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Donald Archibald Kent, D.S.M.


Chief Petty Officer, 3729, RCN


Born: 25 Apr 1915, Point Pleasant, Nova Scotia


Died: 12 May 1944, Annapolis Basin, Nova Scotia


Book of Remembrance


KENT, Donald Archibald, CPO, 3729, RCN, died - 12 May 1944, HMCS HAMILTON - son of Archibald and Phoebe Kent, Point Pleasant, NS. Donald unlisted in the RCNR on 19 Feb 1939 as a Prob Able Seaman, A661.  On 03 Jun 1940 he transferred to the RCN.  Chief Petty Officer Kent was on a week-end leave and drowned on a fishing expedition at Annapolis Basin, Nova Scotia. He was buried in the Pleasant Point Public Cemetery, NS.


D.S.M. Citation: KENT, Donald Archibald, Acting Chief Petty Officer, 3729, Distinguished Service Medal, RCN, HMCS VILLE DE QUEBEC. Awarded as per London Gazette of 4 May 1943 "For skill and judgement in action against enemy Submarines while serving in H.M. Canadian Ship VILLE DE QUEBEC"


Historical note: On 24 May 1942 off Oran in the Mediterranean, HMCS VILLE DE QUEBEC rammed and sank U-224.


Ships served in:

HMCS FUNDY -  Served in Fundy 14 Mar 19149 - 01 Apr 1939 for training as a Prob. AB, RCNR

DEMS HALLANGER - Served in Hallanger 01 Nov 1940 - 06 Dec 1940 as an AB, RCN

DEMS ALASKA - Served in Alaska 07 Dec 1940 - 25 Dec 1940  as an AB, RCN

DEMS JANELEW - Served in Janelew 14 Jan 1941 - 18 Apr 1941  as an AB, RCN

DEMS RECORDER - Served in Recorder 19 Apr 1941 - 14 May 1941  as an AB, RCN

HMCS BEAVER - Served in Beaver 25 Jul 1941 - 09 Dec 1941 as an AB and A/LS, RCN. Rated A/LS 01 Aug 1941

HMCS PRINCE HENRY - Served in Prince Henry 19 Dec 1941 - 19 Jun 1941 as an A/LS, RCN

HMCS AMBLER - Served in Ambler 03 Jul 1942 - 28 Jul 1942 as an A/LS, RCN

HMCS VILLE DE QUEBEC - Served in Ville de Quebec 17 Sep 1942 - 10 Dec 1943 as an A/PO and PO, RCN. Rated PO 01 Aug 1943. Rated A/CPO 18 Dec 1942 while performing duties of TC.

HMS PERSIAN - Served in Persian 19 Dec 1943 - 20 Dec 1943 as a PO, RCN

HMCS HAMILTON - Drafted to Hamilton 21 Dec 1943 as a PO, RCN. Rated A/CPO 22 Dec 1943 while performing the Duties of Torpedo Cox'n.








(DK01-DK02) RCNR Service Summary  (DK03-DK04) RCN Certificate of Service  (DK05) Article on CPO Kent being helsman on HMCS VILLE DE QUEBEC when she rammed U-224  (DK06) Message to HMCS HAMILTON informing the ship that CPO Hamilton was missing after his boat overturned while on a solitary fishing expedition in Annapolis Basin, NS.





(DK07) Torpedo Cox'n Kent  (DK08) Mrs. P.G. Kent receives the DSM on behalf of her son, CPO Donald Kent, who had had died in a fishing accident  (DK09) Article on the search for PO Donald Kent



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