commissioned: 11 May 1944

Paid off: 15 Jun 1945

Fate: Burned and sunk in 1971 (1972??) at New Orleans


Launched at Midland, Ont., she was commissioned there on 11 May 1944. She arrived at Halifax 17 Jun 1944, having visited her namesake port en route. She arrived in Bermuda in mid-Jul 1944 for three weeks' workups and on her return was allocated to EG C-6, St. John's. Cobourg served with the group as a mid-ocean escort for the duration of the war, leaving Londonderry on 27 Mar 1945, to join convoy ON.293 for her last trip westward. She arrived at Halifax 02 May 1945 for refit and was paid off 15 June 1945 at Sorel to await disposal. Sold into mercantile service in 1945, she began her new career in 1947 under the name of Camco. In 1956 she assumed the name Puerto del Sol under Panamanian flag, and on 01 Jul 1971 (1972??), burned and sank at New Orleans. She was later raised and broken up.


Photos and Documents


Commanding Officers

 Lt Gordon Harold Johnson, RCNVR - 11 May 1944 - 15 Jun 1945


     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Blakely, William Thomas


Drafted to Cobourg 23 Jun 1944 as Slt, RCNVR






Green, John Warburton


Drafted to Cobourg K333 on 10 May 1944 as Lt, RCNVR, Stand by

Hamilton, James Alexander






Pound, William Gilbert







 Former Crew Members

Allard, Jack Harold, Slt, RCNVR - 10 Apr 1944 (Stand by) / 11 May 1944


Christmas, Kenneth Evans, Lt, RCNVR - 20 Mar 1944 (Stand by) / 11 May 1944

Fenech, Carmel, Wt (E), RCNR - 11 May 1944


Green, John Warburton, Lt, RCNVR - 11 May 1944


Johnson, George Harold, Lt, RCNVR - 20 Mar 1944 (Stand by) / 11 May 1944

McGuinness, James Frederick, Slt, RCNVR - 05 Mar 1945


Millson, Lloyd George, Slt, RCNVR - 11 May 1944


Photos and Documents


William Gilbert Pound on HMCS Cobourg during the ship's visit to Cobourg, Ont. - May/Jun 1944

From the collection of William Pound

Courtesy of Dianne Clark

ASDIC shack on HMCS Cobourg K333

DND / RCN photo