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John Crispo Inglis (Dutchy) Edwards, C.B.E., C.D.


Commodore, O-21910, RCN


Born: 05 Jul 1896, Londonderry, Nova Scotia


Died: 31 Dec 1978, Saanichton, British Columbia


EDWARDS, John Crispo Inglis - Suddenly at Saanich Peninsula Hospital, December 31, 1978, Commodore John Crispo Inglis Edwards, Royal Canadian Navy (retired), Commander of British Empire, Canadian Forces Decoration. One of eight children born to Major and Mrs. Joseph Edwards , Londonderry, Nova Scotia. Graduated St. Alban's School, Brockville, Ontario, and Royal Naval College of Canada, Halifax. Served in World War 1 on numerous Royal Navy ships, also served on HMS Valiant at Malta. In World War II Commanding Officer, HMCS Stadacona, Halifax, HMCS Prince Henry (Armed Merchant Cruiser) and HMCS Cornwallis, (Naval Training Base), Commanding Officer, HMCS Naden, an outstanding tennis player, Province of Ontario and Nova Scotia Singles Title holder. Predeceased by his wife, Dorothy Elizabeth, in 1973; survived by sisters, Mrs. F. Smallwood, Montreal, Mrs. G. Stewart, Victoria, B.C., son, John and daughter-in-law, Helen, two grandchildren, John and Susanne; nieces and nephews, Commander and Mrs. Lewis, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Evans, Halifax, Nova Scotia and Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gordon, Vancouver, B.C. Service in Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Patricia Bay, B.C., on Friday, January 5, 1979, at 1:00 p.m. Rev. Robert Sansom officiating. Interment in the Holy Trinity Cemetery. Flowers gratefully declined. Arrangements by the Sands Funeral Chapel of Roses, Sidney, B.C.


CBE Citation:  EDWARDS, John Crispo Inglis, Captain, RCN - Commander, Order or the British Empire (CBE), Commanding Officer HMCS Cornwallis - Awarded as per Canada Gazette of 15 June 1946 and London Gazette of 13 June 1946.


"For excellent organizing ability and tireless devotion to duty throughout the war. Captain Edwards' career has been outstanding since his early appointment as Commanding Officer, Royal Canadian Naval Barracks, Halifax, in 1939. It was through his foresight and guidance that the traffic of ratings 11through this large establishment was formed into an efficient, organized machine during the two years he was Commanding Officer there. In 1941, he took command of HMCS Prince Henry, and the same air of organization pervaded this ship throughout a difficult period, working with the United States Coastal Fleet in Southern Atlantic waters, and subsequently in patrolling West Coast waters and taking convoys to the Aleutians. Latterly, as Commanding Officer HMCS Cornwallis, Captain Edwards, received a most difficult assignment, for this base was just in its infancy and this Officer displayed tireless devotion to duty in organizing and controlling the personnel, and in training thousands of young Canadians for their part on the seven seas at Cornwallis, the largest Naval training establishment inthe British Empire."


John C.I. Edwards was appointed as a Midshipman, RCN seniority 25 Jan 1914 (Navy List Sep 1916).  He retired from the RCN as a Commodore on 11 Oct 1950 (Navy List Jan 1951)


The diaries of J.C.I. Edwards 1916 - 1929 - The Dutchy Diaries


Ships served in:

HMCS SHEARWATER (Depot ship for submarines) - Appointed to Shearwater for duty with submarines 08 Aug 1914  as a Midshipman, RCN (Navy List Nov 1914)

Q-SHIP LYCHNIS - Served in Lyncnis 21 Feb 1918 - 17 Mar 1918  (source: diaries of J.C.I Edwards)

HMS ARCHER - Appointed to Archer (Torpedo Boat Destroyer) 24 Feb 1917  as a SLt, RCN (Navy List Aug 1918)

HMS CAMELON - Appointed to Camelon (Acorn Class Destroyer) 11 Sep 1918 as an A/Lt, RCN (Navy List Mar 1919)

HMS THAMES (for submarines) - Appointed to HMS Thames 25 Feb 1919 as an A/Lt, RCN (Navy List May 1919)

HMS/m R-1 - Appointed to R-1 (R Class Submarine) 26 May 1919 as an A/Lt, RCN (Navy List Oct 1919)

HMS CALLIOPE - Appointed to Calliope 25 Mar 1920 as a Lt, RCN (Navy List Jul 1920

ROYAL NAVAL COLLEGE OF CANADA, ESQUIMALT - Appointed to RNCC 28 Jun 1920 as a Lt, RCN (Navy List Nov 1920)

HMCS GUELPH - Appointed to Guelph 06 Sep 1922 as a Lt, RCN (Navy List Dec 1922)

HMS VICTORY - Appointed to Victory 06 Jan 1923 as a Lt, RCN (Navy List Sep 1923)

HMCS FESTUBERT - Appointed to Festubert 10 Mar 1924 as a Lt, RCN, Commanding Officer (Navy List Jul 1924)

HMCS STADACONA (depot ship) - Appointed to Stadacona 10 Mar 1924 as Lt, RCN (Navy List Feb 1926)

HMS VALIANT - Served in Valiant (Queen Elizabeth Class battleship) 22 Apr 1926 - 11 Feb 1927 (source: diaries of J.C.I Edwards)

HMS MALAYA - Appointed to Malaya (Queen Elizabeth Class battleship) 12 Feb 1927 as a LCdr, RCN (Navy List Jul 1927)

HMS VICTORY I - Served in Victory I 04 Mar 1928 - 05 May 1928 as a LCdr, RCN - been born additional for time only (flimsie from service file of Commodore Edwards).  (note:  HMS Victory I was the accounting and holding Barracks for the Fleet sailing out of Portsmouth, and was re-named later as HMS NELSON to avoid confusion with the HMS VICTORY which is now in dry-dock in the Naval Dockyard of Portsmouth and the Flag Ship of CINCFLEET.)

HMCS CHAMPLAIN - Appointed Commanding Officer 21 May 1928 as a LCdr, RCN (Navy List Jul 1928). 3rd Commanding Officer 21 May 1928 - 26 Dec 1929

RCN NAVAL BARRACKS ESQUIMALT - Appointed to RCN Naval Barracks Esquimalt  17 Jan 1930 as a LCdr, RCN (Navy List Jan 1931)

RCN NAVAL BARRACKS HALIFAX - Appointed to RCN Naval Barracks Halifax, Add'l for Headquarters Ottawa, Asst to Director Naval Reserves 21 Dec 1931 as a LCdr, RCN (Navy List Jan 1932)

RCN NAVAL BARRACKS HALIFAX  - Appointed to RCN Naval Barracks Halifax 20 Jun 1934 as LCdr, RCN (Navy List Sep 1934)

RCN NAVAL BARRACKS ESQUIMALT - Appointed to RCN Naval Barracks Esquimalt 06 May 1936 as LCdr, RCN (Navy List Aug 1936).  Appointed Cdr, RCN seniority 01 Dec 1938 (Navy List Apr 1939)

HMC DOCKYARD, ESQUIMALT - Appointed to HMC Dockyard Esquimalt 26 Aug 1939 as Cdr, RCN, Extended Defence Officer and Commanding Officer Auxiliary Vessels based at Esquimalt. (Navy List Oct 1939)

RCN NAVAL BARRACKS HALIFAX - Appointed to RCN Barracks Halifax 26 Dec 1939 as Cdr, RCN, Commanding Officer (Navy List Apr 1940). Appointed A/Capt, RCN, (Navy List Dec 1940)

HMCS PRINCE HENRY - Appointed Commanding Officer 20 Dec 1941 as a Capt, RCN (Navy List Apr 1942). 2nd Commanding Officer 20 Dec 1941 - 31 Dec 1942

HMCS CORNWALLIS - Appointed to Cornwallis 21 Jan 1943 as a Capt, RCN, Commanding Officer (Navy List Aug 1943)

HMCS NADEN - Appointed to Naden 11 Mar 1946 as a Capt, RCN, Commanding Officer (Navy List Apr 1946).  Appointed Commodore seniority 01 Jan 1949 (Navy List Jan 1949) Appointed OIC RCN Depot Esquimalt (Navy List Jan 1950)

RCN BARRACKS ESQUIMALT - Appointed to RCN Barracks Esquimalt as add'l 14 Feb 1950 (Navy List Jul 1950)






(JC01) Cdr John Edwards  (JC02) Sketch of John while CO of HMCS Cornwallis, 23 Nov 1943  (JC03) Flimsie showing LCdr Edwards appointed to HMS VICTORY I  (4) Commodore Edwards' headstone



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