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John Ambrose Rodocanachi


Rear-Admiral, O-63189, RCN / C.A.F.


Born: 10 Jun 1930, Darsham, Suffolk, UK


Died: 27 Apr 2002, Victoria, British Columbia


RODOCANACHI, John Ambrose - on April 27, aged 71, in Victoria BC, after battling leukemia with his characteristic courage and dignity. Loving husband for 47 years of Dorothy (nee Macdonald), devoted father to Susan, Jennifer (Gehlen), Zoe and Andrew, and grandfather to Noah. Fondly remembered by sisters Nancy Demetriadi and Cynthia Rodacanachi in England and brother Paul in New York as well as several nieces and nephews in Europe and the United States, and pre-deceased by sister Lorna Page. Born in Darsham, Suffolk, England, he joined the Royal Navy from Rugby School, where he underwent the normal junior officer training and then specialised in submarines. In 1957 he transferred to the Royal Canadian Navy and during a distinguished naval career, served, inter Alia, as Commanding Officer of three submarines, a destroyer and a destroyer squadron. Among his various staff appointments, he was Director of Maritime requirements in 1975/76, when he drafted, and got approval for, the requirements for the new Canadian Patrol Frigates. Later he was Chief of Intelligence and Security for the Canadian Forces for four years and subsequently Chief of Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence to the NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Belgium for three years, the first Canadian to hold the position. On retirement from the Navy he was seconded to Transport Canada to completely reorganise transportation security in the aftermath of the Air India disaster, and stayed on for eight years as its first Director General of Security and Emergency Preparedness. On final retirement in 1995 he became active in the Municipality of Oak Bay, where he rewrote the Municipal Emergency Plan while a member of the Emergency Planning Executive Committee and was a member of the Oak Bay Volunteers, including service on the Board and participating in the Volunteer Income Tax program for low income Canadians. According to his wishes, cremation has taken place. Friends and colleagues are invited to a reception in the family home on May 7 between 3 pm and 5 pm. (Toronto Globe and Mail 30 Apr 2002)


Ships served in:


HMS FORTH - Served in Forth 1949-1950



MMS 20

HMS/m AENEAS - Served in Aeneas 1952-1954 as Navigator


HMS ASTUTE - Served in Astute in late 1950s as 1st Lt (Astute was the first sub to arrive for the newly formed 6th Sub Sqn in Halifax)

HMS SLEUTH - Served in Sleuth as 1st Lt.

* Transferred to the RCN in May 1957

HMCS BONAVENTURE - Appointed to Bonaventure 18 Jun 1957 as a Lt (S/M), RCN (SSA) (seniority 01 Jul 1953) (Navy List Jul 1957).  Re-Appointed 22 Oct 1957 as a Lt (S/M) RCN (SSA) (Navy List Jan 1958)

HMCS STADACONA - Appointed to Stadacona 24 May 1960 as a Lt, RCN (seniority 01 May 1954) (Navy List Jul 1960)

HMCS NIAGARA - Appointed to Niagara 14 Nov 1960 as a Lt, RCN (Navy List Jan 1961)

HMCS GRILSE - Appointed to Grilse 11 May 1961 as a Lt, RCN, XO (Navy List Oct 1961). Commissioning crew

FLAG OFFICER PACIFIC COAST - Appointed to Staff of FOPC 13 Aug 1962 as a LCdr, RCN (seniority 01 May 1962)

HMCS GRILSE - Appointed to Grilse 28 Sep 1964 as a LCdr, RCN, CO (Navy List Oct 1964).  3rd Commanding Officer.  Served as CO 28 Sep 1964 - 09 Sep 1966 (Macpherson / Burgess - Ships of Canada's Naval Forces 1910-1981)

HMCS OJIBWA - 2nd Commanding Officer.  Served in Ojibwa 15 Nov 1966 - 25 Aug 1967 as a LCdr, RCN, CO (Macpherson / Burgess - Ships of Canada's Naval Forces 1910-1981)

HMCS QU'APPELLE - 5th Commanding Officer - Served in Qu'Appelle 28 Jul 1970 - 08 May 1972 as a Cdr, C.A.F., CO (Macpherson / Burgess - Ships of Canada's Naval Forces 1910-1981)

MARCOM (PACIFIC) - Served as staff of MARCOM Pacific in 1972 as a Cdr, C.A.F. (The Nauticapedia)

CANCOMDESRON 2 - Served as CCD2 1973-1974 as a Capt (N), C.A.F. (The Nauticapedia)

NDHQ OTTAWA - as Chief of Intelligence and Security as a Commodore and RAdm

SHAPE Belgium - Served in SHAPE in 1982 as Assistant Chief of Staff Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence as a RAdm


Lt Rodocanachi, XO, HMCS GRILSE

Commodore Rodocanachi


Press Release

Biography of Lt Rodocanachi appointed XO Designate of HMCS GRILSE



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