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Laurence Sydney Almerick (Laurie) Hammick


Acting Leading Signalman, V40160, RCNVR


Born: Drumheller, Alberta          Died: 05 Jan 1980, Victoria, BC


Age 57


Laurie was on watch on deck and seldom spoke of this traumatic event. It brought back tragic memories and probably contributed to his early death. He loved music and was a wonderful person who I will forever cherish . . . Kindly, Sharon


Ships served in:

CHURCH HILL - Served in/at Church Hill 09 Aug 1940 - 18 May 1941 as an O/Sig, RCNVR

HMCS QUINTE - Served in Quinte 29 Aug 1941 - 07 Dec 1942 as a Sig, RCNVR. Was onboard Quinte when she ran out of fuel in a storm and grounded near Sydney, NS on 29 Nov 1942.

HMCS COLUMBIA - Served in Columbia 13 Dec 1942 - 16 Mar 1944 as a Sig, RCNVR. Was on board Columbia when she rammed into the cliff at Motion Bay, NFLD on 25 Feb 1944.

HMCS VALLEYFIELD - Drafted to Valleyfield 14 Apr 1944 as  Sig, RCNVR. Survived the sinking of HMCS Valleyfield.

HMCS OAKVILLE - Served in Oakville 09 Oct 1944 - 05 Mar 1945 as an A/L/Sig, RCNVR


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(1) Portrait of Seaman Laurie Hammick  (2) Active Service Record



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