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Wayne Doxsee


SD, V79113, RCNVR


Born:  1925


DOXSEE, Wayne - A long-time resident of Kirkland Lake, Ontario. He was in his late teens when he served in the Navy. He was posted to the HMCS Kirkland Lake for service in the the south seas. For weeks he worked with crew mates preparing the ship for the south. Among the duties were to paint the ship lighter colours and renovate the awnings for a tropical climate. Doxsee had served on many ships during the war, cruising on escorts on the Atlantic and waters surrounding Europe. After two years service, he volunteered to serve in the war against Japan and was posted on the HMCS Kirkland Lake. However, the war ended before the ship left port and was paid off into reserve at Halifax on 14 December 1945. 


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