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From the collection of Robert Bartlett

Courtesy of Lloyd Bartlett

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Laid down: 16 November 1943 as HMCS St. Jerome

Re-named: March 1944 as HMCS KIRKLAND LAKE K337

Launched: 27 April 1944 at Quebec City, Que.

Commissioned: 21 August 1944

Paid off: 14 December 1945

Fate: Broken up at Sydney, NS in 1947-48


Laid down as HMCS St. Jerome, she was renamed in Mar 1944. Commissioned at Quebec City on 21 Aug 1944 as HMCS KIRKLAND LAKE, she arrived at Halifax on 10 Sep 1944 and left on 20 Nov 1944 for Bermuda to work up. On her return to Halifax in Dec 1944 KIRKLAND LAKE was assigned to EG 16, leaving on 08 Mar 1944 for Londonderry when the group was transferred there. She was based at various times at 'Derry and Portsmouth, and in May 1945, escorted two convoys to Gibraltar and two back. She returned to Canada in June for tropicalization refit at Quebec City, and when this was completed on 05 Nov 1945, returned to Halifax. She was paid off 14 Dec 1945, to maintenance reserve in Bedford Basin and broken up at Sydney, 1947-48.



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Commanding Officers


Lt J.A. Tullis, RCNR - 21 Aug 1944 - 13 Nov 1944


A/Cdr Norman Vincent Clark, OBE, RCNR - 14 Nov 1944 - 02 Oct 1945


LCdr F.H. Pinfold, RCNVR - 03 Oct 1945 - unk



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten




Former Crew Members


Abramson, (Abe), AB.SD


Balash, PO.ERA


Brandow, Ray, PO.EA4c (from Stoney Creek, ON)

Burnside, Tommy, AB.ST (from Madoc, ON)

Cameron, Donald, PO.SD (commissioning crew / paying off crew)

Carisse, Joe, LS (from Halifax)

Clark, Norman Vincent, LCdr, RCNR

Clark, PO.QR

Corbeil, PO.ERA

Davidge?, Ron, AB (from BC)

Dawson, Don, AB.ST


Dickinson, G.O., Paym-Lt (his cousin was opera singer Jean Dickinson who married Lt Daniel Macey)


Doxsee, Wayne, SD


Drew, Colin, LS 


Elston, CERA 

Falkenham, CERA


Fitzhugh, Seaman PO (Buffer)


Foster, Edward, LS (from Ottawa, ON)

Gougeon, AB.ST

Goyer, Verne, Stoker, (from Brockville, ON)

Grantham, YEOMAN of signals

Grayson, Lt, A/EO

Harper, Robert (Bob), L/Ck (from Vancouver, BC)

Hartie, Lt, XO

Labadie, Henri, AB (from Quebec city)

Lamont?, JJ, AB (from Port Arthur, ON)

Larsen, PO.ERA

Lenz, John, AB.SD (from Steven, SK)

Lewis, Radar (note name Radar), PO

MacDonald, Lawrence, AB (from Cornwall, ON)

Mair, SLt, A/Signals Officer

Marshall, Coxswain

Marshall, Sto PO

Mayer, EA4c

McCain, t, Gunnery Officer

McIntyre?, Mac, AB.QM (from PEI)

McLeod, Chief Shipwright

McMyn, M.D., AB.SD (from Pitt Meadows, BC)

McQueen, Rae, PO Torpedoman

Ocean, William (Bill), Sto (from Hamilton, ON)

Rich, Tommy, AB.SD (from Swansea, ON)

Robertson, D.F., SLt, A/Gunnery Officer - 1945


Rowe, Douglas George Wells, Lt (E), RCNVR, Engineering Officer - 15 Jun 1944


Semple Robert, Sto PO



Photos and Documents



From the collection of Donald Lawson

Courtesy of Doug Lawson

Robert Bartlett on HMCS KIRKLAND LAKE

From the collection of Robert Bartlett

Courtesy of Lloyd Bartlett


Photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

photo 6

(1)  Newspaper article - Christmas at Sea - HMCS KIRKLAND LAKE's Crew Celebrates  (2) Leave Ticket for AB D. Lawson, HMCS KIRKLAND LAKE  (3) Telegram from OS Donald Lawson to his parents telling them he has been drafted to HMCS KIRKLAND LAKE  (4) Letter from OS Donald Lawson to his parents dated 22 Nov 1944. Note the parts of the letter removed by the censor.  (5) OS D. Lawson's station card for HMCS KIRKLAND LAKE  (6) HMCS KIRKLAND LAKE scarf


From the collection of Donald Lawson

Courtesy of Doug Lawson


Cook on HMCS KIRKLAND LAKE prepares a holiday supper

DND / RCN photo

Courtesy of David Outhet

One Seaman's Life Aboard the RCN Frigate "HMCS KIRKLAND LAKE

By AB Seaman Torpedoman Steve Wheeler V77645 RCNVR and Bernie Jaworsky

V.E. Day Message received by HMCS KIRKLAND LAKE


From the collection of Lt Ernie Giles, RCNVR


Courtesy of Tim Giles


The photos below were taken during Robert Charles Overton's time serving in HMCS KIRKLAND LAKE.  The photos taken in Quebec were taken while KIRKLAND LAKE was in Quebec for her tropicalization refit Jun-Nov 1945.




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(RC02) Robert Overton in the middle  (RC03) L-R: Sick Berth Attendant Houghton,  Steward Jameison,  Seaman Cook Redgrave,  Leading Cook Kastner,  Leading Stores Assistant Worthington,  Stores Assistant Reiger - taken just after payment, 22 Oct 1945, Quebec  (RC04) "Frisco Kid"  (RC06) L-R




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(RC07) "Frisco Kid"  (RC08) L-R: Roy Dow, Vincent (alias - The Frisco Kid) and Robert Overton - HMCS KIRKLAND LAKE in the background   (RC10) "Somewhere near Gibraltar" - Robert Overton on the left  (RC11) Robert Overton







(RC12) Robert Overton by the 4-inch guns on HMCS KIRKLAND LAKE  (RC14) "Plains of Abraham, Quebec" - Robert Overton on the left







(RC20) Robert Overton


From the collection of Robert C. Overton


Courtesy of Gerry Overton