They made the Ultimate Sacrifice


Earl Frederick Davis Huson


Able Seaman, Layer Rating 3rd Class, V6337, RCNVR


Born: 24 Sep 1919, Westmeath, Ontario


Died: 23 Nov 1940 at sea


Book of Remembrance


HUSON, Earl Frederick Davis, AB, V6337, RCNVR, MPK - 23 Nov 1940, HMCS ST LAURENT - Son of Edward Victor and Anna Mary Huson, of Ottawa, ON; husband of Ola Louise Huson, of Halifax, NS.


Able Seaman E. F. D. Huson was washed overboard during a prolonged and heavy sea, winds south west, force 7, sea 47. Able Seaman Huson was not seen again after initial plunge into the sea. The area was searched for one and half hours, his body was never recovered.


Able Seaman Earl Frederick Davis Huson joined the R.C.N.V.R. in 1937 and went to sea on September 25, 1939. He was born in Westmeath, Ontario. His parents live in Ottawa. He was educated at the Ottawa Technical High School in the Industrial Course, 1935-1938. He had served in the non-Permanent active Militia as L-Cpl, in the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa, from June 1935, to November 1937. He worked for some time in the assembly shop of the Aircraft Division of the Ottawa Car Manufacturing Company in 1939. He was married in April 1940, to Delores Ola Louise Thornton, by whom he is survived at Halifax, N.S.


Ships served in:

OTTAWA DIVISION RCNVR - Enlisted 29 Mar 1938

* Discharged 31 Jan 1939 - unable to attend drills

OTTAWA DIVISION RCNVR - Enlisted 08 Sep 1939.  Commenced Active Service 25 Sep 1939

HMCS ST LAURENT - Drafted to ST LAURENT 04 Apr 1940 as an AB, RCNVR







(EH01-EH02) Certificate of Service pages 1 and 2  (EH03) Report of Death  (EH04-EH05) Commanding Officer's report on the death of AB Huson



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