They made the Ultimate Sacrifice


Harold Lorne Bullock


Leading Signalman, V2314, RCNVR


Born: 30 Apr 1920, Saint John, New Brunswick


Died: 20 Apr 1942, Moville, Ireland


Book of Remembrance


BULLOCK, Harold Lorne, L/Sig, V2314, RCNVR, died - 20 Apr 1942, HMCS BARRIE - Son of Merle J. Bullock and Annie Bullock, Saint John, NB; spouse of Florence E. Bullock, Saint John, NB. 


L/Sig Harold Bullock is buried in the Londonderry City Cemetery, Northern Ireland. 


Harold's brother Donald Bullock joined the RCNVR shortly after Harold's death. One of Harold's younger brothers, Merle J. Bullock, served in the Air Force after WW 2.


Official records state that Leading Signalman H. L. Bullock died due to drowning at Moville, Ireland, when he fell between two ships while returning from shore leave to HMCS BARRIE in which he was serving. His body was recovered June 15, 1942. The wartime diary of Robert V. Richmond, HMCS ST FRANCIS, has an entry that states the following: "L/Sig of Canadian corvette alongside us [Barry] dives over to save chum but drowns himself." Additionally, after the war, Harold's father was contacted by two of Harold's shipmates who both told him that Harold had dove over to save a shipmate. The wartime diary of R.V. Richmond and the accounts of Harold's shipmates give credence to the fact that Harold died while trying to save a shipmate.


Ships served in:

RCNVR DIVISION SAINT JOHN - Enlisted 04 Apr 1939

HMCS FESTUBERT - Served in FESTUBERT 09 Apr 1940 - 28 Sep 1940 as an O/Sig and Sig, RCNVR. Rated Sig 17 May 1940.

HMCS CHAMBLY - Served in CHAMBLY 13 Dec 1940 - 30 Dec 1940 as a Sig, RCNVR

HMCS OTTER - Served in OTTER 31 Dec 1940 - 02 Feb 1941 as a Sig, RCNVR

HMCS BITTERSWEET - Served in BITTERSWEET 15 Jul 1941 - 06 Mar 1942 as a Sig and A/L/Sig, RCNVR. Rated A/L/Sig 30 Nov 1941

HMCS BARRIE - Drafted to BARRIE 30 Mar 1942 as an A/L/Sig, RCNVR

* Note:  L/Sig Bullock's cap tally in his photo shows HMCS RESTIGOUCHE, however his service records do not list her as one of the ships he served in.  He may have served in her, or may have borrowed a friend's cap for the photo.






(HB01) Portrait of Seaman Bullock

(HB02-HB03) Certificate of Service - pages 1 and 2

(HB04) Report of death



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