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William Allen (Bill) Fisher


Stoker, RCNVR


Born: 1919          Died: 2001


Little is known about Bill Fisher other than he survived the sinking of HMCS ST CROIX and the sinking of their rescue ship HMS ITCHEN. Bill was the sole survivor of the ST CROIX. According to the article (link below) on the end of the ST CROIX, in 1999, Bill was living in Alberta. One of the articles on the loss of the ST CROIX mentions Bill'S wife Marie, who was 20 years of age at the time of the sinking in 1943.


The end of HMCS ST CROIX - by William A. Fisher


Ships served in:

HMCS ST CROIX - Bill Fisher survived the sinking of HMCS ST CROIX - sole survivor of the ST CROIX'S crew.


It is believed that this headstone, in the Lakedell Community Cemetery, Lakedell, Alberta is that of Stoker William Allen (Bill) Fisher and his wife Marie



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