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Lorne Edward Davenport


Petty Officer Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class


V27055, RCNVR


Born: 23 May 1915, Palmerston, Wellington Co., Ontario


Died: 1979


Ships served in:

TORONTO DIVISION RCNVR - Enlisted 07 Apr 1941. Commenced Active Service 07 Apr 1941

HMCS BEAVER - Served in BEAVER 02 Jul 1941 - 24 Oct 1941 as an A/ERA 4c, RCNVR

HMCS GEORGIAN - Served in GEORGIAN 27 Oct 1941 - 01 Dec 1943 as an a/ERA 4c, RCNVR

HMCS NEW WATERFORD - Served in NEW WATERFORD 24 Mar 1944 - 11 Jul 1945 as an ERA 4c and ERA 3c, RCNVR. Rated ERA 3c 21 Sep 1944

HMCS STAR - Drafted to Star 19 Jul 1945 as an ERA 3c, RCNVR. Demobilized 16 Aug 1945





(LD01) Service file for ERA Lorne Davenport

(LD02-LD03) Marriage announcements for Anges (née Le Blanc) and Lorne Davenport





(LD04-LD05) Newspaper articles on hometown boy (ERA Lorne Davenport) who was serving in HMCS GEORGIAN for 2 rescues

(LD05) Sailors mentioned in article:  ERA Lorne Davenport;  Signalman Edward Lawrence (of London, ON);  AB Ossie Whitfield (of London, ON);  Stoker Burdette Miller (of Windsor, ON); Coder Paul Arnold (of Kitchener, ON)



(LD07) Article on HMCS GEORGIAN'S rescue of the crew of a downed US Flying Fortress

The Toronto Daily Star, Wednesday, 20 Oct 1943

Sailors mentioned in the article: George Black (of Toronto, ON);  Walter Pullow (of Ganaoque, ON);  Neals Reid (of Toronto, ON);  Edward Lawrence (of London, ON);  Allan Pickard (of Toronto, ON);  Thomas Pate (of Toronto,ON);  Lorne Davenport (of Guelph, ON);  Edward Hitchin (of Toronto, ON);  Andrew Cluckie (of Hamilton, ON);  George Tait (of Toronto, ON);  George Ament (of Trenton, ON);  Albert Baker (of Ottawa, ON);  Arthur Bougeaus (of Rainy River, ON);  Harry Osborne (of Port Credit, ON);  Burbeate? (Burdette) Miller (of Windsor, ON);  Frank Hearty (of Ottawa, ON);  Paul Arnold (of Kitchener, ON);  Herbert Duncan (of Ottawa, ON);  Edward White (of Toronto, ON);  Ossie Whitefield (of London, ON)



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