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John Alfred Goodier


Petty Officer, Acting Radio Artificer 4th Class, RCNVR


Born: 24 Aug 1924, Amherstburg, Ontario


Died: 1974, Toronto, Ontario


GOODIER, John Alfred  - was born in Amherstburg, Ontario on August 24, 1924 to John Henry and Margaret (Naylor) Goodier. He joined the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve in 1943 at the age of 18 and was posted on convoy duty in the North Atlantic as a radio operator. Following discharge in 1946, he chose an offer of paid education under the Veterans Charter and obtained a degree from the Department of Engineering at the University of Toronto. He worked first for the Ford Motor Company and then in sales for the jet engine division of Canadian General Electric in Toronto until his passing in 1974. He was survived by sisters Dorothy and Jean, son John Lawrence, and wife Dorothy Jean (Aldrich) of Mount Forest, Ontario, whom he married soon after the war. His wife subsequently worked as a librarian and tutor in Toronto, did not remarry, and passed away in August 2021.


Ships served in:

HMCS HUNTER - Enlisted 05 Mar 1943.  Commenced Active Service 15 Mar 1943

HMCS YORK - Served in YORK 23 Mar 1943 - 20 Jul 1943 as an OS, RCNVR

HMCS NONSUCH - Served in NONSUCH 21 Jul 1943 - 04 Nov 1943. Rated RA 5c, RCNVR 05 Nov 1943

HMCS SCOTIAN - Served in SCOTIAN 05 Jul 1944 - 12 Nov 1944.  Rated A/RA 4c, RCNVR 05 Nov 1944

HMCS FERGUS - Served in FERGUS 22 Feb 1945 - 15 Jun 1945 as an A/RA 4c, RCNVR

HMCS LAUZON - Served in LAUZON 23 Jun 1945 - 04 Oct 1945 as an A/RA 4c, RCNVR

HMCS HUNTER - Drafted to HUNTER 22 Nov 1945.  Demobilized 07 Jan 1946 as an A/RA 4c, RCNVR





(JG01) Portrait of RA John Goodier  (JG02) Certificate of Service - page 2 - Training and Active Service  (JG03) Message announcing the surrender of German Forces



The Life of HMCS FERGUS K686


This album details a bit of the life of HMCS FERGUS.  Its is not known who put the album together and whether or not it was given to crew members at the end of the war or perhaps at a post war reunion.


The albums pages were scanned at 800 dpi.  The images posted have been reduced to 96 DPI for viewing but you may open and save the 800 DPI version by clicking on "800 DPI version" below the photo.















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