Restigouche Class Destroyer






Courtesy of Robert Berbeck


Battle honours and awards:  Persian Gulf  1991



Laid down: 11 Jun 1953

Launched: 21 Jun 1955

Commissioned: 06 Jun 1959

Paid off: 01 Jul 1998

Fate: Sold for scrap and broken up in 2010-11


Seventh and last of her class, TERRA NOVA was built by the Victoria Machinery Depot and commissioned on 06 Jun 1959, and shortly thereafter sailed east, to be on hand of the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway and a review of NATO warships at Toronto in August. On 03 Jul 1961 she embarked the Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland on a 12 day series of visits to its southwest outports. In Apr 1963, 12 RCN ships, ALGONQUIN, MICMAC, CAYUGA, ST CROIX, TERRA NOVA, KOOTENAY, SWANSEA, LA HULLOISE, BUCKINGHAM, CAPE SCOTT, CNAV BLUETHROAT and CNAV ST CHARLES, took part in NATO Exercise New Broom Eleven, an exercise designed to test convoy protection tactics (click here to see the newspaper article). In Mar 1965, TERRA NOVA and GATINEAU participated in the search for a Royal Canadian Air Force Canadair CP-107 Argus that had disappeared 60 miles (97 km) north of San Juan, Puerto Rico. In May 1965 she entered Halifax Shipyards to begin her conversion to an IRE class destroyer escort. She was fitted with the new AN/SQS-505 sonar, which she tested for seven months before completing the IRE conversion, which she was the first of her class to undergo. She returned for duties in Esquimalt on 04 May 1971. 


From January to June of 1973, TERRA NOVA was deployed off the coast of Vietnam as part of Operation Gallant during Westploy ’73. TERRA NOVA was deployed to Vietnam should a sea evacuation be necessary for the Canadian peacekeeping troops taking part in Operation Gallant on land, Canada’s military contribution to the International Commission of Control and Supervision. The international coalition was introduced following the signing of the Paris Peace Accord in January 1973, which attempted to put an end to the Cold-war era conflict between communist forces in the north of the country pitted against United States-backed southern Vietnamese forces. But the ceasefire agreement failed and the conflict and casualties continued to mount even after the peace accord was signed. TERRA NOVA’s deployment was highly secretive; they were given few details about its deployment and the vessel departed Esquimalt quietly with no official send-off. 


Between 21 Nov 1983 and 09 Nov 1984, TERRA NOVA received her DELEX refit at Esquimalt. On 08 May 1986, HMCS PROVIDER 508, HMCS RESTIGOUCHE 257, HMCS TERRA NOVA 259 and HMCS KOOTENAY 258, departed Esquimalt for Exercise RIMPAC 86 and returned on 21 Jun 1986. Transferred to the east coast, she returned to Halifax on 12 Dec 1989. Designated for service in the Persian Gulf, she was temporarily armed with two quadruple Harpoon missile-launchers, mounted just abaft the after deckhouse; a Phalanx gun atop the Limbo well; two single Bofors on the boat deck amidships, and shoulder-fired Blowpipe and Javelin missiles. Along with ATHABASKAN and PROTECTEUR, she left Halifax on 24 Aug 1990, not to return until 07 Apr 1991. On 22 Feb 1994, TERRA NOVA stopped and boarded M.V. Pacifico while on a drug interdiction patrol and seized 5.9 tonnes of cocaine. On 05 Apr 1994, HMCS TERRA NOVA departed Halifax for Op. Forward Action, Haiti; arriving in Op Area on 28 Apr 1994. While so employed she rescued boatloads of refugees on two separate occasions and conducted 90 boardings. She left the Hatian Op Area on 13 Jul 1994 and arrived in Halifax on 18 Jul 1994. On 11 Jul 1997 she was placed in a "state of extended readiness" until finally paid off on 01 Jul 1998. After being paid off TERRA NOVA appeared, cast as an American destroyer, in the movie K-19: The Widowmaker. On 04 Nov 2009, DND announced that Aecon Fabco had won the bid and would tow both vessels to their Pictou Shipyard in Pictou, Nova Scotia to be broken up. TERRA NOVA departed Halifax Harbour on 20 Nov 2009 under tow by the tugboat Atlantic Elm and arrived in Pictou on 22 Nov 2009, where she joined the GATINEAU which had arrived a few days earlier. By the summer of 2010 she was being cut up for scrap, mainly aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel. She later sank at her mooring and was raised by crane in April 2011 and the remainder of her hulk was dismantled.



Photos and Documents          Ship's company photos          The Ship's Bell          Commissioning Booklet


Statement of Ordinary Residence for HMCS TERRA NOVA - 1962


Ex Far Horizons - 1983          Engineer Officers 1959-1993



Commanding Officers


Cdr William Herbert Willson, RCN - 06 Jul 1959 - 22 Jun 1960

Cdr Christopher Gordon Smith, RCN - 22 Jun 1960 - 18 Sep 1962

Cdr John Barclay Young, RCN - 18 Sep 1962 - 03 Apr 1964

Cdr Charles E. M. Leighton, RCN - 03 Apr 1964 - 06 Dec 1966

Cdr N. Brodeur, RCN - 06 Dec 1966 - 01 Aug 1968

Cdr John Maxwell Reid, RCN - 01 Aug 1968 - 05 Jun 1971

LCdr James Malcolm Bishop - 05 Jun 1971 - 03 Aug 1971

Cdr Lawrence A. Dzioba - 03 Aug 1971 - 19 Jun 1974

Cdr James Bernard O'Reilly - 19 Jun 1974 - 08 Jan 1976

Cdr Robert Gordon Balfour - 08 Jan 1976 - 08 Feb 1977

Cdr Clifford James Crow - 08 Feb 1977 - 25 Mar 1977

Cdr Robert Gordon Balfour - 25 Mar 1977 - 29 Jul 1977

Cdr John Donald Large - 29 Jul 1977 - 20 Jun 1979

Cdr James Kirby Steele - 20 Jun 1979 - 18 Jun 1981

Cdr Gareth John Eldridge - 18 Jun 1981 - 19 Aug 1982

Cdr D.R. Cooper - 19 Aug 1982 - 30 Jul 1984

Cdr James Terrance Oliver Jones - 30 Jul 1984 - 05 May 1986

Cdr Eric Bertil Waal - 15 May 1986 - 21 Apr 1988

Cdr A.L. Vey - 21 Apr 1988 - 28 Sep 1989

Cdr R.J. Neveu - 28 Sep 1989 - 12 Jul 1990

Cdr S.D. Andrews - 12 Jul 1990  -  02 Jul 1991

Cdr H.R. Smith - 02 Jul 1991 - 19 Jul 1993

Cdr Richard Malcolm Williams - 19 Jul 1993 - 16 Jul 1995

Cdr H.W. McEwen - 16 Jul 1995 - 11 Jul 1997



Captain for the day


Captain for the day is a tradition in the RCN where during the ship's Christmas celebrations, the Commanding Officer changes places with the youngest member of the ship's company.


Cliff Woodrow - Dec 1959



     In memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice    

     Lest We Forget     


BRADBURY, William E.


died - 16 Feb 1966


LS, RCN / C.A.F.

died - 15 Mar 1973



     In memory of those who have crossed the bar    

They shall not be forgotten


































































Zbitnew, David R.







Former Crew Members


(SD) = 1962 Statement of Ordinary Residence (click here to view the original pages)


Addison, Tim


Anderson, D.D. ABEM1, 38472-H (SD)

Arnold, J.F., ABSN1, 49110-H (SD)

Arpin, E.J., ABSN1, 31613-H (SD)


Arsenault, P., PO1, POTEL - 1990-1991

Ash, C.M., OSWUS, 43593-H (SD)

Aucoin, A., ABSG1, 29745-H (SD)

Bahri, K.C., ABRM1, 36884-H (SD)

Bailey, G.A., ABEM2, 39477-H (SD)

Barber, A.L., LSEM1, 29848-H (SD)

Barkhouse, G.A., LSRS2, 12289-H (SD)

Beauchamp, R.J., P1VS3, 5274-H (SD)

Bell, G.R., ABWS1, 46367-H (SD)

Bellemore, J.J., LSSW2, 30721-H (SD)

Berrigan, W.L., OSNS1, 48768-H (SD)

Bertrand, W.D., ABEM1, 46358-H (SD)

Best, G.D., ABBN2, 19802-H (SD)

Best, S.F., OSSNS, 54766-H (SD)

Bingham, G.W., OSRMS, 46023-H (SD)

Black A.J., P1FC4, 27044-H (SD)

Bodmarchuk, J., C2ER4, 22475-H (SD)

Bonhert, G.A., C2SN4, 10181-H (SD)

Bordus, G.J., OSRPS, 54106-H (SD)


Boucher, Butch, HT

Boucher, R.J., OSEMS, 48015-H (SD)

Brander, W.E., P1SN3, 12040-H (SD)


Brannen, James

Brown, G.H., LSWU2, 19091-H (SD)

Bruce, W.L., P2ER3, 17575-H (SD)

Bryce, W.D., OSEMS, 48951-H (SD)

Budge, D.G., LSWS1, 26403-H (SD)

Burgess, A.R., P1ER4, 23288-H (SD)

Burgess, G.H., P2FC3, 25693-H (SD)


Burris, Steve, Sig


Burton, Dennis, MS NESOP - 1990-1991


Campagnoni, L.V., ABSW1, 45118-H (SD)

Capon, L.C., ABRP1, 46461-H (SD)

Carignan, C.J., ABWS1, 47613-H (SD)

Carmichael, R., OSEMS, 52300-H (SD)

Cashaback, Mike R., OSSNS, 52757-H (SD)

Chaisson, J.W., OSEMS, 54531-H (SD)

Chalmers, R.F., OSCMS, 45472-H (SD)

Champigny, R.J., 47649-H (SD)

Charbonneau, J.R., OSRMS, 46286-H (SD)


Chartrand, Andre - 1991-1996

Chase, J.D., LSWU3, 19804-H (SD)

Cheney, H.A., ABEM1, 47688-H (SD)

Chiasson, B., LSET3, 23537-H (SD)

Chipman, R.P., ABSN2, 27684-H (SD)


Clark, Larry, RCN

Clarke, R.M., P1TM4, 51752-H (SD)


Cleough, Doug, AB.SN - 1962-1963 

Clow, D.W., ABFC1, 47552-H (SD)

Cohen, R.G., ABFC1, 39024-H (SD)


Cond, Anthony A. (Tony), Lt, E.O., Jul 1983 - Jul 1985

Connors, G.K., OSFC2, 49763-H (SD)

Conway, R.A., LSNS1, 13405-H (SD)

Cormier, A.J., OSRPS, 54146-H (SD)

Corr, D.J., P1ER4, 7323-H (SD)

Cottrell, F.G., OSEMS, 45419-H (SD)

Cox, L.M., OSWSS, 53565-H (SD)

Crews, T.H. ABFC1, 29725-H (SD)

Crossey, J.J., ABRP1, 44330-H (SD)

Dalheim, J.J., ABLM1, 44835-H (SD)

Davison, K.R., ABWS1, 45805-H (SD)

Dawson, G.A., P2RM3, 13536-H (SD)

Day, D.R., ABLM1, 47461-H (SD)

Decoene, G., ABRM2, 43273-H (SD)

Dery, C.J., ABSM1, 36034-H (SD)

Dessurealt, R.L., ABWS1, 43360-H (SD)

Dickinson, D.R., C2LT4, 12172-H (SD)

Doherty, D.G., P1PW3, 12078-H (SD)

Dowthwaite, J.A., ABFC1, 36238-H (SD)

Dunn, J., P1RM3, 25752-H (SD)

Edmonds, L.J., P2RP2, 11689-H (SD)

Elsmere, D.W., LSLM2, 44329-H (SD)

English, W.K., OSFCS, 53929-H (SD)


Fax, G., LSEM2, 29810-H (SD)

Findlay, K.A., LSFC2, 43302-H (SD)

Fitzgerald, D.L., ABEM1, 44480-H (SD)

Fitzpatrick, P.M., OSEMS, 49782-H (SD)

Forget, R.J., ABRS1, 36948-H (SD)

Forward, M.B., C23ET4, 6445-H (SD)

Gagnon, M., OSRMS, 32592-H (SD)


Gallagher, Jean, Cook

George, R.G., P1HT4, 24541-H (SD)


Gibson, H.S., P2WS2, 11925-H (SD)

Golbert, Chuck, NCIOP - 1991

Gormley, J.S., ABEM1, 37067-H (SD)

Gossen, T.W., ABFC2, 33524-H (SD)

Gould, P.D., LSRP2, 234?2-H (SD)

Gray, D.A., ABAW1, 46456-H (SD)

Grenier, W., AB??1, 47310-H (SD)


Harding, D., P2ER3, 30522-H (SD)

Harper, R.C., OSWSS, 54504-H (SD)

Harvie, R.M., P2LT3, 15937-H (SD)

Hatt, R.M., ABNS1, 48587-H (SD)

Haydon, D., OSSNS, 52796-H (SD)

Helmkay, O.J.C., ABFC2, 42453-H (SD) - LS, 1965

Henderson, L.M., LSSG2, 36362-H (SD)

Henry, B., P1ER4, 8370-H (SD)

Hide, P.J., OSEMS, 54483-H (SD)

Hill, G.C., ABVS1, 45771-H (SD)

Hogan, T.A., ABRP1, 31631-H (SD)

Holden, L.D., ABRP1, 45218-H (SD)

Holmes, R., ABLM2, 30538-H (SD)


Holstead, Gordon Ramsey, RCN / C.A.F.

Houssin, R.O., ABLM1, 46628-H (SD)

Howald, J.A., ABBN1, 39144-H (SD)


Howe, G., OSBNS, 48974-H (SD)


Hutcheson, James Gordon Rodgers - 1959 as Electrical Officer

Jeffries, V.C., OSCKS, 43589-H (SD)

Johnston, R.E., ABFC1, 46287-H (SD)


Johnston, R.J., MSNWT - May 1986 - Jun 1986

Jones, H.J., ABRC2, 42691-H (SD)


Jones, Ken, Adm Clerk / Coxn's Writer - Jul 1993 - Jul 1996

Judd, F.S., C2ER4, 22953-H (SD)

Kaden, H., ABSG1, 45644-H (SD)

Kaiser, L.G., C2ST4, 41459-H (SD)

Kaye, A.R., OS, 48455-H (SD)


Kaye, Steve, Stoker

Kelly, E.W., LSBN2, 29892-H (SD)

Kennedy, J.A., LSWS2, 16616-H (SD)

Kennedy, R.E., P2ER3, 31077-H (SD)

Kennedy. G.H., LSVS2, 14313-H (SD)

Keresman, J., P2ER3, 15809-H (SD)


King, T. Michael, MS.BN

Kingston, J.E., P2WS4, 12758-H (SD)


Krajnc, Joze

Lander, G.A., C1FC4, 3115-H (SD)

Langille, E.C., ABEM1, 44131-H (SD)


Langland, Kristof

Lasheoway, S., ABSG1, 47656-H (SD)

Leblanc, G., ABEM2, 32120-H (SD)

Leclair, E., P1CK3, 7277-H (SD)

Leonard, W.R., ABRP1, 42328-H (SD)

Livingston, J.A., ABSG1, 46301-H (SD)

Logan, D.K., P1SN4, 7161-H (SD)

Lowe, D.D., ABRP2, 34111-H (SD)

Lusk, G.E., ABRM1, 43463-H (SD)

Lussier, R., OSFCS, 54172-H (SD)

Lutzac, A., C2ER4, 23081-H (SD)

Lynch, D.A., P2ET4, 8089-H (SD)

MacDonald, F.J., OSRMS, 47209-H (SD)

MacDonald, J.R., P2ET4, 16308-H (SD)

MacDonald, W.R., OS??S, 48771-H (SD)


MacKenzie, Doug, SG

MacLaren, G.E., ABWU1, 48513-H (SD)

MacLaughin, G.C., AB??1, 27083-H (SD)

MacLean, J., OSSNS, 48464-H (SD)

MacLeod, A.R., ABLM1, 44222-H (SD)

Maddigan, W.E., ABCK1, 46457-H (SD)

Martell, J.A., AB??1, 43497-H (SD)

Maxwell, W., AB??1, 47587-H (SD)

McCallum, J.S., ABWS1, 43852-H (SD)

McKenzie, J.L., 43790-H (SD)

McKeown, K.D., OSFCS, 52734-H (SD)

McLean R.M. P2SG3, 13827-H (SD)

McNeil, T.L., PSFC3, 12118-H (SD)

McRready, G.W., OSPWS, 48923-H (SD)

Milne, L.T., ABRM1, 47055-? (SD)

Mombourquette, W.R., C2HT4, 12131-H (SD)

Monminie, L.R., ABEM2, 36805-H (SD)

Montgomery, C.E., ABWU2, 44002-H (SD)

Mooney, A.W., C2CM4, 50522-H (SD)

Moore, D.J., ABSN1, 37031-H (SD)


Moore, Tom, Lt, NavO - 1962-1965


Moores, M., OSSGS, 49727-H (SD)

Muir, E.J., LS, 9127-H (SD)


Murray, B., OSSNS, 54457-H (SD)

Murray, D.G., ABFC1, 47393-H (SD)

Murray, G.B., ABEM1, 4246?-H (SD)


Nantais, Donald, ABFC1, 54562-H

Nettleton, S.J. P1ER4, 22094-H (SD)


Netzke, Garry, PO2, RM - 1990-1991

Nicholls, C.S., LSCK2, 16111-H (SD)

Norman, C., OSFC2, 52754-H (SD)

Noseworthy, OS??S, 49769-H (SD)

Nuttall, F.B., LS??2, 15801-H (SD)

O'Dell, J., ABLM1, 4308?-H (SD)

Ostoic (?SP), G., OSRMS, 52335-H (SD)

Pease, R.K., LSCK2, 18134-H (SD)

Pelley, J.A., AB??1, 29749 (SD)

Penney, H., OSCK2, 49754-H (SD)

Petipas, J., LSSN2, 13955-H (SD)

Plant, M.A., P2SW3, 10901-H (SD)

Pratt, E.S., C1RM4, 4859-H (SD)

Purvis, L., OS (SD)


Quilter, Leslie R., ET

Quinn, W.J., P1ER4, 7027-H (SD)

Raine, G.L., ABCK1, 12935-H (SD)

Reed, J.W., ABBN2, 37637-H (SD)

Reid, A.J., OSRMS, 43555-H (SD)

Reid, R.J., P2ER3, 9103-H (SD)

Reynolds, J.D., P2LT4, 10756-H (SD)

Richardson, S.G., LSRP2, 31220-H (SD)

Robert, M.N., ABEM1, 44948-H (SD)

Roblin, W.R., OSEMS, 5440?-H (SD)


Rose, Steve, OS NACOP - 1990-1991

Ross, G.G., OS??S, 48457-H (SD)

Rougean, R.R., OSWUS, 52747-H (SD)

Savage, G.G., ABLM2, 37746-H (SD)

Schimp, A.J. C2WS4, 51274-H (SD)


Seeburger, Mark

Shaw, G.A., P2??3, 12386-H (SD)

Simpson, P., ABSN1, 45786-H (SD)


Sinagra, Danny, RM, 1993-1995 

Sinclair, D.W., OS??S, 52746-H (SD)

Smith, J.R., LSRS2, 30?05-H (SD)

Smith, R.L., ABSN1, 47035-H (SD)

Snell, ?.L., ABCK1 (SD)

Stewart, J.C., P1AW3, 10200-H (SD) - 1962-1965

Stoneman, R.L., ABEM1, 45524-H (SD)

Stringer, L.J., P2NS3, 10690-H (SD)


Stuart, Bob - 1989-1991

Tarry, C.D. ABSG1, 42344-H (SD)

Taylor, D.G., OSRPS, 53252-H (SD)

Thisdelle, B.A., OSLMS, 47184-H (SD)

Tokley, E.E., LSLT3, 34294-H (SD)

Towes, ?.h., OSLMS, 54485-H (SD)

Townsend, R.B., LSLT2, 37510 (SD)

Urquhart, D..J., ABSG2, 30548-H (SD)

Warnell, A.B., ABVS1, 48641-H (SD)

Waters, T.?., OSWUS, 52749-H (SD)


Watkin, Murray, POMA, 38440-H - 1970-1971


Watson, Bryan, P2FC - Nov 1981 - Nov 1982

Webb, G.T., P1WU3, 16346-H (SD)

Welch, E., P1RP3, 7160-H (SD)

Westbury, D.H., OSRPS, 52319-H (SD)

Wetheral, J.C., C1ER4, 22061-H (SD)

White, ?., OSEMS (SD)

White, B., OSSGS, 49750-H (SD)

Wigle, G.B., OSNSS, 52321-H (SD)


Wills, Al, NESOP - Aug 1989 - Sep 1989

Wills, G.D., OSSWS, 48920-H (SD)

Wilson, L.M., LSSN2, 23335-H (SD)

Wood, G.D., ABEM1, 46800-H (SD)

Wright, A.J., P1ER4, 23231-H (SD)

Wright, B.F., ABSN1, 48210-H (SD)

Young, ?.P., LS??2, 18221-H (SD)

Young, R.M., ABWS, 40553-H (SD)


Zilinsky, Larry



Photos and Documents


HMCS TERRA NOVA 259 - undated - prior to her refit when she received her lattice mast

HMCS TERRA NOVA, part of the 5th Destroyer Squadron, before her conversion to an IRE



Courtesy of Robbie Robertson



Courtesy of Mike O'Keefe

HMCS TERRA NOVA 259 after her conversion to an IRE - 1968


Courtesy of Hugh Muir








(JJJ21) Restigouche Class Destroyers:  R-L: HMCS GATINEAU 236,  HMCS RESTIGOUCHE 257,  HMCS KOOTENAY 258,  HMCS TERRA NOVA 259,  HMCS COLUMBIA 260, HMCS CHAUDIERE 235 - Apr 1960, location unknown

(JJJ22) Stern shot of the ships in JJJ21

(JJJ24) (believed to be) Terra Nova sailors ashore in unknown location

(JJJ24) Terra Nova in Portugal 1960 for the 500th Anniversary of Henry the Navigator

(JJJ25) Sailors on the fo'c's'le of HMCS TERRA NOVA for an unknown evolution


From the collection of CPO2 Fin Clk J.J. Joly, RCN / C.A.F.


Courtesy of Jean-Marc Joly


Daily Orders, HMCS TERRA NOVA - 16 Jul 1962

Battle Board for HMCS TERRA NOVA 259

Maritime Command Museum, CFB Halifax, NS

Courtesy of Jarrod David

HMCS TERRA NOVA departing Halifax 13 Apr 1971


The banner over the stern reads "Eat Your Hearts Out"


From the collection of Pat Cardinell


Courtesy of Paula Cardinell

HMCS TERRA NOVA sails for the Far East - 1973

HMCS TERRA NOVA off the Hawaiian Island of Kauai

From the collection of Pat Cardinell

Courtesy of Paula Cardinell


Photo taken from HMCS ATHABASKAN during RAS approaches - WESTEX '77

Courtesy of David Bathurst



Courtesy of Mike O'Keefe





HMCS TERRA NOVA 259 in Vancouver, BC - 08 Oct 1979


Photos PE02 & PE03 taken from onboard USS New Orleans


Photographer: Phil Edge © 1979


Painting on the gallery door of HMCS TERRA NOVA 259 circa 1987


Courtesy of Jeff Woznow

HMCS TERRA NOVA 259 - Welcome Aboard Booklet



 HMCS TERRA NOVA, alongside in Halifax, after a spell on the Grand Banks in the early 90's. First and last time I've seen ice all the way out to the 200nm limit off of Newfoundland. I know it's not the only time, but it's rare.


Courtesy of Derek Moss

Signalmen chipping ice off the bridge wing

Doug MacKenzie and Steve Burris are in this photo


"Steve, while he was chipping ice off the bridge windows with an ice pick, cracked the window...and a surge or 440 power jumped into the metal pick and right into Steve, knocking him flat. He was OK (eventually), but we were all pretty worried as his hair was all standing on end, and he was a little out of sorts for a while. Things we probably wouldn't do today..."


Courtesy of Derek Moss


Courtesy of Jim Cook

The youngest sailor is customarily Captain for the Day on December 25. Two of the Atlantic Command Christmas "captains" are shown with a real one, who turned out in square rig for the occasion. Left to right are "Commander" (Ordinary Seaman) Cliff Woodrow, 17, of the TERRA NOVA; "Ordinary Seaman" (Commander) William P. Hayes, commanding officer of the Columbia, and "Commander" (Ordinary Seaman) Jim Anderson, 17, of the Columbia.

Source: CROWSNEST Magazine, Vol 12, No. 3, January, 1960

Two crew members who had served the longest of any on board the destroyer escort TERRA NOVA left the ship on May 3 for the last time. Cdr. C. E. Leighton, commanding officer, bids farewell to PO J. C. Stewart (left) and Ldg. Sea. O. J. C. Helmkay. PO Stewart and Ldg. Sea. Helmkay served on board a total of 140 months under three commanding officers during which 22 foreign and Canadian ports were visited. During this time 506 days were spent at sea and more than 102,000 miles were steamed. 

Source:  CROWSNEST Magazine, Vol 17, No. 6, June 1965

HMCS TERRA NOVA 259 - Maple Spring 1968

Photo taken from HMCS Gatineau

Courtesy of Ron MacDonald

HMCS TERRA NOVA 259 - undated


DND / RCN photo

HMCS TERRA NOVA 259 conducting a RAS and personnel transfer

HMCS TERRA NOVA jacket patch - OP FRICTION 1990-1991

Courtesy of David Bakody




Silhouettes of the TERRA NOVA cut from the hull before she was broken up. The standing one was given to Jo Dzioba, wife of Cmdr. Larry Dzioba. The one mounted on the plaque is in the Ladysmith legion. Photo taken at Paul Legacy’s house in Ladysmith.


Courtesy of Doug Lumley




The End


HMCS TERRA NOVA towed to the scrap yard in Pictou, NS and broken up


Former HMCS Terra under tow from Halifax to Pictou, Nova Scotia to be broken up

Source: Shipping New from Halifax by Mac Mackay

TERRA NOVA was towed out of Halifax harbour on November 20, 2009 by the Atlantic Elm. The destroyer was on her way to Pictou, Nova Scotia to be broken up

Courtesy of / © photographer: Barry Gerrard 2009

After a final tour of TERRA NOVA at the Aecon yards, Larry Zilinsky (former crew member of TERRA NOVA) gives a final salute to the old girl as he steps off of her onto Gatineau (also being broken up), March 2010

Courtesy of Larry Zilinsky

HMCS TERRA NOVA DDE 259 tied up outboard of the Gatineau DDE 236 at the AECON FABCO facility in Pictou, Nova Scotia

Courtesy of / © photographer: Barry Gerrard 2009

Former HMCS TERRA NOVA DDE 259 well into the process of scrapping at the AECON FABCO facility in Pictou, Nova Scotia. Photo taken July 5, 2010

Courtesy of / © photographer: Barry Gerrard 2010

Remains of TERRA NOVA at the Pictou Shipyard

Photo courtesy of Ralph MacAdam

Anchor from HMCS TERRA NOVA 259 at a Veteras Memorial in Moncton, NB


Photographer: Warrick (Jed) Lockyer