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Trade Course Photos



INDUS Class 4, HMCS Cornwallis, 06 Nov 1942

From the collection of Joseph Herni Lionel Forget

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(20) Forget, Joseph J.L.




Engineer Training Course, HMCS Cornwallis - circa Mar - Apr 1944

From the collection of Thomas Leaming Best

Courtesy of David Senior


(12) Best, Thomas




Gunnery Training Course, HMCS Conrwallis - circa late 1943 early 1944

From the collection of Ivan Chamberlain

Courtesy of Dave Chamberlain


(18) Chamberlain, Ivan



Stoker Course Class 115, HMCS Cornwallis, 28 Mar 1944

From the collection of Richard James Price

Courtesy of Dan Clermont

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(1) Vaughan, H.K.  (2) Rosen, H.  (3) Boutilier, Larry  (4) Armstrong, R.L.  (5) McIlhargey, T.  (6) Hurst, CPO  (7) Cherni, M  (8) Gee, Jack  (9) Nichols, H.M.   (10) Gabany, A.


(11) Walher, H.R.  (12) Price, Richard James  (13) Oyatle (sp?), Yvan  (14) Drybrough, Alex  (15) Lusk, Edward  (16) McIntyre, Donald  (17) ??  (18) Dunby, D.  (19) Kidson, L.H.  (20) Glendinning, J.F.


(21) James, Charlie  (22) Kunan, R.  (22) Klimhowski, E.  (24) Akitt, G.J.  (25) Babcock, Alan  (26) LeBlanc, G.E.  (27) Sunderland, Albert E. (Sundy)  (28) Christian, G.J.  (29) Cammans (sp?), W.J.  (30) Gormick, J.





HMCS Cornwallis Communications School grad photo - late 1950s

From the collection of Keith Howard Deighton

Courtesy of Joe Deighton


(1) Jamison, Jamie  (6) Deighton, Keith Howard