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Vernon Miller Ward


Able Seaman, 2275, RCN


Born: 01 Nov 1909, Amherst, Nova Scotia


Died: 20 Oct 1940, Hunters Mountain, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia


Book of Remembrance


WARD, Vernon Miller, AB, 2275, RCN, died - 20 Oct 1940, HMCS VIERNOE - Born 01 Nov 1909.  Able Seaman V. M. Ward died when on leave at Hunters Mountain, Victoria County, Cape Breton, NS. He suffered a massive heart attack and death was almost instantaneous. 


Vernon Miller Ward latterly of Sackville, New Brunswick was born at Amherst, Nova Scotia, on November 01, 1909. He was educated at the public school of Amherst and Sackville, and later (1925-26) at Mount Allison Academy. Able Seaman Ward's death, which occurred while on leave, was reported on October 25, 1940. He had seen long service, joining the R.C.N. at Halifax on September 11, 1928. He is survived by his mother, Mrs. Melbourne Ward of Sackville, New Brunswick.


Sailor's Body Is Taken Home 

Sydney, Oct. 21 - Remains of Vernon "Sharkey" Ward, 31, crew member of a Royal Canadian Navy vessel, were forwarded on tonight's express to his home in Sackville, N.B., where interment will take place. He died suddenly at Hunter's Mountain, Victoria County, Sunday morning while on a hunting trip in company with a friend, Arnold Cluett of this city. Heart failure was the cause of death, medical examination revealed. The Union Jack draped casket was followed to the C.N.R. depot here by a number of friends he had made since coming to this city early last spring. (Halifax Chronicle, Tuesday, 22 Oct 1940 / Researched by George Newbury)


Vernon is buried in the Sackville Rural Cemetery, Sackville, NB


Ships served in:

HMCS CHAMPLAIN - Served in CHAMPLAIN 01 Jul 1929 - 30 Jun 1930 as an OS and AB, RCN.  Rated AB 22 Mar 1930

HMCS CHAMPLAIN -Served in CHAMPLAIN 03 Jul 1930 - 17 Sep 1930 as an AB, RCN

HMS IRON DUKE - Served in IRON DUKE 02 Oct 1930 - 22 Mar 1931, as an AB, RCN

HMCS SAGUENAY - Served in SAGUENAY 22 May 1931 - 15 Aug 1932 as an AB, RCN

HMCS CHAMPLAIN -Served in CHAMPLAIN 24 Jun 1933 - 05 Jan 1935 as an AB, RCN

HMCS SAGUENAY - Served in SAGUENAY 11 Jan 1936 - 13 Dec 1936 as an AB, RCN

HMS DRAGON - Served in Dragon 14 Apr 1936 - 23 Jun 1936 (lent from HMCS SAGUENAY)

HMCS ST LAURENT - Served in ST LAURENT 31 Jan 1937 - 20 Apr 1938 as an AB, RCN

HMCS SKEENA - Served in SKEENA 21 Apr 1938 - 23 Jun 1938 as an AB, RCN

HMCS FUNDY - Served in FUNDY 02 Sep 1938 - 08 Jul 1939 as an AB, RCN

HMCS SAGUENAY - Served in SAGUENAY 09 Jul 1939 - 04 Sep 1939 as an AB, RCN

HMCS VIERNOE -Served in VIERNOE 04 May 1940 - 30 May 1940 as an AB, RCN

HMCS VIERNOE - Drafted to VIERNOE 01 Jul 1940 as an AB, RCN


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