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Colin James Angus, M.I.D.


Lieutenant-Commander, O-2310, RCN


Died: 1993



Citation for Mentioned in Despatches: 


Angus, Colin James, Acting Lieutenant-Commander, Mention in Despatches, RCNR, HMCS Cobalt - Awarded as per Canada Gazette 5 June 1943 and London Gazette of 2 June 1943. 


"While serving in command of one of HMC corvettes for a considerable periods in the North Atlantic, this officer has displayed zeal, efficiency and devotion to duty."



Ships served in:

HMCS COBALT - Served as CO of HMCS COBALT 20 May 1941 - 03 Jan 1943 and 07 Feb 1943 - 05 May 1943

HMCS PORT COLBORNE - Served as CO of HMCS PORT COLBORNE 15 Nov 1943 - 23 Apr 1945


Photo of Colin Angus, CO of HMCS PORT COLBORNE, given to Ralph Kennedy by a former shipmate




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