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George Beatty Sterne


Chief Petty Officer, Motor Mechanic


Born: 09 Apr 1912, Ontario


Died: 15 Oct 1990, Deep Bay, British Columbia


STERNE, George Beatty - was the son of William H.S. and Ethel Sterne.  He was born in Ontario but grew up in Edmonton, AB.  Prior to the Second World War, George served 3 years in the Edmonton Police Department.  After his time in the Navy, George he moved to Burnaby, BC where he took up sports car driving.  The ashes for George and his wife Lydia were scattered at sea off Deep Bay, BC.


George's brother, Flight Lieutenant John Rutherford Sterne, DFC, was shot down and killed over France during the Second World War.


George Beatty Sterne: The Life, Racing Career, and Dedication to the Morgan Sports Car by Marv Coulthard, Salt Spring Island, BC.


Memories of George Beatty Sterne - by Bob Sterne


Ships served in:

Q080 - George Sterne was serving in Q080 when she ran aground on PEI in Jan 1943







(GS01) ML Q080  (GS02) Funnel art on ML Q080 - Popeye kicking a U-boat  (GS03) A Fairmile iced-up - believed to be ML Q080 - showing winter conditions in the Gulf of St. Lawrence  (GS04) Crew of ML Q080.  CPO Sterne, front row, 3rd from right


Photo GS04 is also posted on the ship's company photo page for Q080






(GS05) The launching of ML Q115  (GS06) CPO George Sterne on ML Q122  (GS07) Crew of ML Q122 c1944 - George Sterne just to the right of the mast wearing a t-shirt and his cap askew  (GS08) ML Q122 - photo from a ship's Christmas card


Photo GS07 is also posted on the ship's company photo page for Q122



 (GS09) Crew of ML Q122 - CPO George Sterne front row, centre


Photo GS09 is also posted on the ship's company photo page for Q122



G.B. Sterne on his motorcycle pre-Second World War.


In 1931 George won the Alberta Hillclimb Championship on a Harley.



George Sterne leading the Porsche in the hairpin at Westwood



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