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Matthew Alexander Cousins, C.D.


Master Corporal


Airborne Electrical Senor Operator




Died: 29 Apr 2020 at sea


Book of Remembrance


COUSINS, Matthew Alexander, MCpl, AESO, RCAF, killed - 29 Apr 2020, HMCS FREDERICTON - died when the CH-148 Cyclone from HMCS FREDERICTON crashed into the Ionian Sea approx 80 km off the coast of Greece on 29 Apr 2020.


COUSINS, Matthew Alexander - On 29th April, 2020, Master Cpl Matthew Alexander Cousins an Airborne Electrical Sensor Operator with the Royal Canadian Air Force, lost his life along with five other crew members when their helicopter went down in the Ionian Sea off the coast of Greece. The helicopter was participating in NATO exercises. Matthew is survived by wife Joanne and children Taylor and Aiden, Halifax N.S., his mother Margaret Cousins and sister Adrienne Schulze Amaranth, Ontario, brothers Paul Cousins Peterborough, Ontario and John Cousins (U.K.) Matthew was born in Delhi Hospital Guelph Ontario, but was raised mostly in the Shelburne, Ontario area. He attended St Peter and St Andrew R.C. Schools, Orangeville. He joined the Army Reserves in 1992 and the Regular Army in 2007. He served in overseas and Canadian Initiatives. However Matthew really wanted to work on helicopters, which the Cousins family attributed to a trip Matthew took with the Shelburne Ontario Air Cadets. On that trip the Cadets visited Camp Borden and were given the opportunity to fly in a helicopter. Matthew was also invited. When Matthew stepped out of the helicopter after it landed, the look of pure joy on his face said it all. In 2013 Matthew transferred to the Royal Canadian Air Force and began his helicopter career. In 2015 he and his family relocated to Halifax N.S. Matthew loved his job and took great pride in doing that job to the best of his ability. The Cousins family are all very proud of him. At this time only two of the six crew members of the helicopter have been located. Matthew and three others as yet have not been located. The Cousins family thank the Royal Canadian Air Force in Halifax for the kindness and help given to Matthews family in Halifax. Thank you to Father Paul, St John the Evangelist Parish Dundalk, the Murray Family ( U.K.) The Downing Family, The Boddy Family, Tok Coachlines Vaughan and all friends and neighbours for all their prayers, love and kindness at this very sad and trying time. Sincerely The Cousins Family  (Orangeville News 21 May 2020)


Ships served in:



(1) MCpl Matthew Cousins, RCAF  (2) SLt Matthew Pyke, RCN  (3) Capt Maxime Miron-Morin, RCAF

(4) Capt Kevin Hagen, RCAF   (5) Capt Brendan MacDonald, RCAF   (6) SLt Abbigail Cowbrough

Six Canadian flags fly on the yardarms of HMCS FREDERICTON during a memorial service onboard ship for their lost shipmates

Photographer: Cpl Simon Arcand

C.A.F. photo / Crown copyright


HMCS FREDERICTON's Air Det during Op Reassurance 2020



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