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Mike R. Cashaback


Sonar Operator, 52757-H, RCN


Ships served in:

HMCS TERRA NOVA - Served in Terra Nova in 1962 as an OSSNS, RCN

HMCS YUKON - Drafted to Yukon 25 May 1963 as an ABSN1, RCN. Commissioning crew


Portrait of Mike Cashaback

Allan Frith, Al Bostrom, John Palframan and Mike Cashaback


Here is a photo of four old sailors at HMCS Nonsuch Navy day 2010. Allan Frith who was a RP from the Restigouche. Bostrom was FC, Palframan and I were both SN rates on the Yukon. We are life long friends and get together a few times each year for lunch and reminiscing.


Courtesy of Mike Cashaback


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