Fraser Division 2/59


O6 Jul - 26 Oct 1959





Fraser Division 2-59

10th Week Guard

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Guard Officer - Commissioned Officer Dixon


Courtesy of Gary King



Fraser Division 2/59 - Sunset Ceremony #2 Gun 


"We were in week 9.  We took the ceremony to Lunenburg that summer."


Don Brown on the gun - front right looking at picture

Gary King on the ropes - front and middle right looking at picture.


Courtesy of Gary King



Fraser Division 2/59 - Swim Team


Upper left: Wayne Severin (Pembroke)  -  Upper right: Gary King (Arnprior)  -  Centre with trophy: Terry Coady (Montreal)


Courtesy of Gary King



Fraser Division 2/59 - Football Team


Front row 2nd from eft - Heidi MacCleod (Cape Breton) RS rate posted to east coast after TG1 course in HMCS GLOUCESTER

Front row centre - Don Brown

Front row 2nd from right - Gary King RS rate posted to west coast

Back row 1st on left - Sheldon Hilts

Back row 3rd from left - Wayne Severin

Quarterback -Terry Coady


Names of other players listed on back of photo but position not known:  Joe Bicknell - George Milligan - John Hough (possibly from Cornwall area) - D. W. Vilness - Dennis Dexter - Jack Van Tassel - Larry Lee - J.P.Cundill

Courtesy of Gary King




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