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Stirling Cashman Mason


Lieutenant, RCNVR


Born: 21 Oct 1921, Tangier, Nova Scotia


Died: 07 May 1944 at sea


Book of Remembrance


MASON, Stirling Cashman, Lt, RCNVR, MPK - 07 May 1944, HMCS VALLEYFIELD - son of James Edgar and Myrtle Victoria Mason, Tangier, NS; husband  of Julia Louise Mason, Victoria, BC.


Ships served in:

HMCS WOLF - Served in Wolf 02 Sep 1942 - 10 Dec 1942 and 20 Jan 1943 - 30 Apr 1943 as a SLt, RCNVR

ML Q067 - Served in Q067 11 Dec 1942 - 19 Jan 1943 as a SLt, RCNVR

HMCS VALLEYFIELD - Appointed to Valleyfield 07 Dec 1943 as a SLt, RCNVR. Appointed to Lt 15 Jan 1944.



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(1) Portrait of Lt Mason  (2-3) Attestation papers  (4) Service summary  (5-6) Letters informing Lt Mason's wife of his death


Article on the death of Lt S.C. Mason

The Halifax Mail 22 May 1944

Researched by / courtesy of George Newbury


 "The Cash Booklet"

The Story of Stirling Cashman Mason


“Cash booklet” printed by a family friend either from a collection of personal correspondence or a small manuscript written for the friend as a report of some kind. It is an evangelical tract, essentially, but contains some details of one aspect of life on Valleyfield—the evangelical effort. Some names of shipmates are included, some were omitted from the printed copy, if you compare it to the type-written manuscript. I think this may provide a unique glimpse into some part of their lives. Later when meeting with a Valleyfield survivor, my father was told that these religious meetings were attended by order of the captain. This doesn’t quite fit with the story told in the booklet, but the booklet does not directly address it.


Original Cash manuscript - below



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