They made the Ultimate Sacrifice


Joseph Edward Dumont


Petty Officer Quarter Rating II, A485, RCNR


Born: 14 Oct 1902, Eganville, Ontario *


Died: 26 Jun 1945 at sea


* Joseph's service engagement form for the RCN in 1923 give his place of birth as Eganville, Ontario.  His attestation form for the RCNR in 1940 gives it as Montreal, Quebec


Book of Remembrance


DUMONT, Joseph Edward, PO, A485, RCNR, died - 26 Jun 1945, HMCS UGANDA - Husband of Elsie Dumont, of Vancouver, BC.


Petty Officer J. E. Dumont died at his gun position on HMCS UGANDA in the Pacific Ocean when he was stricken with a cerebral hemorrhage (stroke). PO Dumont was buried at sea.


Petty Officer Joseph Edward Dumont had been in the permanent Royal Canadian Navy from 1923 to 1929 and rejoined in February 1940, as a Naval Reservist. He served for 21 months on HMCS Prince Robert. Later he instructed in seamanship at HMCS NADEN and then went overseas for cruiser experience on HMS NIGERIA, HMS JAMAICA and HMS BERWICK. Between his naval careers he had worked as a miner and logger and at Fraser Mills in New Westminster, B.C. His widow and 10 year old daughter Delores Marie lived at 1713 Fernwood Road in Victoria.


Ships served in:

HMCS NADEN - Enlisted 18 Feb 1940

HMCS PRINCE ROBERT - Served in PRINCE ROBERT 10 Sep 1940 - 15 Apr 1941 as an Able Seaman, RCNR

HMCS GIVENCHY - Served in GIVENCHY 26 Jul 1941 - 04 Mar 1942 as an AB, RCNR

HMCS PRINCE ROBERT - Served in PRINCE ROBERT 05 Mar 1942 - 25 Feb 1943 as an AB and A/LS, RCNR. Rated A/LS 15 Oct 1942

HMCS GIVENCHY - Served in GIVENCHY 26 Feb 1943 - 07 Mar 1943 as an A/LS, RCNR

HMCS GIVENCHY - Served in GIVENCHY 09 Sep 1943 - 21 Sep 1943 as an A/PO, RCNR

HMS EXCELLENT (Gunnery School Royal Navy) - Served in Excellent 04 Dec 1943 - 12 Dec 1943 as an A/PO, RCNR

HMS NIGERIA - Served in NIGERIA 08 Feb 1944 - 27 Feb 1944 as an A/PO, RCNR

HMS JAMAICA -Served in JAMAICA 28 Feb 1944 - 20 Apr 1944 as an A/PO and LS, RCNR

HMS BERWICK - Served in BERWICK 21 Apr 1944 - 27 May 1944 as a LS, RCNR

HMS UGANDA - Served in HMS UGANDA 19 Sep 1944 - 20 Oct 1944

HMCS UGANDA - Drafted to UGANDA 21 Oct 1944 as an A/PO, RCNR. RCN Commissioning crew.






(JD01-JD02) RCN Service Engagement form - 1923  (JD03-JD04) RCNR Attestation Form - 1940







(JD05-JD06) Certificate of Service - pages 1 and 2  (JD07) Telegram to PO Dumont's widow  (JD08) Letter to PO Dumont's widow  (JD09) Press released on the burial at sea of PO Joseph Dumont



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