Flower Class Corvette




Courtesy of the CFB Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum


Laid down: 19 Feb 1943

Launched: 01 Sep 1943

Commissioned: 01 Dec 1943

Fate: Sunk on 22 Feb 1945 by  U-1004


Commissioned at Kingston on 01 Dec 1943. She departed for Halifax on 26 Dec 1943. The following is an excerpt from her logs "26 Dec 1943 (1415 Zulu) Now with Christmas over, we slipped our lines and are now heading for Halifax, in company with HMCS NORSYD and HMC Tug NORTON. Soon after, we were met by some choppy seas. For most of the crew this is their first time in a ship and their first taste of seasickness. Unfortunately, the cooks seem to be the hardest hit. One cook is completely incapacitated. Those of the crew that have not succumbed, are taking turns in the galley to lend a hand. Unfortunately, the shipboard cuisine of these amateurs, could not be palatable even in fair weather." TRENTONIAN arrived at Halifax late in Dec 1943 and, after further fitting-out at Liverpool, N.S., and Halifax, left the latter port for Bermuda on 18 Feb 1944, to work up. Returning at the beginning of Mar 1944, she was assigned to Western Approaches Command and left for Londonderry on 23 Apr 1944 to join. For three months she carried out escort duty in connection with the invasion and on 13 Jun 1944, while escorting the cable vessel Monarch off Normandy, she was shelled in error by a U.S. destroyer. The Monarch was hit several times resulting in numerous casualties, luckily however, the TRENTONIAN was not hit during this incident. Late in Aug 1944 she transferred to EG 41 (RN) and, based at different times at Plymouth and at Milford Haven, escorted Channel convoys. While so engaged on 22 Feb 1945, she was torpedoed and sunk near Falmouth by U-1004, with the loss of six lives. The U-boat that sank TRENTONIAN, U-1004 was eventually scuttled in Operation Deadlight. Operation Deadlight was the code name for the scuttling of unwanted German U-boats which the allies got their hands on after the end of World War II. Most of these (if not all) operations took place from Lisahally, Northern Ireland or Loch Ryan, Scotland.



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Sons of the Waves - HMCS TRENTONIAN (Youtube)



Commanding Officers


A/LCdr William Edward Harrison, RCNR - 01 Dec 1943 - 30 Jan 1945


Lt Colin Stinson Glassco, RCNVR - 31 Jan 1945 - 22 Feb 1945 



     In memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice    

     Lest We Forget     


BECK, Moyle K.


MPK - 22 Feb 1945



MPK - 22 Feb 1945



MPK - 22 Feb 1945

HARVEY, Colin B.


MPK - 22 Feb 1945


Sto 1c, RCNVR

MPK - 22 Feb 1945


STEPHEN, Gordon K.


Killed - 22 Feb 1945

WELLS, Aubrey C.


killed - 16 Nov 1944

AB O'Brian




     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


(s) - survived the sinking of HMCS TRENTONIAN





Former Crew Members


(s) - survived the sinking of HMCS TRENTONIAN


Abbott, Pat, Lt, NavO - 20 Jul 1944 (s)


Baker, E. - 1944


Baril, Dick - 1945


Beaumont, D. - 1944


Campbell, Douglas (s)


Chadbolt, George, L/Tel (s)


Clark, Henry, Tel (s)


Farrell, Thomas, Tel (of Montreal, QC) (s)


Goar, George, ERA (s)


Gray, Robert, AB (s)


Hadley, Vincent (of Prince Albert, SK) - 1944

Harley, Gordon, LS (s) 


Harold, Jack (of Aurora, ON) - 1944


Hindle, Harry, Wt (E) (s) 


Keir, Bruce, Sto (s)


Kevins, Philip (of Verdun QC), 1944


Majors, Leslie, Stoker (s) 


Manson, John (of Winnipeg, MB) - 1944


McKay, John (of Terrebonne, QC) - 1944


Meyer, Barrie, Coder (s)

Meyer, Peter (of Regina, SK) - 1944


Muff, Eric, AB (s)


Poulin, Edmund (of Ottawa, ON) - 1944


Salmon, Harold, AB (s) 


Scott, Jack (s)


Simpson, Gordon, AB (s)


Stephen, Gordon Kent, Slt, RCNVR - Jan 1944


Straw, Jack, L/Sig, RCNVR (of Hamilton, ON) (s) 


Terrell, Jack, Sig(s)



Photos and Documents






The Launching of TRENTONIAN at Kingston Shipbuilding Yards, Kingston, ON on 01 Sep 1943


(HW04-HW05) TRENTONIAN ready for launching  (HW06) Members of HMCS CATARAQUI line the path to TRENTONIAN for the guests on launch day  (HW07) TRENTONIAN being launched


From the collection of Henry J. (Hank) Winsor, RCNVR


Courtesy of Roger Litwiller



HMCS TRENTONIAN K368 at Montreal just after commissioning in December 1943. Not fully complete. She left the builders yards in Kingston to beat the winter ice on Lake Ontario. She was fitted out with her after 2 pound pom-pom; searchlight, asdic and other equipment  when she arrived on the east coast


Roger Litwiller Collection - Photo courtesy Gary McGregor


HMCS TRENTONIAN K368 at anchor


Courtesy of John Hawley


AB O'Brian, HMCS TRENTONIAN's mascot


Roger Litwiller Collection, Allen E. Singleton, RCNVR photo, courtesy Bruce Keir, RCNVR. (RTL-BK200)





From the collection of Ivan Chamberlain


Courtesy of Dave Chamberlain

"GERMAN U-BOAT VICTIM - HMCS TRENTONIAN, one of the Royal Canadian Navy's corvettes was sunk recently by a torpedo from a German U-boat, it was revealed today. One officer was killed and five ratings are missing. The TRENTONIAN is shown in the above layout as she appeared last year while taking part in invasion operations off the French coast. At upper right is shown the ship's skipper, Lieut. Colin S. Glassco, Hamilton, who was among the survivors. A veteran seagoing officer, Lieut. Glassco had taken up his appointment as commanding officer just three weeks before the ship was torpedoed. He joined the navy in January, 1941. Upper left shows Leading Signalman Jack Straw, RCNVR, also of Hamilton, who was another of the survivors. Also saved were Stoker William Shields, Oakville; A.B. Harold Salmon, Stoker Leslie Majors and Leading Seaman Gordon Harley, all of Hamilton, shown from left to right at the bottom of picture."


Source: Southwest Mafia Website

Newspaper article on the loss of HMCS TRENTONIAN


Source: Southwest Mafia Website

Newspaper article on the loss of HMCS TRENTONIAN


Source: Canadian Virtual War Memorial

Newspaper article on 10 survivors from HMCS TRENTONIAN


Source: Canadian Virtual War Memorial

Newspaper article on the pending wedding of Lt. Stephen who was lost when HMCS TRENTONIAN


Source: Canadian Virtual War Memorial

Newspaper article on TRENTONIAN Casualties


Source: Canadian Virtual War Memorial

Newspaper article on the loss of the TRENTONIAN


Source: Canadian Virtual War Memorial

Newspaper article on the loss of the TRENTONIAN


Source: Canadian Virtual War Memorial

Newspaper clipping - announcement of the death of LS Colin Harvey


Source: Canadian Virtual War Memorial

D. Beaumont and E. Baker on HMCS TRENTONIAN - 1944


photo credit: Roger Litwiller

Rear-Admiral Bernard William Murry Fairbairn, RN, Flag-Officer in Charge, Milford Haven, inspects HMCS TRENTONIAN, Oct 1944


Photograph by Allen Singleton


From the collection of Roger Litwiller

Newspaper article on the sinking of HMCS TRENTONIAN


Crow's Nest newspaper - Apr 1945


Article on the torpedoing of HMCS TRENTONIAN K368


From the collection of Donald R. Johnston, Stoker, RCNVR


Courtesy of William Johnston






(JR33) James Allen Rickard and Douglas Campbell - survivors of the sinking of HMCS TRENTONIAN K386 in hospital - 27 Feb 1945


(JR34) Article on the sinking of HMCS TRENTONIAN. Crew listed in the article:  Lt Cotin S. Glassco, CO;  Lt W. Burnley Kinsman;  Lt J.K. Mowat; Wt (E) H.F. Hindle;  M.R. Angus; Douglas Excess; George Goar;  Coder Barrie Meyer;  AB Mike Vak;  AB Jimmy Rickard;  Jack Scott.  Also mentioned, Officers Steward Samuel Vak, brother of Mike Vak.  Samuel Vak was not a crew member of TRENTONIAN - dated 26 Mar 1945


(JR35) Survivors of HMCS TRENTONIAN from Ontario:  AB James Davidson (of Sudbury);  AB Michael Vak (of Port Arthur); Jack Scott (of Port Arthur);  AB Weldon Runtz (of Arnprior); CERA Murray Angus (of Kingston);  L/Ck Norman McIntyre (of Sault Ste. Marie) and A/Sto PO Norman Crampton (of Carleton Place) - Dated 26 Mar 1945


From the collection of John A. Rickard, AB, RCNVR


Courtesy of  John H. Rickard