They made the Ultimate Sacrifice


Patrick Reginald Fairburn Milthorp


Lieutenant, O-52152, RCNR


Born: 12 Sep 1909, Turnditch, Derbyshire, England


Died: 10 Feb 1942 at sea


Book of Remembrance


MILTHORP, Patrick Reginald Fairburn, Lt, O-52152, RCNR, MPK - 10 Feb 1942, HMCS SPIKENARD - Son of Martha G. Milthorp, of Southport, Lancashire, England; husband of Florence Evelyn Milthorp, of Toronto, ON.


Lt Milthorp died when his ship, HMCS SPIKENARD, was torpedoed and sunk by U-136, about 465 nautical miles west of Malin Head, Ireland while escorting convoy SC-67. Of her crew of 65, there were only 8 survivors.


Lieutenant Patrick Reginald F. Milthorp, age 33, whose wife and eight year old son Brian, reside at 615 Hampshire Road, Victoria. Lieutenant Milthorp was born in England, where his parents reside. He trained in HM training Ship Worcester, and then joined the Merchant Marine before joining the navy shortly after World War II started. Lieutenant Milthorp served with the marine section of the R.C.M.P. He had lived in Victoria for three years.


Ships served in:

RCMP cutter MACDONALD - Served in MACDONALD commencing 01 Oct 1939 as a member of the RCMP

* Enlisted 11 Oct 1939 as a Chief Skipper, RCNR

HMCS MACDONALD - Appointed to MACDONALD 11 Oct 1939 as an A/Ch Skipper, RCNR. Commissioning crew

* Appointed A/Mate 11 Oct 1939

* Appointed Mate 11 Oct 1940

HMCS NADEN - Appointed to NADEN, Add'l for Training and Disposal  28 Oct 1940 as a Mate, RCNR

HMC DOCKYARD - Appointed to NADEN, add'l for HMC DOCKYARD 20 Jan 1941 as a Mate, RCNR

HMCS KAMLOOPS - Appointed to KAMLOOPS 17 Feb 1941 as a Mate, RCNR

HMCS SPIKENARD - Appointed to SPIKENARD 09 Aug 1941 as a Mate, RCNR

* Appointed Lt 11 Oct 1941




(PM01) Article from the Vancouver Sun date 23 Feb 1942 on the death of Lt Milthorp

(PM02) Documents from the Service File of Patrick Milthrop



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