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New Entry Recruit Course Photos 

Hood Division

08 Jun 1942 - 10 Aug 1942

HMCS Cornwallis, Halifax, NS

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From the collection of Mansford Legge, AB, RCNVR

Courtesy of Brian Legge


(1) Mercer, R. (of Toronto)  (2) Irving, A. (of PEI)  (3) Vanderlays, G. (of Niagara Falls)  (4) Pickering, C. (of Chatham)  (5) Meadows, C. (of New Castle)  (6) Gouthier, B. (of Quebec)  (7) Mackay, D. (of Tavestock)  (8) Doll, C. (of Brussells)


(9) Moore, A. (of Sarnia)  (10) Craighead, B. (of Toronto)  (11) Helm, N. (of Waterloo)


(12) Knickle (of Moncton, NB)  (13) Harrop, H. (of Moncton, NB)  (14) Martin, A. (of Ottawa)  (15) Smith (of Woodstock)  (16) McDonald, G. (of Paris)  (17) Foote, C. (of Newfoundland)  (18) Taylor, M. (of Owen Sound)  (19) Auinate, J. (of London)  (20) Mcclean, M. (of Galt)  (21) Olson, O. (of London)  (22) Cornell, K. (of London)  (23) Hanna, B (of St. Thomas) 


(24) Merklinger, D. (of Tavistock  (25) Nodwell, J. (of St. John)  (26) Salvador, S. (of Trinidad, S.A.)  (27) McManus, D. (of London)  (28) Annette, R. (of Toronto)  (29) Mcphee, SLt  (30) Vanderlip, C. (of Hagersville)  (31) Hawkins, M. (of Tillsonburg)  (32) Legge, Mansford  (33) Steele, J. (of Woodstock)  (34) Harvey W. (of Lucknow)


(35) Patterson, D. (of Moncton, NB)  (36) Ertel, R. (of Waterloo)  (37) Greathead, B. (of Southampton)  (38) Smith, L. (of Montreal)  (39) McGilvrey, G. (of Montreal  (40) East, PO (of Halifax)  (41) Mansley, H. (of Port Dover)  (42) Cummings, R. (of Fredericton, NB)  (43) Schmitzer, J. (of London)  (44) Mitchell W. (of Trenton)  (45) Sheurter, S. (of Walkerton)  (46) Mitchell, A. (of Halifax)


(47) Jones, J. (of St. Thomas)  (48) Knight, J. (of St. Thomas)  (49) Moon, L. (of Ingersoll)  (50) Griffis, K. (of London)  (51) Milne (of Port Dover)  (52) Mcantyre, D. (of Montreal)  (53) Walker, J. (of St. Mary's)  (54) Mitchell, Wickey  (55) Follington, G. (of Port Dover)


R. Kerr - This name appears in the upper left of the photo in different handwriting than the other names - and is the 56th name with only 55 sailors in the photo. Possibly he was absent from the photo.



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