Thornycroft S-class Destroyer



HMCS Vancouver F6A

Credit: Credit Ken Macpherson / Naval Museum of Alberta


Launched: 07 Dec 1918

Commissioned: 1919

Paid off: 1928

Transferred to RCN: 01 Mar 1928

Commissioned: 01 Mar 1928

Paid off: 25 Nov 1936

Fate: Sold for scrap in 1937


Initially named Toreador, Vancouver was originally commissioned in the RN in 1919.  She was leant to the RCN while replacements were being built for Patrician and Patriot.  She was transferred to the RCN on 01 Mar 1928.  In May 1928, she arrived in Esquimalt to provide reserve training.  On 24 Jan 1932 HMCS SKEENA and HMCS VANCOUVER provided protection to British assets and civilians in El Salvador at the request of the British Consul in San Salvador following the outbreak of a peasant uprising. A landing party was briefly sent ashore at Acajutla, but the situation there improved and the sailors saw no combat, although the two ships remained in the area until the end of the month. On 05 Jan 1935, HMCS SKEENA and HMCS VANCOUVER  departed Esquimalt for exercises in the Kingston, Jamaica area with HMCS CHAMPLAIN and HMCS SAGUENAY. She was paid off on 25 Nov 1936 and sold for scrap in 1937.



Photos and Documents          Ship's company photos



Commanding Officers


Lt William Boyd Love Holms, RCN - 13 Feb 1928 - 29 Feb 1928

LCdr Ronald Ian Agnew, RCN - 01 Mar 1928 - 14 Aug 1928

LCdr Rupert Wainman Wood, RCN - 15 Aug 1928 - 30 Apr 1930

LCdr Godfrey Musgrove Hibbard, RCN - 01 May 1930 - 19 Jan 1931

LCdr Frederick Gordon Hart, RCN - 20 Jan 1931 - 14 Dec 1932

LCdr L.J.M. Gauvreau, RCN - 15 Dec 1932 - 19 Dec 1933

LCdr Frank Llewellyn Houghton, RCN - 20 Dec 1933 - 30 Nov 1934

LCdr Colin Degge Donald, RCN - 01 Dec 1934 - 14 May 1936

LCdr Edmont Rollo Mainguy, RCN - 15 May 1936 - 25 Nov 1936



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


Abbott, Douglas

Agnew, Ronald I.

Akam, Thomas

Archer, Arthur E.

Baxter, Richard A.

Bodger, Richard R.

Burgess, Charles T.

Call, George E.

Campbell, William F.

Carson, Thomas H.

Cole, Leslie

Conway, Archibald H. W.

Corbin, William H.

Crisp, Nelson W.

Cue, Charles P.

Davy, Arthur C. M.

Déry, Stanislas

DeWolf, Henry G.

Donald, Colin D.

Evans, Thomas H.

Fee, Roland A. B.

Finch-Noyes, Edward

Ford, Malgwyn C.

Gagnon, Amedee

Grivel, George A.

Groos, Harold V. W.

Grubb, Frederic E.

Hart, Frederick G.

Hewitt, Arthur R.

Hibbard, Godfrey M.

Hibbard, James C.

Hiron, Bernard E.

Holms, William B. L.

Houghton, Frank L.

Hutton, Jack

Jewett, George S.

Jones, Lloyd I.

Jordan, Russell H.

Karagianis, John M.

Latimer, Ernest G.

Lay, Horatio N.

Laycock, Albert

Leggett, Harry F.

Lipscombe, George

MacDonald, John S.

MacFayden, Edward

Mainguy, Edmond R.

Manfield, William A.

Mann, Clement C. W.

Marcotte, Joseph L. P.

Marr, David

Moore, Arthur J.

Myles, Ronald

Paige, Leslie A. C.

Porteous, William W.

Powell, Joseph H.

Price, John R.

Rutherford, A. Lancelot

Seabrook, Archibald W.

Smith, Roy

Tisdall, Ernest P.

Watt, Thomas

Westcott, James H.

Whitehouse, Eric

Wood, Rupert W.

Wurtele, Alfred C.







Former Crew Members


Bidwell, Roger Edward Shelford, LCdr (T), RCN - 15 Apr 1931


Bragg, Percival Dean, Lt, RCNVR - 28 Apr 1945


Budden, Alfred Henry, Gnr (T), RN - 27 Jun 1931

Guppy, Samuel James Clark, Gnr (T), RCN - 09 Jul 1933


Lewis, Bernard Arthur, Gnr (T), RN - 07 Apr 1935



Photos and Documents


LCdr Frank Houghton, commanding officer of HMCS Vancouver, poses aboard his ship in the early 1930s.


Courtesy of Cluny Nichols

HMCS Vancouver F6A entering Willemstad Harbour, Netherlands Antilles, 1934


In 1934, HMCS Skeena, HMCS Saguenay, HMCS Champlain and HMCS Vancouver took part in Winter exercises off South America.


From the collection of James A. Senior

Courtesy of Bob Senior



Collection of Mr. Donald M. McPherson, Corte Madera, California


Copyright Owner: Naval History and Heritage Command. Catalog # NH 75586

HMCS VANCOUVER anchored off San Diego, California - 05 Mar 1929


Copyright Owner: US National Archives. Catalog #: 80-G-416377