They made the Ultimate Sacrifice


James Glendon Farnsworth


Petty Officer, A1743, RCNR


Born: 15 Feb 1915, Tiverton, Nova Scotia


Died: 21 Jul 1943 at sea


Book of Remembrance


FARNSWORTH, James Glendon, PO, A1743, RCNR, killed - 21 Jul 1943, HMCS THE PAS - Son of Loleah Meyers, of Springfield, Massachusetts, USA.


PO Farnsworth was killed in action on 21 Jul 1943 when HMCS THE PAS, while escorting convoy ON.192, was hit by SS Medina. SS Media struck THE PAS in the vicinity of the Petty Officers' mess - PO Farnsworth and 2 others. Messmates stated they saw PO Farnsworth's body in the mess, but it had been washed out to sea before the ship was able to return to port and recover it.


Ships served in:

HARBOUR CRAFT HC-58 (LILA G.) - Served in LILA G. 26 Nov 1940 - 25 Jun 1941 as an AB, RCNR

HARBOUR CRAFT HC-61 (MARMAT)  - Served in MARMAT 12 Sep 1941 - 19 Dec 1941 as an A/LS, RCNR.

HMCS ADVERSUS - Served in ADVERSUS 20 Dec 1941 - 31 Dec 1941 as an A/LS, RCNR

HARBOUR CRAFT HC-21  - Served in HC 21 03 Jan 1942 - 07 May 1942 an an A/LS, RCNR

HMCS REO II - Served in REO II 08 Sep 1942 - 01 Jan 1943 1943 as a LS and A/PO, RCNR.  Rated A/PO 01 Jan 1943

HMCS NANOOSE- Served in NANOOSE 03 Jun 1943 - 11 Jul 1943 as an A/PO, RCNR

HMCS THE PAS - Drafted to THE PAS 14 Jul 1943 as an A/PO, RCNR







(JF01-JF02) Certificate of Service - pages 1 and 2  (JF03-JF04) Record of Service  (JF05) Report of Death



(JF06) Letter to PO Farnsworth's sister



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