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Wilfred Donald Henderson, C.D.


Lieutenant-Commander , O-32377, RCN


Born: 1922


Died: 03 Jun 1990, Aldergrove, British Columbia


Wilfred served in the Navy during WW2 as a Telegraphist. After the war he re-enlisted - serving in the Korean war and then Commissioned from the Ranks, retiring as a LCdr, RCN.


Ships served in: (as a rating)

HMCS LANARK - Served in Lanark in 1945 as a PO Tel (1945 crew photo)

Ships served in: (as an officer)

RCN BARRACKS HALIFAX - Appointed to RCN Barracks Halifax 28 May 1957, as an Acting Commissioned Communications Officer (A/Cmd, Com Off), RCN, add'l (Navy List Jul 1957) 

HMCS RESOLUTE - Appointed to Resolute 25 Oct 1957 as an A/Cmd Comm Off, RCN, Squadron Communications Officer. (Navy List Jan 1958)

HMCS BONAVENTURE - Appointed to Bonaventure 13 May 1958 as a Cmd Comm Off, RCN (Navy List Jul 1958)

FLAG OFFICER ATLANTIC COAST - Appointed to Staff of FOAC 29 Aug 1960 as a Lt, RCN (Navy List Jan 1961)

FLAG OFFICER ATLANTIC COAST - Appointed to Staff of FOAC 01 Sep 1961 as a Lt, RCN (Navy List Apr 1962)

FLAG OFFICER ATLANTIC COAST - Appointed to FOAC, Staff of Chief of Staff Operations 10 Jun 1964 as a Lt, RCN (Navy List Apr 1965)

COMMANDER, SECOND CANADIAN ESCORT SQUADRON - Appointed to Staff of CCC2 as a Lt, RCN, Communications (Radio) (Navy List Oct 1965)



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