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William Farley


Chief Petty Officer, Stoker, 21052, RCN


Born: 5 / 11 Oct 1887, Millbrook, Cornwall, England  (note 1)


Died: date of passing unknown


Note 1: In his Certificate of Service for the RN, his date of birth is listed as 05 Oct 1887 and for his Certificate of Service for the RCN it is listed as 11 Oct 1887


William Farley served in the Royal Navy (#K5760) during WW1 and attained the rate of CPO.SM.  He transferred to the RCN on 26 Oct 1920 as a Stoker 1st class. He was honourable released 25 Oct 1927 when his engagement expired.


William's three sons, Reginald Farley, Gerald Farley and Norman Farley all served in the Navy as Stokers.


Ships served in: (Royal Navy)

HMS VIVID- shore establishment

HMS ARGYLLE - Devonshire Class Armoured Cruiser

HMS RAMILLIES - Revenge Class Battleship
HMS INDUS - Devonport Guard ship
HMS IMPREGNABLE - HMS Impregnable was a 98-gun second rate three-deck ship of the line of the Royal Navy, launched on 1 August 1810 at Chatham. She seerved as a training ship at Devonport form 1862 till 1929.
HMS GIBRALTAR - Edgar Class Cruiser
HMS CAMBRIAN - C Class Light Cruiser
HMS PRINCE GEORGE - Majestic Class Pre-Dreadnought Battleship

HMS VENGEANCE - Canopus Class Pre-Dreadnought Battleship

HMS WARSPITE - Queen Elizabeth Class Battleship. Served in Warspite at the Battle of Jutland


Ships served in: (Royal Canadian Navy)

HMCS AURORA - Served in Aurora 26 Oct 1920 - 01 Jul 1922 as a Sto 1c and Stoker PO, RCN.  Rated Stoker PO 27 Aug 1920
HMCS GUELPH - Served in Guelph 02 Jul 1922 - 30 Jun 1923 as a Sto PO, RCN
HMCS FESTUBERT - Served in Festubert 01 Jul 1923 - 31 Dec 1923 as a Sto PO, RCN
HMCS PATRIOT - Served in Patriot 01 Jan 1924 - 31 Mar 1924 as a Sto PO, RCN
HMCS FESTUBERT - Served n Festubert 01 Apr 1924 - 31 Dec 1924 as a Sto PO, RCN
HMCS PATRIOT - Served in Patriot 01 Jan 1925 - 25 Oct 1927 as a Sto PO and Chief Stoker, RCN.  Rated Chief Stoker 12 Sep 1925


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(1-2) Certificate of Service - RN  (3-5) Certificate of Service - RCN  (6) PO William Farley  (7) Chief Stoker William Farley



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