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Wilfred Godfrey Poirier


Commissioned Ordnance Officer, O-59606, RCN(R)


Died: 30 Jun 1981, Seabright, Nova Scotia


Ships served in:


HMCS ST CLAIR - Served in St Clair as an Ordnance Artificer

HMCS AVALON - Appointed to Avalon as an A/Wt. O.O., RCNVR (Navy List Jul 1944)

HMCS SCOTIAN - Appointed to Scotian 06 Mar 1945 as an A/Wt. O.O., RCNVR (Navy List Mar 1945).  Appointed W.O.O., RCN(R) (Navy List Apr 1946)

HMCS STADACONA - Appointed to Stadacona 30 Jul 1946 as a Wt O.O., RCN(R) (for demobilization) (Navy List Oct 1946)

* Appointment Terminated (Demobilized) 18 Sep 1946

* Retired list as a Wt O.O., RCN(R) (seniority 01 May 1944) (Navy List Jul 1947)

HMCS SCOTIAN (retired list) as a Commissioned Ordnance Officer, RCN(R) (seniority 01 May 1944) (Navy List Jul 1952)

* Last noted in the Navy List for Jul 1960 as a Cmd Ord Off, RCN(R)


The Halifax Chronicle, Saturday, 02 Dec 1944

Researched by George Newbury



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