Service information for: 


Leo E. Cousineau


Surgeon Cadet, U-17169, UNTD, RCN(R)


Sub-Lieutenant, O-16182, RCN(R)


Ships served in:

HMCS DONNACONA - Served in DONNACONA while in UNTD Program. Appointed Surgeon Cadet, UNTD, RCN(R) (seniority 02 Jan 1953) (Navy List Apr 1953)

HMCS SWANSEA - Served in SWANSEA in 1953 as a Surgeon Cadet, UNTD for summer training

HMCS DONNACONA - Appointed to DONNACONA 07 Sep 1955 as a SLt, RCN(R)  (seniority 01 Sep 1955) (Navy List Jul 1956)

HMCS LA HULLOISE - Served in LA HULLOISE in 1955 as a SLt, RCN

HMCS CORMORANT - Commissioning crew 1956. "I served on the newly commissioned Cormorant, a Bird Class Patrol Vessel, in Jun 1956 as a SLt. We sailed the ship from Midland, Ontario to Hamilton with the Mallard (also newly commissioned). At that time appointed as the navigator and medical officer of the "fleet". This was during my summer training"




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