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Basil Kenneth Coady


Surgeon-Lieutenant, O-14500, RCNVR


Born: 19 Jul 1912          Died: 15 Jun 1979


Basic Coady is buried in the Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Lower Sackville, NS.


Ships served in:

* Listed as a Surg-Lt, RCNVR (seniority 02 Feb 1943) (Navy List Mar 1943)

HMCS FORT RAMSAY - Appointed to FORT RAMSAY 28 Jul 1943 as a Surg-Lt, RCNVR (Navy List Aug 1943)

* Seniority back-dated 02 Feb 1942 (Navy List Jul 1944)

HMCS UGANDA - Appointed to UGANDA 22 Sep 1944 as a Surg-Lt, RCNVR (seniority 02 Feb 1942) (Navy List Nov 1944)

* Appointment terminated (Demobilized) 30 Mar 1946 as a Surg-LCdr, RCNVR (seniority 30 Mar 1946) (Navy List Apr 1946)

* Retired List as a Surg-Lt, RCN(R) (Navy List Oct 1946)

HMCS SCOTIAN (Retired List) as a Surg-LCdr, RCN(R) (Navy List Jul 1952)

* Last noted on the Retired List at HMCS SCOTIAN as a Surg-LCdr, RCN(R) (Navy List Jan 1959)



Surg-Lt Coady is mentioned the press release below as officiating for the burial at sea of PO Joseph Dumont




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