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Douglas John Ford


Lieutenant-Commander, O-24400, RCN(R)


Born: 09 Aug 1917


Died: 18 May 1987, Calgary, Alberta


Ships served in:

CALGARY DIVISION RCNVR - A/SLt, Seniority 07 Sep 1939 (Navy List Mar 1940)



HMCS ALBERNI - Appointed to Alberni as a SLt, RCNVR (Navy List Mar 1941) note: no date of appointment listed

HMCS ST FRANCIS - Appointed to St. Francis 28 Jul 1941 as SLt, RCNVR (Navy List Aug 1941).  Appointed to Lt, RCNVR seniority 21 Sep 1941 (Navy List Oct 1941)

HMS VIXEN - Appointed to Vixen as a Lt, RCNVR (Navy List Feb 1944) note: no date of appointment listed

HMCS SIOUX - Appointed to Sioux 21 Feb 1944 as a Lt, RCNVR.  Commissioning crew  (Navy List Mar 1944)

HMCS WARRIOR - Served in Warrior during her transit from Halifax to Esquimalt via the Panama Canal.

HMCS NONSUCH - Appointed to Nonsuch 04 Feb 1947 as Lt, RCN(R) (Navy List Jan 1948)

RSCSS WARRIOR - Commanding Officer as LCdr


photo 1

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photo 7

photo 8

(1) Douglas Ford on HMCS Sioux  (2) Letter from Dwight Eisenhower to the Allied Expeditionary Force  (3) Letter of Commendation for Lt Douglas Ford for jumping overboard at Gutter Sound attempting to save a sailor on 30 Dec 1944 while serving in HMCS Sioux. The sailor Lt Ford was trying to save was LS James Joseph William, who died that day, 30 Dec 1944, HMCS Sioux, Scapa Flow  (4) Statement of War Service Gratuity - Douglas Ford  (5) Base Divisions - date and place unknown (likely Esquimalt)  (6) Soldiers in unknown country  (7-8) SLt Douglas Ford ashore in an unknown country


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photo 16

(9-12) The RCN on parade in Belfast, Ireland - 29 Nov 1940  (13) SS Lady Alexandra  (14-15) HMS Swift sinking after having struck a mine off Normandy - 24 Jun 1944. Photographer: S. Short, Fleet photographer  (16) Unknown officer. Written on back of photo GM.1670


photo 17

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photo 19

(17-19) D-Day / Normandy photos - photographer unknown


Courtesy of Jay Ford 



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