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Richard Clifford Bristow


Telegraphist, 3689-E, RCN


Born: 10 Sep 1920, Victoria, British Columbia


Died: 24 Jul 1987, Prince George, British Columbia


Ships served in:

SS NERISSA - Tel Bristow was a passenger aboard the SS NERISSA and survived her sinking - being rescued 10 hours after she was sunk.

HMCS CHAMBLY - Served in CHAMBLY for the sinking of U-501

HMCS WARRIOR - Tel Richard Bristow married Wren Ellen Olafson onboard WARRIOR in Halifax on 22 Jun 1946


Tel Richard and Wren Ellen (Olafson) Bristow on their wedding day aboard HMCS WARRIOR 22 Jun 1946



Article on Montrealers who were serving in HMCS CHAMBLY when U-501 was sunk



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