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Laurent Joseph Lucien Bertrand


Chief Petty Officer, 2408, RCN


Born:  08 Jan 1911, Montreal, Quebec


Died: 29 Apr 1944 at sea


Book of Remembrance


BERTRAND, Laurent Joseph Lucien, CPO, 2408, RCN, killed - 29 Apr 1944, HMCS ATHABASKAN - Born 09 Jan 1911, son of Adolph and Eva Bertrand; husband of Mary Madeleine Veronica Bertrand, all of Halifax, NS.


CPO Bertrand died when his ship, HMCS ATHABASKAN G07, was sunk in the English Channel on April 29, 1944. His body was recovered and he was buried in the Plouescat Communal Cemetery, Finistere, France. 



BERTRAND, Joseph Laurent Lucien - January 8, 1911 - April 29, 1944 - 75 years ago today you lost your life in the sinking of the HMCS ATHABASKAN and lie buried in Plouescat, France along with 28 of your shipmates. You left behind a wife, Mary Madeleine (Murphy) Bertrand who loved you to her last breath. You also left three young daughters, Jeanne, Kathleen, and Bonita. We have never forgotten your sacrifice for Canada and especially for your family. We will love you to our last breath as well. Thankfully remembered, Jeanne, Kathleen, Bonita, Paul and families. (Halifax Chronicle-Herald 29 Apr 2019)



BERTRAND, Joseph Laurent Lucien - January 8, 1911 - April 29, 1944 - Seventy-nine years ago you died in the sinking of the H.M.C.S Athabaskan and are interred in Plouescat, France cemetery with 28 of your shipmates. Left behind were your loving wife, Madeleine (Murphy) and three daughters, Jeanne, Kathleen and me. I am the last of your daughters. Born on your birthday while you were at war, you never held me or kissed me. I have loved you and grieved for you all the days of my life. I once read that we die twice, once when we die and again when the last person dies who has spoken your name. When I pass I hope those left behind will continue to speak your name and pass your life story on. Lovingly remembered Bonita (Bertrand) Mercer and Paul (Carol) Bertrand. (The Saltwire Network 29 Apr 23)




Ships served in:

HMCS YPRES - Served in YPRES 01 Jun 1930 - 30 Jul 1930 as an OS, RCN

HMS WARSPITE - Served in WARSPITE 20 Aug 1930 - 05 Jan 1931

HMS CHAMPION - Served in CHAMPION 08 Apr 1931 - 19 May 1931

HMCS SAGUENAY - Served in SAGUENAY 22 May 1931 - 23 Jun 1933 as an AB, RCN

HMCS CHAMPLAIN - Served in CHAMPLAIN 01 Jan 1935 - 05 Jan 1935 as an AB, RCN

HMS HOOD - Served in HOOD 24 Jun 1935 - 02 Nov 1935 as an AB, RCN

HMCS SAGUENAY - Served in SAGUENAY  15 Dec 1935 - 14 Jul 1936

HMCS ST LAURENT - Served in ST LAURENT 14 Feb 1937 - 25 Apr 1935 as a LS, RCN

HMCS SAGUENAY - Served in SAGUENAY 26 Apr 1937 - 03 Jun 1937 as a LS, RCN

HMCS SAGUENAY - Served in SAGUENAY 17 Jun 1938 - 28 Nov 1938 as an A/PO & PO, RCN

HMCS ASSINIBOINE - Served in ASSINIBOINE 19 Oct 1939 - 06 Aug 1940 as a PO, RCN

HMCS ATHABASKAN - Drafted to ATHABASKAN 04 Feb 1943 as a CPO, RCN


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