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Valentine Stuart Godfrey, O.B.E., M.I.D.


Commodore, RCN


Born: 14 Aug 1898, London, England


Died: 25 Apr 1968, Victoria, British Columbia


Ships served in:

* Appointed Naval Cadet in 1913


HMS BARHAM - Served in BARHAM in 1915

HMS DOLPHIN - Serve in DOLPHIN for Submarine Training

HMS/m K-9 - Served in K-9 in 1919 as a SLt, RCN, Navigator

HMS/m H-27 - Served in H-27 in 1919 as a Lt, RCN, 1st Lieutenant

HMS/m M-2 - Served in M-2 in 1920 as a Lt, RCN, Add'l

HMS/m M1 - Served in M1 in 1920 as a Lt, RCN

HMCS CH-15 - Served in CH-15 in 1921 as a Lt, RCN, 1st Lt

HMCS PATRICIAN - Served in PATRICIAN in 1922 as a Lt, RCN

HMCS SAGUENAY - Appointed to SAGUENAY 22 May 1931 as a LCdr, RCN, 1st Lt

HMCS CHAMPLAIN - 8th Commanding Officer 23 May 1932 - 23 May 1934 as a LCdr, RCN

HMCS PRINCE DAVID - 3rd Commanding Officer 02 Dec 1941 - 18 Mar 1942 as a Capt, RCN

HMCS PRINCE HENRY - 8th Commanding Officer 12 Dec 1943 - 15 Apr 1945 as a Capt, RCN

HMCS AVALON - Served in AVALON in 1949 as Commodore Newfoundland as a Cmdre, RCN

* Retired 15 May 1951


Article on the promotion of Valentine Godfrey, RCN to Captain

The Ottawa Citizen 01 Jan 1943



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